Finding Midjourney alternatives is not an easy task because matching its ability is not a cup of tea. It is only known to those who have used Midjourney once in their life.

Since its inception last year, it has changed how we create graphical images. With it, you can generate any type of image within a minute. The text-to-image AI generates images that are beyond expectation and imagination.

Although Midjourney comes out as the best, other big names can be used as an alternative to Midjourney. Thus, we’ve featured some of the free AI tools along with paid ones.

Best Midjourney Alternatives in 2023

While researching and testing all tools, we’ve found some pros and cons of each tool, including Midjourney. On the basis of both, we’ve compiled the best free Midjourney alternatives that can fulfill your needs.

1. DALL-E 2


OpenAI developed DALL-E 2 is text to image AI image generator tool that is a great alternative for Midjourney thanks to its intuitive user interface. And because the ChatGPT team is directly involved with the tool, you can bet on its output.

Moreover, it can produce pretty realistic images with quality resolution. The more you can express your thought in words, the more good result it can produce. Expanding the canvas of an image is another top feature.

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2. StarryAI


Designed to help all AI artists in the world, StarryAI is a very simple website that can help to generate digital art on mobile. Be clear and concise about your image prompt, StarryAI will do the rest.

Even though StarryAI is a paid tool, it gives five artworks absolutely free per day. Moreover, you will get full ownership of the generated images. Also, StarryAI allows to customize images accordingly.

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3. Stable Diffusion

Dream Studio

Want to become a master of AI-supported digital artwork or graphical image creation using text prompts? Stable Diffusion is the tool you should know. It’s the only tool that has enough capability to match Midjourney.

The reason for its ability is that it has developed various databases, such as Latent Diffusion Models, Eleuthera AI, OpenCLIP, OpenAI’s ADM codebase, and more. Also, it’s open source and free. Best of all, Stable Diffusion is a worthy competitor of Midjourney.

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4. Leonardo.Ai


Leonardo.Ai is my personal favorite because of its free credits. Very similar to Midjourney, Leonardo.Ai has an excellent ability to turn your words into a great piece of artwork within a minute.

Although the tool was primarily designed to create the game’s graphical image content, later, it come out as one of the best for all types of image creation. Even if you want to create human characters, Leonardo is quite good at it as well.

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5. Nightcafe


The alternative that closely replicates Midjourney may be the Nightcafe. Since it’s developed by different databases, it can create different digital images from different databases.

In Nightcafe, you can see different styles to select from. Using these styles, you can create more accurate images. However, if you are unable to write your prompt, you can take inspiration from others on the tool.

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6. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly

Almost everyone is familiar with Adobe; it’s a prominent name in graphic design and Photoshop. Now they have participated in the race for AI image-generation tools. And guess what? They have made Adobe Firefly which is one of the significant tools today.

The best thing is it produces four variations of a single prompt. Also, you can select the type of content you want. Besides this, you customize generated content with its inbuilt tools. All in all, a powerful AI image generates a tool that can replace Midjourney.

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7. Lexica


Lexica is a freemium AI image-generating tool that provides 100 image creations in a month. Also, it’s a contemporary tool of Midjoureny, so we can assume the expertise of the tool and can compete with Midjourney.

Stable Diffusion powered, Lexica generate high-quality images. Although it all depends on our prompt, we’ve firm belief after testing the tool that it’s powerful enough to meet your needs. Most importantly, it has got seamless user interface for easy use.

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8. Jasper Art


If you are looking for fast image creation, then who can come close to Jasper Art? The powerful AI image tool can produce excellent results in a fraction of the time which is very similar to Midjoureny.

However, all of its content comes up with high-resolution 2k px images. Also, it has various styles to pick from, such as pencil sketches, cartoon styles, close-up 3D renders, and digital illustrations. As a result, Jasper Art could be an ideal choice for image creation.

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9. Bing Image Creator

bing image creator

Microsoft is in a hurry to win the race of AI as it has already linked up its Bing search engine with AI tools. You can use it through Bing chat and also has a standalone website to use. Bing Image Creator powered by DALL-E 2, so you can expect quality results.

Even though Bing Image Creator is not as fast and good at generating face images as other available tools in the market. When it comes to generating abstract graphical content, Midjourney can’t beat it. However, it’s a free tool, so you can enjoy AI image generation.

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10. Blue Willow

Blue Willow

Next on the list, Blue Willow is yet another considerable AI image generation tool that can be placed on the same table as Midjoureny. Whether you want to create a logo, graphics, or realistic images, Blue Willow is perfect for everything.

According to the developer, you don’t need to be an expert to create your images. Also, the whole community has praised its clean user interface. So are you excited to join its 300 million user base community on Discord?

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Final Words

In a split second, our graphics will be ready using AI tools, and no doubt tool like Midjourney is the next big thing in the digital image generation. Even though Midjourney has got the front row, our listed Midjourney alternatives also have great efficiency to help create graphics, images, and scenes.