Looking for Best LogMeIn Alternatives you can use in 2019? So Just go through the article because here we compile a list of free Alternatives to LogMeIn that may be helpful for you.

One of the Best Remote Desktop access Software available for the users is LogMeIn. It helps you to remotely access your device from anywhere. But, With great popularity… comes great limitations. So, LogMeIn also has some limitations that all the users struggle with. So, They constantly look for the chrome remote desktop LogMeIn alternative. So, Here I am with the opportunity to provide you with this information. Let’s have a look at them.

List of Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives You can use in 2019

Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives
Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives

There are many TeamViewer LogMeIn alternative available for you to use for your purpose. And, here I am arranging this list as per the user rating and the user reviews about the service. So, let’s talk about LogMeIn alternatives. If you have any doubt or suggestion feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to read them.

#1 CloudBerry Remote Assistant – Best LogMeIn Alternative

CloudBerry is one of the best Remote accessing services out there. It is one of the Best LogMeIn Alternatives, it provides you with all the features of LogMeIn service. but, it also includes some of the services which are paid. So, All and all, it is a good package for your requirement. You’ll get a god USer interface which will help you in getting things done in a much efficient manner.

#2 TeamViewer

One of my favorite Remote Desktop Connection Software. This Provides the users for free standard usage. And, Their standard package is fair enough for daily usage of a normal client. Although, You can also use the business package, which allows a lot of services. And, you can collaborate with teams using the business package. TeamViewer is a great tool and you must give it a try.

#3 Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a great alternative for the LogMeIn Remote Desktop Services. The program comes free of cost. You can use it to make your requirements fulfilled. The simple and easy to use User interface will help you a lot. And, You will get many additional features with this service. So, Why not try your hands on it?

#4 Supremo Remote Desktop Assistant

Supremo Remote Desktop Assistant is another great Alternative for the LogMeIn Remote Desktop Service. This service provides all the features that LogMeIn provides plus, it allows you to add extra features to your package. You can use it for professional business usage also.

#5 VNC Connect

Like All the other services in the list, VNC Connect is another awesome service which allows the users to use remote desktop services easily from the simple user interface. The one special thing about VNC Connect is that it is logmein central alternative, which allows you to use services in a better way. You must give this service a try.

#6 Splashtop

Splashtop is a great logmein alternative 2019. which again provide you with all of the basic features of a remote desktop controlling service. Among all the other alternatives to LogMein, SplashTop provides most basic features in the free version with easy and comfortable User-interface.

#7 Windows Remote Desktop Connection

One of the most known and probably ignored services – that comes with windows by default. Even though, people have this functionality available on their computer. They are so unaware of it, and they prefer installing the third party Remote Desktop Connection software. This is also great for basic functions. You must also try your hands on this one.

#8 WebEx

WebEx is a web-based platform for better remote Desktop connection service. Its proper functioning and loading quality depends on your internet connection speed. But, Most of the time it requires very less amount of data. WebEx provides users with extraordinary features for free. Try your hands on WebEx for better understanding.

#9 Discord

Last but not least, Discord is a great platform to interact with friends and others. As, Discord is a web-based platform It is one of the Best LogMeIn alternatives for mac and, Best Logmein alternative for windows together. You can share voice chats, text chats and share your desktops with each other. Discord is basically designed for gamers and other activities. The best thing about it is – that all the important features are free to use. Although, there are very rarely used features that are paid. But, most of the time – you won’t need them.

#10 Goverlan Reach – Most Versatile Solution

One of the best and professional alernatves to LogMeIn is Goverlan Reach. This remote desktop access system has features that are very similar to LogMeIn services. If you are already familiar with LogMeIn interface, hen you won’t find any difficulty in using the Goverlan Reach. Goverlan Reach has advance remote control with active directory management.

#11 Zoho Assist

You might have heard the name of Zoho before. Zoho runs multiple products and Zoho Assist is one of them which serves as a great alternative to LogMeIn. Zoho Assist has many features which surpases that of LogMeIn. Like Multiplatform support whee you can access your client PC via android, iOS, and windows based machines. Another amazing that we love about Zoho Assist is that it offers seamless integration. Also, it offers secured connection through 256-bit AES encryption so the security is top-notch. 

#12 Splashtop

The name of the software might look like a splashy water game. However, it is far more superior than LogMeIn remote desktop services. Splashtop is a serious remote desktop solution for businesses and enterprises. Most people from IT sector use Splashtop to communicate with ther clients. The best part is that the software is free to use for personal use. However, you need to purchase it for business needs.

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And, That is the end of the article. I hope that you would have liked this one. Although there are many LogMeIn central alternatives available, I have selected on the top of the list. And, if you have questions related to any point mentioned in the article or about any service. I’ll be very happy to help you out. Thanks for your time and faith. I’ll see you in another article.


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