Invitations set the tone for any event as long as you have the best invitation maker apps for Android and iOS. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday bash, or a simple get-together. You’ll surely need to create that perfect invitation that’ll help elevate your event.

Gone are those days when creating invitations solely depended on using graphics design software and printing on paper. These days, smartphones and user-friendly apps have made it so easy to design invitations.

Besides, you don’t even need to be a graphic designer to create invitations that impress. In this guide, we’ve curated the best invitation maker apps you can use on your Android or iPhone device.

Best Invitation Maker Apps for Android and iOS

These apps offer a top-notch experience when it comes to crafting the perfect invitation. Also, they make it easy for you to share invitations with people via different social media and instant messaging apps.

1. Canva


Canva is one of the best options when it comes to crafting designs. If you want to create invitations that’ll impress your guests, this app offers huge templates.

One of the reasons why it’s a recommended choice is due to the user-friendly interface. You’ll also find different customizable designs that you can pick from. Also, it has no steep learning curves.

Canva will save you time and money for creating invitations. It is one of those invitation maker that caters for all types of events. You can generate designs for birthdays, weddings and a lot more.

Download for Android and iOS

2. Evite


This app goes beyond invitation design; it offers a unique solution to designs and party planning. Evite offers thousands of free and premium designs you can easily pick from.

Unlike the old way of creating invitations and having to distribute them one by one. With this app, you can make the perfect invite for your event and send it directly from the app.

Another notable feature is the hassle-free RSVP tracking, the app has handy features like guest messaging, Potlock coordination and a lot more. If you want to create invitations better, this is one of the best options for you.

Download for Android and iOS

3. Invitation Maker, Card Creator

Invitation Maker, Card Creator

Next up is an app that simplifies the process of designing invitations on mobile devices. This is one of the best options for starters because everything is ready-made. You only need to replace a few details with yours.

Invitation Maker, Card Creator is an app that’ll let you access over 5000+ invitation templates. Besides, it caters for all sorts of events, which allows you to get the perfect invitation done.

With the varieties of templates made available, all you just need to do is change colours, images, and fonts to match your taste. In addition, it allows sharing invitations to anyone without stress.

Download for Android and iOS

4. Invitation Card Maker & RSVP

Invitations by Greetings Island

Invitations by Greetings Island stands as a choice for anyone looking to make the perfect invite for an upcoming event. It simplifies the whole invitation creation process on smartphones.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and a plethora of templates, you’ll be able to design invitations that will suit your occasions. Furthermore, you can apply tweaks like colour changes, customizable texts, etc.

Being able to add photos and stickers is one thing is app is known for. You don’t need any design knowledge to get the best from it, it’s an easy-to-use app.

Download for Android and iOS

5. Invitation Maker With Photos

Invitation Maker With Photos

For those who want to get the best invitation done without spending any dime. Here’s an app that makes perfect sense on the iOS. Invitation Maker With Photos will let you design invitations for free.

You’ll be able to design digital invitations for free on this app. All templates are accessible without any hidden charges. Whether you’re planning an engagement or birthday party, it’s your go-to option.

Furthermore, it comes with a built-in editor that’ll let you apply retouch to the pre-built designs. This approach makes it easier to craft the right invitation for one’s event.

Download for iOS

6. Wedding Invitation Card Maker

Wedding Invitation Card Maker

Another free app that you can use for crafting the perfect invitation for your wedding is this one. You’ll love it because it doesn’t require an active internet connection, which makes it easy to use offline.

Wedding Invitation Card Maker might not feature plenty of templates like other apps. But you’ll still get to access over 100 pre-made templates, some of which look astonishing.

In addition to the free items, the app offers 100+ fonts and wedding icons. Lastly, you can download your designed invitation as JPEG PNG and PDF that can be shared via email or on other messaging apps.

Download for Android

7. Invitd


Undoubtedly one of the easiest options when it comes to making invitations on smartphones. Invitd doesn’t require any long process compared to other alternatives on the list.

This app is known for allowing users to create text invitations for any events. If you want to avoid making designs or spending too much time on a simple invite, this app got you covered.

Invitid also makes it easy to make invitations and send them as text messages. Furthermore, it features an RSVP tracker for all your events. It is simple to use and doesn’t require any design.

Download for Android and iOS

8. Hub App Party Invitation Maker

Hub App Party Invitation Maker

An all-in-one app that’ll take away the stress of planning and organizing events is Hub App Party Invitation Maker. It serves as an invitation management tool that’ll help you save time and keep your events organized.

One of the standout features is its integration with Google Calendar, which helps in keeping all your events in one place. Also, it supports event collaboration with other users.

From birthday parties to get-together events, Hub App Party Invitation Maker is one of the best solutions to use. If you want to maximize your events, invitees and other important details, here’s a solution to consider.

Download for Android and iOS


Regardless of the event you’re planning, you don’t have to go all over the stress of creating invitations. With any of the apps mentioned above, you’ll find it easier to make invitations and send them to people. Lastly, it’s all about one’s preference, knowing which app to use solely depends on the type of invitation you want to make.


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