For movie buffs, Letterboxd is a well-regarded and popular social networking site where visitors can write, read, and share opinions about a movie. It keeps you up to date on every movie you have watched.

Even though Letterboxd is one of the best places for movie lovers and provides top-notch services, there are a handful of Letterboxd alternatives that provides much better services to get all necessary movie information

Although, Letterboxd started its journey in 2011 from Auckland with a small team. But by far it has millions of visitors worldwide to track their favorite movies. However, let’s find out sites like Letterboxd.

Best Letterboxd Alternatives in 2023

Entertainment is always been a congested area on the internet. You can find many options there, but here are the best free Letterboxd alternatives to follow-up movie trends.

1. Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes

It may sound weird, but Rotten Tomatoes provides genuine information about movies and TV shows. You can get everything about a movie from ratings to reviews. Started as a movie review website, but it becomes a significant source of movie information.

Whenever you need to create a watchlist give a tour of Rotten Tomatoes, and select one of the most popular and highly rated movies in recent times. So it could be a suitable alternative to Letterboxd.

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2. Reelgood


Reelgood is a cross-platform service that provides a wide range of information about movies, TV shows, web series, and other content. Most importantly, it redirects you to top streaming services with just one click through its recommendations.

If you talk about numbers, you can more than 150K movie has been listed so far. Also, it has a community portal for discussion. As mentioned, you will the common information just like Letterboxd.

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3. The Movie Database

The Movie Database

Available in 180 countries, The Movie Database is one of the top contenders to replace Letterboxd. It provides all available information such as actor names, storylines, duration, awards, and many others.

Furthermore, you can read reviews about a particular movie, and if you want to discuss a topic, there is an option for you as well. To get started, simply create an account there and you can start contributing to the community.

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If you are a movie buff, then you might hear about IMDB at least once in your life. IMDB is a subsidiary company of tech giant Amazon, and it has the world’s biggest movie database of any industry.

On the website, you will find all the required information about more than 10 million movies and TV shows. It also provides movie reviews and opinions from top experts. All in all, IMDB is the biggest competitor of Letterboxd and is better in every area.

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5. Stamp Social

Stamp Social

Next on the list, Stamp Social is a very good pickup to access all essential information about movies as a replacement for Letterboxd. With a simple and sleek design, the website keeps you updated on all recent, popular, and rated movies.

It also helps you to find the best movies in recent times that might save you time. Also, based on your interest, the website will discover new movies for you. Moreover, it’s a free platform.

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6. Trakt


As its name suggests, Trakt is another cross-platform to track movies and TV shows. Along with all information, it let you stream directly from the website. However, discovering new movies is quite an easy task on the website.

Besides this, you can sort out movies from trending to all-time popular. It allows you to comment on the movies. Sign up over there, and get all the best movie recommendations in a place.

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7. Box Office Mojo

Box Office Mojo

If you love to track the box office performance, then look no further than Box Office Mojo, an IMDB subsidiary. Although the website is focused on the box office, you will all movie data at a glance.

From the release date to budget, cast, crew, and additional information, Box Office Mojo could be the perfect replacement for Letterboxd. Also, you can discuss and comment after creating an account.

8. Rate House

Rate House

When it comes to the best sites like Letterboxd, Rate House could be another one that surely fits in the list. The website is very interesting; it provides information in the style of Wikipedia pages with plenty of media content, making it visually appealing to users.

Just like Letterboxd, you can also rate music, games, and podcasts. To submit any review on a movie, you just need to create an account. However, its user interface is pretty user interactive to use.

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Bottom Lines

That’s it – those are some of the best Letterboxd alternatives that you should use. All mentioned sites have some uniqueness, but the objective is quite the same. Regardless of your requirement, which one will you pick in the place of Letterboxd, let us know in the comment box.


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