Recently, Apple announced the new iOS 15 software update, which is now available on some supported iPhones with tons of new features. Some of the features include Live text, a unique safari design, custom focuses, the ability to FaceTime Android users, faster Siri, hiding your email address, and many more.

Nevertheless, not only these features but you can also be able to make your work easy with a new utility tool offered in this new iOS 15 update. Now, you do not have to download any third-party application to convert your document into PDF.

With iOS 15, you are now allowed to print your document into a PDF file on your iPhone and iPad. So, to know more details about this, you need to read this article till the end.

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Why is it Important to Change Our File Into PDF Format? 

Over the years, PDF has established itself as an interchange format now. Talking about its importance in our daily life, then we use PDF as your standard interchange format. This is because we can’t just send each other Word files.

Sending the Word file every time is not possible, especially when the size of that file is large, and it is very hectic to send much larger files via emails or any other means.

However, on the other hand, PDF is a compressed version of your file, and you can easily share a PDF file with anyone. Another reason to use PDF files is that it is almost compatible with every device you are using without a third-party application. 

Steps To Print to PDF on your iPhone and iPad on iOS 15

The time was gone when we had to install a third-party application because, with the new iOS 15 updates, you are now able to convert any webpage or document into a PDF file.

But, in the meantime, not everyone is currently familiar with this feature. So, if you are one of those, then here are some simple steps that will help you to print your document to PDF:

  1. Open the application for which you wish to use this feature. However, almost in every software, the in-app menu is accessible by clicking on the three-dots located at the top-right corner of the screen (not necessary). Print to PDF on your iPhone and iPad
  2. In case there are no three-dot buttons, then in that app, you can easily access the print option by clicking on the Share button, as shown in the picture on print button to save your document in PDF format
  3. After that, when the in-app menu opens, simply scroll down and click on the print option. in-app menu print option
  4. Now, the Print screen window will appear on your iPhone or iPad display. Therefore, to save your file into PDF format, tap the print option located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  5. Now, you will see your document changed into PDF Document format along with its size. So, to save it, you have to tap on the Save to Files to save it on your iPhone internal storage. save to files
  6. That’s it. Now, simply choose the location where you want to save your file and hit the Save button. save your file

Sum Up

So, these were some instructions that you need to follow while trying to print your document or webpage into PDF file format.

However, this feature isn’t just limited to the Apple built-in application, as you can also utilize it in your work in the third-party application installed on your iPhone or iPad. Meanwhile, if you still find it difficult to use this feature, let us know in the comment section.


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