Crowdfunding your next project gets better when you consider reputable Kickstarter alternatives. Whether you’re an innovator or a creator hoping to start something new, and you need funds to back it up. With the list of platforms handpicked in this article, you’ll find the perfect one to use.

Kickstarter is no doubt one of the best crowdfunding platforms that has helped a lot of people build their dream projects. It has raised billions of dollars and helped more than 200,000 projects come to life.

While Kickstarter is good for crowdfunding and has been doing a great job for decades. The fact is, you’re not limited to using it alone. You can explore a better option to back your next project. This guide features the best Kickstarter alternatives you can use for raising funds for your next project.

Best Kickstarter Alternatives to Crowdfund Project

Whether you’re building a tech startup, a mobile app, or something innovative. With the list of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter below, you’ll find the right one to use.

1. GoFundMe

With a title that says “crowdfunding for everyone”, GoFundMe has proven to be a better alternative to Kickstarter. This platform is known for its association with personal fundraising.

GodFundMe has evolved over the years, it has become a platform that caters to all. Whether it’s a creative project or donations towards aid to the needy, it makes sense for all. When it comes to user experience on the GoFundMe website, users can navigate easily.

Also, the annual fee and interest rate are some of the best you’ll come across. The platform’s extensive reach and social sharing capabilities contribute to its success in both personal and creative project fundraising.

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2. Crowdcube

If you’re hoping to raise funds from top investors in Europe, Crowdcube is a recommended platform for you. It works by allowing both inventors and investors to have a common goal. Crowdcube is quite popular in the UK and other neighboring countries.

The difference between Crowdcube and Kickstarter is that Crowdcube goes beyond traditional crowdfunding. Instead, it allows startups to sell equity shares to a crowd of investors.

One of the unique features is the small amount of fee that can be invested in a startup. With as little as £10, investors can become a shareholder in a particular project. For those in Europe, this is a great choice to use.

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3. Patreon

Patreon offers a crowdfunding possibility for creators who need ongoing support for their work. Unlike other alternatives, Patreon allows backers to pledge a recurring amount per project or every month.

What makes it unique is that it covers all aspects of content creators. From YouTube artists, singers or writers, everyone can get funds raised thanks to Patreon. However, there’s an 8% subscription fee attached to every account on this platform.

When looking for a smooth way to raise funds for your next project, you might need a different option other than Kickstarter. With Patreon, you can be assured everything will go as planned.

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4. Indiegogo

Having built a presence as a versatile crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo focuses more on flexibility. Also, it accommodates a wide range of projects, from tech gadgets to films and create minds.

Indiegogo offers both fixed and flexible funding options, which makes it different from most platforms. Another awesome feature of Indiegogo is how it allows continued fundraising on a project even after its campaign has ended.

Whether you’re just starting your project or it has claimed a spot as a successful one. With the marketplace provided by Indiegogo, you’ll get to reach a broader audience beyond expectations.

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5. Ulule

Most crowdfunding are known to have a specific target of audiences. Ulule makes a difference because it is available to all countries. It supports a variety of creative endeavors while encouraging creators to make a difference in their communities.

While Ulule might not have funded plenty of projects, so far it has a track record of over 100,000 projects funded successfully. In addition, it has a couple of million, all of which have made it a standout alternative to Kickstarter.

Moreover, there’s a particular feature on Ulule called the Keep it All funding option. This allows creators to get funds even if initial goals for their project weren’t met. When looking for a community-driven fundraising platform, you should consider Ulule.

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6. Experiment

Are you building the next big science project and you need funds? Look no further because Experiment is a known site like Kickstarter that offers crowdfunding for scientific research projects.

Experiment enables researchers to raise funds for experiments and exploration in various scientific fields. There’s a transparency policy on this platform, it allows those raising funds to follow up with the progress of funded projects.

While other platforms offer to crowdfund for scientific endeavors, it’s just that none does it better than Experiment. In addition, it provides a space for researchers to engage with more suitable backers.

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7. Kiva

Being able to raise funds for your next project is one reason why Kiva does exist. This platform works as a microfinance organization that connects lenders with those who need help on their projects.

One of the amazing aspects of using Kiva is that it ensures you’ll get 0% interest loans to support small businesses and projects. This Kickstarter alternative offers an easier way to funds in the easiest way possible.

Furthermore, Kiva allows lenders to contribute as little as $25 to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. The loans are repaid over time, creating a cycle of support for future projects.

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8. Fundable

Fundable comes as a top crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter. Businesses and startups can easily get funds raised from this one. Well, that’s because it was specifically made for those who want to grow or launch their businesses.

This platform offers both rewards-based and equity crowdfunding models. It provides additional resources, including tools for marketing and promotion, to help businesses succeed.

In case your next project falls into the business line and you want to raise funds. There’s no better crowdfunding platform that’ll come to your aid than Fundable. Lastly, it does have friendly terms and conditions.

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While Kickstarter remains a top choice for crowdfunding. There’s nothing wrong with exploring alternative platforms. Moreover, some of these platforms open up new possibilities for creators. Whether you’re an artist, a scientist or an entrepreneur, there’s a Kickstarter alternative that’s just perfect for your needs.


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