When it comes to having a secured virtualization environment, some of the best Sandboxie alternatives have to be considered. If you’re a Windows user who wants to test applications or browse risky websites without inflicting damage on your PC. Here’s an article we’ve made just for you.

Sandboxie is one of the best solutions to sandboxing on a PC. It provides an isolated environment that allows testing different applications without having to install them directly on a PC. Also, it is perfect for browsing through web pages with potential threats. But the good news is, you’re in control of everything.

While Sandboxie has always been an open-source and go-to solution for a lot of Windows users. Well, there are more options out there that can you try out in terms of advancement. In this guide, we’ve highlighted the best Sandboxie alternatives for Windows OS.

Best Sandboxie Alternatives for Windows

Sandboxie is a free tool and the same goes for the alternatives mentioned below. You’ll be able to run tests on different programs and browse websites while keeping your PC in a safe state.

1. Shadow Defender

One of the best ways to enjoy a virtual environment for testing different applications is via Shadow Defender. This program focuses on real-time system protection against potential threats.

While testing harmful programs or exploring different websites, Shadow Defender ensures your PC remains untouched. For those who value continuous protection, this is a recommended alternative to Sandboxie.

Some of the amazing features of Shadow Defender include a simple interface, a snapshot feature, and both automatic and manual modes. Also, it easily adapts to different user preferences, which makes it an amazing choice.


2. Cameyo

Cameyo takes a different approach when it comes to virtualizing programs. Instead of the native installation methods, it lets you run applications in portable executables. This means you can test applications without installing them.

The idea behind Cameyo is to allow users to enjoy simplicity and efficiency. You’ll get a way to create your own virtualized app, which enhances security and flexibility. Everything about this tool makes perfect sense, and it’s also easy to use.

Additionally, Cameyo supports cloud storage for virtualized apps. This makes it easy to access and share virtualization across multiple devices. If you’re looking for a lightweight virtualization solution, here’s a go-to option for you.


3. VirtualBox

Undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to virtualization software. Unlike other alternatives on the list, VirtualBox works somehow differently. VirtualBox is perfect for running multiple OS on a PC.

Let’s say you’re currently using Windows and you’ll like to test Linux applications on your PC. With the help of VirtualBox, it becomes very easy. In addition, VirtualBox is very safe to use, which makes it recommended.

If you’re looking for a tool that is good at testing, developing and running an operating system, you should try VirtualBox. Well, that’s because it offers more advancements than Sandboxie.


4. BufferZone Security

While other similar software like Sandboxie might have been perfect for software testing. BufferZone Security, on the other hand, offers something different. Once installed, it’ll help create a virtual zone for safe browsing.

If you’re the type who enjoys isolated browsing activities, this is the application to use. Its primary focus is to provide a virtualized environment that’ll let you browse, download and access any content online.

Every activity is stored inside the virtual container, which ensures your PC stays secure always. Another standout feature is its support for multiple browsers, you can browse unlimited pages without any fear.


5. Shade Sandbox

An easier way to keep your PC safe during testing of different programs is by using Shade Sandbox. It remains one of the best sandboxing programs that focuses on simplicity and efficiency.

Shadebox Sandbox works similarly to Sandboxie and you’ll find almost the same features on them. There’s just one cool feature from Shadebox that’ll let you drag and drop items into the virtual environment.

If you want to browse websites while keeping your device safe from threats. All you just need to do is drag your preferred browser into the virtual environment and everything becomes easy.


6. Enigma Virtual Box

Enigma Virtual Box is a free tool that works for virtualization on Windows 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Similar to Cameyo, Enigma Virtual Box will let you package applications into standalone executables.

For users who want a portable and isolated environment for specific applications. Enigma Virtual Box enhances portability and security. You’ll also love the interface because it makes navigation easy.

Furthermore, the packaged executables are standalone and can be run in isolation, providing a secure testing environment. With support for a range of Windows versions, Enigma Virtual Box ensures compatibility with various systems.


7. Cuckoo Sandbox

Another great virtualization program that makes total sense is Cuckoo Sandbox. However, it is not the traditional sandbox for everyday use. This alternative focuses mainly on automated malware analysis.

Cuckoo Sandbox provides an automated environment for executing files and monitoring their behavior. The software generates detailed reports on the actions and interactions of files, aiding in the identification of potential threats.

Some additional features include tracing API calls and analyzing traffic. In addition, it stands as a valuable tool that provides insights for enhancing overall system security. Lastly, it comes as an open-source program, which makes it free to download.


8. Toolwiz Time Freeze

Toolwiz Time Freeze offers virtual snapshots of your PC, then allows you to revert to a previous state. This kind of tool makes sense for testing programs in real-time. And if anything goes wrong, you can return your PC to its default state.

One of the unique features of Time Freeze is how it ensures that any changes made to your PC during a session can be easily undone. Whether you’re testing heavily or browsing harmful websites, this tool gives you full control.

The virtual snapshots created by Time Freeze usually serve as reference points. Also, you can create as many as you want, this gives you the freedom to restore your PC at any point in time.



In conclusion, these are the best Sandboxie alternatives that are worth using. Each one offers unique features but they work similarly. Also, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to their supported OS versions. Whether you’re on Windows 11 or any older operating system, you can use any of these programs.


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