Instagram only keeps becoming more and more popular with each passing year. The ability to engage with fans and followers using good quality photographs is in itself a medium of ultimate creative freedom. Which is why most of us often end up wondering – which celebrities or organizations happen to hold the record for most liked posts on Instagram?

Instagram is a platform that welcomes about two billion active monthly users. It is the fourth most prominent social media network available to users today. We can upload posts, reels, and 24-hour statuses in the form of ‘stories’ and even message friends and creators personally on this platform.

But the question still remains what are the Instagram posts with the most likes? In this article, we have listed the most liked Instagram posts of all time from the 1st to the 10th rank.

Most Liked Instagram Posts in 2024

Nowadays, being popular on Instagram is easy, but not everyone holds the record of having the most liked posts on Instagram. Given below is the list of most liked Instagram posts of all time-

Most Liked Instagram Posts
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1. Messi’s World Cup With Argentina

  • Likes: 75.6 million
  • Official Instagram Account: @leomessi

Perhaps not surprising to someone who has followed global football closely, but the current record of the most liked picture on Instagram is held by a bright, gleeful Messi holding the gilded trophy in both hands and looking upwards with a huge smile on his face. 

With his characteristic bubbly personality and official Argentina jersey as his attire, this is the best picture to encapsulate the moment. Surprisingly, this picture managed to beat the world record of the egg. 

2. The World Record for an Egg

  • Likes: 60.2 million
  • Official Instagram Account: @world_record_egg

What World Record, again? In 2019, a campaign began that intended to break every record on Instagram held by huge celebrities and corporations with a single picture of a brown shell egg. At the time when this campaign started, the record was held by Kylie Jenner with 18 million likes. 

Everyone took the initiative correctly, and celebrities urged people to like the egg. The official account also started gaining followers and has about 4.9 million followers at the moment.

3. Messi Shares His Bed With The Trophy

  • Likes: 54.72 million
  • Official Instagram Account: @leomessi

Messi seems to be as much a king of humor as he is of football. In his official account with 493 million followers, Messi posted a picture of him lying in his bed snuggling the World Cup. This cheerful and brilliantly executed post not only made everyone laugh but also humanized his win and placed him as a central focus of this monument to the game.

Not only were there millions of likes, but also 704 855 comments under this post. Some even said he looked great and commented on the beautiful blanket he was lying under. 

4. Ronaldo and Messi Playing Chess

  • Views: 42.77 million
  • Official Instagram Account: @cristiano 

This picture was uploaded on both Ronaldo’s and Messi’s accounts. The post on Cristiano’s account amassed 42, 775, 160 likes while the one on Messi garnered 32, 878, 244 likes. The professionally produced picture shows both legends playing a game of chess against each other on a new trunk designed and released by Louis Vuitton. 

The caption reads, ‘Victory is a state of mind.’ Not only did this picture capture how fans often imagined these two top players against each other, but it also showed how they are equal winners in their place. Posted on both accounts also made them appear like friends. Brilliant campaign, we have to agree!

5. Messi Flying With The Cup

  • Likes: 41.98 million
  • Official Instagram Account: @leomessi

Messi’s saga with the shining gold World Cup never seems to end. One more sports niche upload that has become one of the most liked Instagram posts ever; this one has no caption.

A simple picture of Messi sitting in an airplane holding his cup, his beautiful smile and wide awake look, has captured the hearts of fans. The post has not only received one of the highest number of likes but comments and shares on Messi’s account.

6. AL Nassr FC Tshirt and Ronaldo

  • Likes: 34.44 million
  • Official Instagram Account: @alnassr and @cristiano

Ronaldo is back at it, making history by signing a collaboration with Al Nassr. And he announces this to the world by posting a picture of him holding the new blue and yellow jersey that says ‘Ronaldo’ and ‘7’.

In the caption, Al Nassr writes, ‘This is more than history in the making.’ while this was a controversial step that many fans seemed to love. Many seemed to hate. It was clear that everybody was looking forward to Ronaldo making more progress in his life than ever before. 

7. Another Celebration Pic With Messi

  • Likes: 34.43 million
  • Official Instagram Account: @leomessi

We are back at it again! A series of posts, including a little video by Lionel Messi, showed a glimpse of the celebrations after the World Cup win.

In these pictures, the legendary player has posted throwing his hands up with the trophy, taking a selfie in front of the official Argentina flag, and posing with the crowds of people who have come together to wish him sess. The celebration included a parade, to which he responded with ‘Con lo bueno y con lo malo, TE AMO.’

8. Cristiano Against Morocco

  • Likes: 34.19 million
  • Official Instagram Account: @cristiano

A professionally shot photograph shows Ronaldo leaving the field after his team lost in a World Cup game with Morocco and got eliminated from the sequence. He is wearing his official jersey, and the disappointment on his face is visible. 

The post has an extended caption written by the player himself that expresses his grief and commitment to his aim despite the results of the evening. There are about 1 590 362 comments on his post, with his fans encouraging him to look on the bright side and take significant steps in the future.

9. Cristiano and Georgia Announce Twins

  • Likes: 32.44 million
  • Official Instagram Account: @cristiano

His recent announcement of being pregnant with twins with his wife had received a lot of responses, with congratulations from fans and friends. A panoramic picture shows a bright and smiling couple of parents in bed holding up a picture of their unborn children.

The post said, ‘Our hearts are full of love – we can’t wait to meet you.’ Sadly, the twins did not survive childbirth. Fans still flock to this post to show their support and compassion towards the famous football star by commenting with kind words. 

10. Ronaldo Posts Pele

  • Likes: 32.33 million
  • Official Instagram Account: @cristiano

What can be better than seeing two football legends in one frame? After the King of Football’s death, Ronaldo honored Pele by posting a picture of him receiving an award from this unforgettable player and personality. 

The picture is black and white and shows them greeting each other, with Ronaldo holding the trophy in one hand. Ronaldo added a heartfelt comment in the caption about having to bid farewell to an era of football. 


Instagram is a platform driven by temporal trends where thousands of users come together to realize or become a part of great things. But the list of most liked posts on Instagram is still held by celebrities and sports sensations like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and reality TV stars like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.


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