Antivirus software is a program that is designed to prevent, detect, search for malicious software on your computer. Even if you are aware of avoiding such situations, it is essential to have antivirus software on your PC.

If anyone attacks your computer and your data is lost, or the system gets corrupted at this time, you need Antivirus software on Windows. So, if you want to keep your PC safe, we recommend using lightweight Antivirus software, as it consumes fewer resources and protects your data from threats. Moreover, these tools keep you updated with the latest threats that might steal your password.

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List of Best Lightweight Antivirus Software for Windows in 2022

We have found out some of the best Lightweight Antivirus software that can be mainly used every day. You can scan your windows system with few clicks.

1. Avast Free Antivirus


It is the most popular lightweight antivirus software known for its largest threat-detection network. Avast offers extensive protection to your PC against malicious attacks. It uses a heuristics engine to watch your system to detect anonymous behavior.

Avast has fantastic features like it encrypts passwords, scans all unknown files in real-time, detects and blocks spyware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and uses smart analytics techniques to defend a system.

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2. Bitdefender


Bitdefender is the tool that most suits you when you want to place multilayer security that stops you from losing your data or money. It uses Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technologies.

This lightweight antivirus software can easily remove malware. There is an in-built password manager, webcam protection, and more, ensuring that your privacy and performances are updated. In addition, it keeps running in the background without slowing down the speed.

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3. Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky security

Kaspersky is loaded with some extra features for protection,n like it gives protection from spyware, provides email scanning and real-time scanning. In addition, it eats up fewer system resources, so no need to worry.

With this tool, you can detect and remove malware, crypto lockers, backup data, and more. Some of its features are webcam security with anti-spyware and anti-ransomware. In addition, to protect the usage of net banking, it has bank-grade encryption.

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4. Avira


Avira protects your Windows computer from invasion. It blocks infected websites, browser trackers, and intrusive ads. It has a very simple and decent easy-to-use interface and is considered one of the best cloud-based scanning tools.

This tool consumes fewer system resources because it can operate in the cloud and works faster. There are the best shopping Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.

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5. AVG Free Antivirus


AVG antivirus tool provides real-time security updates, scans malware, improves performance, and finds the malicious downloads before running it. Moreover, it blocks all unsafe links, downloads, and email attachments. It automatically updates the virus definition and protects you from spyware and other malicious programs.

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6. Panda Security


Panda Security is the best solution to manage the system’s security. The software has a simple User Interface with an in-built dashboard, making it easy to use for novices. It has both paid and free versions, wherein the paid version, you can get unlimited free VPN data, and the freemium has a data limit of 150 MB per day.

Even if you are using public Wifi, the VPN feature saves your system. There is a firewall to block intrusions. Apart from all this, it has a USB protection feature.

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7. Comodo Free Antivirus


Comodo’s lightweight tool can easily handle any cyber threat and keeps your computer safe and secure. It has an in-built firewall, built with zero trust architect, a heuristics engine. It prevents host intrusion and offers exemplary online security.

This tool is capable of sandboxing unknown programs. The Comodo software facilitates three different scans, on-demand, on-access, and boot-time scans. As a result, you can browse any website safely.

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8. 360 Total Security


Antivirus software that needs less RAM and memory. It not only uses RAM but also protects your PC from online threats. In addition, it wipes off all the junk files and creates extra space, so the system’s speed increases.

360 Total Security monitors behavior to detect document hijacking. Secure online premium shopping gives you protection. At the same time, it offers privacy, cleaner, and Wifi security features.

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9. Adaware Antivirus Free


Adaware antivirus software keeps your PC safe from online threats. On Windows, this tool allows you to schedule daily scans, get real-time security, eliminate suspicious activities, real-time protection, on-demand scanner, and more features. You can download the free version or get the premium for more benefits.

All the viruses and malware are away from you when you keep this lightweight antivirus tool on your PC. The user interface is so easy that even a newbie can easily use it. Mostly, it looks after the new downloads to find the malicious content.

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10. ClamAV

ClamAVOne of the high-performance, cross-platform and open-source antivirus. ClamAV scans incoming and outcoming mails and supports multiple files formats to understand what it is file about. It scans for malware, trojans, viruses, and other various types of threats.

They also update their database for the latest file formats. Some of the key features are like a Command-line scanner. For example, ClamAV has built-in support for ZIP, RAR, Dmg, Tar, GZIP, BZIP2, OLE2, Cabinet, CHM, BinHex, SIS, etc.

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