Some malicious android applications can ruin your device’s security features, and personal access files claim an internet security website. According to Trend Micro, the site that reveals the data, around nine applications are equipped with the potential to breach into your phone’s security permissions and disable antivirus or application protectors.

Some applications are disguised as file cleaners and use App Permissions to disable “Play Protect” and other relevant security features intended to safeguard your phone against a data breach.

Android Malware in Cleaner Apps
Image via Xanjero

These malicious apps can steal data, passwords, and even banking records from your phone and misuse them. These apps are named like “Super Cleaner” or “Quick Game Centres,” which look very harmless on the contrary. But, once users give them permission to access and modify files inside the device, they download additional malware and access personal social accounts on your phone.

These Apps Can Make Phishing Sites Look Genuine: Trend Micro

They can even post fraudulent advertisements on your social media accounts without the necessary authorization. They can also disable Google Play Protect and download other irrelevant apps and collapse your internal phone memory. If you keep these applications on your phone for a long time, they can completely access every corner of your phone and even be used by hackers when you are not operating it.

These apps can also make mirror phishing pages look genuine and simulate your data entry and store them for hackers to misuse. Such a thought prompts the internet security site Trend Micro to launch various precautionary measures to prevent this from happening to Android users.

This includes updating Google Play features on a regular basis and downloading a top-notch antivirus and antimalware application that cannot be crippled by these malicious apps. For example, McAfee, Norton, or Kaspersky Mobile Security are excellent choices for this purpose as they are virtually unhackable and can operate independently.


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