Remote Desktop Controllers are lifesavers. These simple software help you guide someone online remotely and securely. But are they safe? Accessing someone’s privileges remotely can expose their computer to attacks if not improperly configured. Popular service in this space – TeamViewer faces the same issue. The reputed software is complicated for beginners while setting up initial configurations, leaving them open for undesirable RDP attacks.

Aside from configurations, TeamViewer isn’t entirely free. The free version of the software has adequate tools, but it constantly forces users to upgrade to a premium version for a fantastic everyone’s experience. Of course, the companies that can shell hundreds of bucks fall for this, but what about individuals? We found several TeamViewer alternatives that are more or less like TeamViewer but easier and effective.

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List of Best Alternatives to Teamviewer in 2022

Here we sort out the list of best remote desktop software that you can use as Teamviewer alternatives. These are easy to use and free to download on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Just go through the list and choose according to your needs.

1. Supremo


Supremo is a plug&play and all-in-one solution for remote desktop access and remote assistance. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android e iOS and is the most cost-effective alternative to Teamviewer if you need to control remote PCs.

Supremo is very easy to use and doesn’t need any configuration because you need to launch the lightweight executable file. Another great feature is that it allows unlimited installs on an unlimited number of PCs.

This software can be installed as a service for unattended Access and is FREE for personal use. For companies, freelancers, or commercial purposes, it generally requires buying a very affordable license. A 21-days free trial is available for every user without registration or subscription to the website. Supremo allows customization of the interface to display your company’s logo for business users. Awareness.


  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Unlimited Installs on unlimited numbers of PCs.


  • Has no voice and video support.

Price: Free for personal use. For commercial purposes, it has a free trial for 21-days, after which you can purchase a plan starting from 6$/month per user.

Download Here: Supremo

2. Anydesk

The first alternative that most prefer is for TeamViewer. Anydesk has all the features that its rival, TeamViewer, has. It’s simple to navigate and is harder to crack. In addition, Anydesk protocols are secured with banking standard 1.2 TLS and RSA 2048 asymmetric encryption to verify connections. All these ensure the secure transmission of commands over remotely located computers.


High data transmission rates as 60FPS and low latency makes the process smoother. In addition, it supports most of today’s Windows, Linux Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Free BSD, and even Raspberry Pi. The latest update of Anydesk 4.0 even makes it harder for anyone to intercept the connections it makes. Thus, it’s a viable alternative and a must-consider option when looking for TeamViewer alternatives.


  • Smooth performance due to faster transmission of commands.
  • Supports many platforms.
  • They are secured with high-graded security standards.

Screen drawing feature unavailable.

Price: Mostly free, but premium starts at $79/year.

Download here: Anydesk

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3. Splashtop


Another fine remote desktop controller at a low price. This software secures connections with 256-bit AES over cross platforms as Android and windows, allowing the users to browse through content remotely and peacefully. Further, it secures the connections with 2FA and multiple verifications.

While it doesn’t have much to blast about, Splashtop is considerable in this list as it’s cheaper for all users via; support teams, IT individuals, etc. You can start with a free trial of the premium software and continue if wanted.


  • Gesture support is available on mobile apps.
  • Simple installation and configuration.


  • Complicated pricing makes it harder to choose a plan.
  • The free version is limited only to local computers.

Price: Free and premium plans starting at $60/year.

Download here: Splashtop

4. LogMeIn

This platform justifies its name. Unlike TeamViewer or Anydesk, LogMeIn serves professional individuals rather than sharing screen services. While TeamViewer and Anydesk serve individuals, LogMeIn makes it easy to work across devices by storing and sharing files. This makes it a prime pick for professionals who switch places and devices often.


Aside from these, it provides 1TB of cloud storage for storing files, letting the user share and work on them irrespective of device or location. Moreover, it’s so sharable friendly that users can stream high-quality content on any nearby device procured from remote devices! That defines how feature sophisticated LogMeIn is.

Smooth integration of devices.
1TB cloud storage

No free version has to opt for premium.

Price: Premium plan starts from $30/month with a free trial period before purchase.

Download here: LogMeIn

5. Parallels Access

Parallels Access

Another one justifying its title, Parallels Access, shows no difference between desktop and mobile versions. Instead, it differentiates itself from other remote desktop software to be more mobile-friendly.

The service has an excellent mobile app crafted for quickly accessing any remote device. It’s more like you’re working on a cloud server where everything is put in one place to access and work. It also lets users copy and paste files on remote devices very easily.


  • Great for accessing files in Windows via Android and macOS via iOS.
  • Gesture feature available, and mobile app works in complete window mode.

Apart from accessing files from the desktop via the mobile app, there are no other significant distinguishable features.

Price: Premium plans start from $20/year.

Download here: Parallels Access

6. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

A chrome native software is also available as a simple extension. The Chrome Remote Desktop may not be as powerful as TeamViewer but fulfills the basic purpose of connecting someone online remotely.

This may lack additional features like recording, sharing of files, but it has screen sharing properties and is secured with end-to-end encryption. Being free is recommended for those who want such a remote desktop controller for simple, short-term uses.

Simple and accessible on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android platforms.

No other abilities are other than controlling remote devices.

Price: Free

Download here: Chrome Remote Desktop

7. RemotePC


Almost on par with TeamViewer, RemotePC does everything as its peers and even more. The software is cloud-based, making it easy for devices to collaborate. It uses 256-bit AES encryption to secure communication and has an access ID and key for connection.

It let users drag and drop controls and even add others in these remote connections! Great, isn’t it? Similarly, it can be worked on numerous computers too.

Easy to connect and scalable for several computers simultaneously

It has no free version. Should buy.

Price: $69.5/year

Download here: RemotePC

8. Lite Manager

Lite Manager

A cheaper alternative to TeamViewer, yet effective. Lite Manager may not become all the corporate level features but has notable ones. For example, it’s simple to navigate and connects over 30 computers simultaneously! That’s great for a cheaper version of TeamViewer.

Further, options are available for text and video chatting, screen recording, etc. Accessing files remotely across platforms like Android, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android is easier.

Has requires features at no cost.

Installing and understanding features could be challenging initially.

Price: Free, premium plans start from $10.

Download here: Lite Manager

9. Bomgar Remote Support

Bomgar Remote Support

This is only for those who strictly value their security over utility. Of course, Bomgar does everything a remote desktop controller should be doing, but alongside, it prioritizes its secure connections.

It makes individual paths so that several customers’ data isn’t mixed up in any case. Other features include allowing the customer to customize the services for branding purposes and are well suited for management meetings, audits, etc.


  • Extensive security features.
  • Easy integration of third-party apps.


Price: Has a free trial and starts with $1995/year as premium plans.

Download here: Bomgar

10. Zoho Assist

We end this list with the greatest of all – Zoho Assist. This could be the best alternative to TeamViewer as Assist is purely for companies, specifically tech assistance firms. Though it’s open for individuals, the extensive tools it gives may not be that useful to them.

Zoho Assist securely connects faster than any other peers. It’s showing up a list of active desktops to find easily and connects almost instantly.

Zoho Assist

Further, effective tools as voice and video chat are constructive for those tech assistance firms who’re guiding their users live. Moreover, they can even send updates, patches, or files to them to instantly rectify any errors. These all make it the best pick for firms.


  • Secured and quick connections across numerous devices.
  • File transfers during live sessions.

Expensive and needs learning before operating

Price: It has a free version but is limited to basic features. Premium plans start from $10/month or $100/year.

Download here: Zoho Assist


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