Are there hidden secret codes on your iPhone? Are these iPhone codes destructive, or could someone use these codes to spy on you without your knowledge?

In this era where technology is growing daily, these secret codes you can enter in a specific sequence of numbers help you know many things about your iPhone.

But did you know about these codes? Well, probably not; that’s why we are here with this guide. In this, we dive into a different world in which you can see a new handful of hidden iPhone secret codes that you can further use to access unknown features on your iPhone. So, let’s jump into it without wasting time and check out those codes.

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Is It Safe To Use These Codes? 

There is no harm in using the secret codes on your iPhone as they are one hundred percent legal and safe. Apple itself created these codes so that if somehow users need them, they can use them whenever they want.

So, are you in a doubtful situation about whether to use these codes or not? Then, we suggest you use them without worrying about legitimacy.

Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes in 2024

Best Hidden iPhone Secret CodesNow, what are these codes, and where to use them? Although many codes are available, we have mentioned only those that the users frequently use here.

Also, remember that you can use these only with the help of your dialer to get the details about your device, troubleshooting issues, etc. So, now you know how to use them, then get a walkthrough of these codes. 


Another very useful code that helps you check if the alert system is working perfectly on your device. 

##002# -> Tap Call

Now, suppose you have enabled the call forwarding accidentally but couldn’t disable it. Therefore, use this code to disable call forwarding on your iPhone. 


This is also a very important code as it will tell you about each piece of information when you text someone. In a nutshell, it will help you to know where your previously sent text messages go. 

#31#Phone-number + call

If you want to prank someone or hide your identity, then you can use this code as it will make your outgoing call anonymous from your current call by hiding your number.


This is a very useful navigational code as it helps you check your area’s traffic condition, or, we say, your local traffic, even when you do not have an active internet connection.

Numerous mapping software is available like Google Maps, but they need an active internet connection to work. But, using these codes, there is no need for an internet connection. 

*82 [calling number of the other person]

You may have heard about this secret code before. But, if you don’t know about this, let me tell you that if you add *82 before the number you call, the other person can see your caller ID. So, therefore, if you want, you can use this code. 


If you want to know whether the call waiting feature is enabled/disabled on your iPhone, use this code to help you know the call waiting status. 


This code will help you know the information about the SMS center number. We don’t know the fact, but whenever we send a message, it goes to the SMS center or server and is forwarded to the receiver’s end. Therefore, to know that SMS center number use this code. 


It will also do the same as the last one. 


If your iPhone’s voice quality is not so good, then use this code, as it enhances the performance of your iPhone’s voice quality. But remember that this will reduce your iPhone’s battery life. 


Using this code will allow you to find out the settings for your Call forwarding, set an inquiry for a call, and check the SMS, voice, Fax, etc., access call forwarding or not.


If you have enabled the call-waiting feature on your iPhone and want to deactivate it, we suggest you use this code, which will help you do so. 


Use this code to enable the call-waiting feature on your iPhone again.


Use this code to know whether the connected line presentation is turned on or not. 


If no service is available on your device, use this secret code to verify the call forwarding number. 


If your iPhone doesn’t show the missed calls numbers, then you can use this code to check them.


IMEI number is a very important thing that we need to know for security reasons. So, this code will help you get your iPhone’s IMEI number. 


If you want to know the use of information info of your iPhone, then use this code. 


This code will help you know the call control bars. Simply put, it will help you know whether the call barring is enabled on your iPhone. 


When the iPhone is busy, you can use the code to check the number to call forward.


Use it to open the field mode that gives you all the details about your iPhone’s settings, network information, cell information, etc. 


This will help you know the account balance (if you use a prepaid iPhone only) 

*225# (Postpaid Only)

Use this code to check out the bill balance of your postpaid service.

*646# (Postpaid Only)

This code will help you know the remaining calling minutes if you subscribe to a postpaid voice calling plan.


What are iPhone secret codes?

iPhone secret codes are numbers and symbols that can be entered into the phone’s keypad to access hidden features or settings.

Can anyone use iPhone secret codes?

Yes, anyone with an iPhone can use these secret codes, but it’s important to note that some codes can damage the phone or its software if used incorrectly.

How do I enter iPhone secret codes?

To enter an iPhone secret code, simply open the phone’s keypad, type in the code, and press the “call” button. Some codes may require additional steps or prompts.

What are some examples of iPhone secret codes?

Some examples of iPhone secret codes include *#06# (displays the phone’s IMEI number), 3001#12345# (displays the phone’s field test mode), and *#31# (disables caller ID for outgoing calls).

Are iPhone secret codes illegal?

No, iPhone secret codes are not illegal, but using them to access unauthorized features or settings could potentially be a violation of the phone’s terms of service.

Are there any risks associated with using iPhone secret codes?

Yes, there are potential risks associated with using iPhone secret codes, such as accidentally altering important settings or damaging the phone’s software. It’s important to use caution and only enter codes that are known to be safe and reputable.


So, these are the top most used and popular hidden iPhone secret codes in 2024. We hope that these codes have helped you. Furthermore, if you want to know more about codes, comment below. 


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