Are you getting bothered due to no sound issue on your iPhone after the recent iOS update? Well, most probably yes, because you are not the only one suffering from this issue. There are many users from all around the world reporting the same. But, what are the reasons behind this problem? Why does your iPhone have no Sound? How to fix it? 

Well, don’t worry! You’ll get all these answers in this guide. Here, we have mentioned some of the best quick fixes to try to resolve this issue. But, for that, you have to read this guide till the end. So, let’s get started with the guide and check out those important fixes.

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What Are The Reasons Behind This Error? 

We have already stated that it’s a glitch that comes with the latest iOS update. But, still, there are a few situations due to which this type of issue occurs. So, let’s take a look at them: 

  1. First, you may knowing-unknowingly leave your iPhone on silent mode. 
  2. The audio intensity may be set to low.
  3. A third-party application may be causing this error.
  4. There is a problem with the content you are trying to listen to.
  5. Some hardware issues are causing this issue.

How To Fix The No Sound Issue on iPhone? 

Here are the fixes you need to resolve this issue on your iPhone. Make sure to follow them carefully: 

Fix 1: Increase The Volume 

Increase The iPhone's Volume There are chances that you may minimize the volume of your device. Therefore, use the volume up button to increase or simply open the control center and slide the volume slider. 

Fix 2: Check If DND and Focus Mode is ON

Check If DND and Focus Mode is ONThere’s also a chance that you’ve previously enabled the DND or Focus mode on your iPhone while studying or sleeping and forget to disable them. So, you can simply open the control panel and check if these options are disabled or not. 

Fix 3: Check The Silent Switch

Check The Silent SwitchWe generally use the silent switch to enable the silent mode on our iPhone while we are at work. So, we suggest you check the silent switch, and if it is enabled, then disable it. After that, play any music to check if the no sound issue on your iPhone gets resolved or not. 

Fix 4: Test Your iPhone’s Speakers

You can also test your speaker because the content you are trying to enjoy may have corrupted audio; therefore, we suggest you go to the iPhone Settings > Sounds & Haptics.

After that, simply drag the slider located under the Ringer And Alerts. That’s it. In case you clearly hear your iPhone’s ringtone, this means that there is no issue with your iPhone speaker.Test Your Speakers - Ringer And Alerts

Fix 5: Check The Third-Party Apps

Did you check if the application you are using supported the file format you are trying to play on it? Sometimes, there are many videos or audio formats that normal third-party applications cannot play properly.

So, in that case, users are generally getting this kind of problem. Therefore, my choice to watch anything on my iPhone is the VLC media player. So, you may also try this player.

Fix 6: Reboot Your iPhone

Reboot Your iPhoneWe suggest you reboot your iPhone because there’s the possibility that your iPhone may have stored temporary cache files, which prevent it from working correctly. So, after rebooting your device, these files get removed automatically from your device, and your device again starts working properly. 

Fix 7: Make Sure That The App Can Send Sound Notification

Suppose you are not getting or hearing the notification sound from some particular applications. There are huge chances that you may have disabled the notification sound for that specific app. So, to turn it on again, you need to follow these simple steps: 

  1. Firstly, access your iPhone’s Settings > Notifications.
  2. After that, select the app for which you are not getting sound.Make Sure That The App Can Send Sound Notification
  3. Then, toggle the button to the Green position located in front of the Sound option.turn on iphone app's sound

Fix 8: Clean The Speaker Grills

Did you check if the speaker grills were appropriately cleaned? Well, there are chances that the dust and particles get stuck on the opening of your speaker grills, due to which you are having the no sound issue on your iPhone. So, we recommend you clean it and then check if the issue gets resolved or not.

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Fix 9: Reset All Settings

Reset All SettingsSo, here are the steps that you need to follow while resetting your iPhone’s all settings:

  1. Firstly, access your iPhone’s Settings and navigate to the General tab.
  2. After that, hit the Reset button. Then, simply tap on the Reset All Settings option.

Fix 10: Contact Support Team

We regret if none of the methods worked for you! So, now it’s time to contact the official support team and ask them to help you get out of this situation. They will surely come up with some fixes to help you fix the no-sound issue on your iPhone. 

So, that’s all we have for you on how to fix the no-sound issue on your iPhone. However, we hope that the methods mentioned in this guide have helped you. Therefore, for further information, comment below. 


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