BestGore was a Canadian site where you could get real-life images and videos of violence. You will find many weird contents on BestGore, such as racist and violent content. The site was easy to use and meant for an audience over 18. 

BestGore was blocked by Canada’s government, considering how unsafe the site’s content was. Well, various sites are similar to BestGore. If you search for sites like BestGore, you can check out the below list for crazy and weird videos.

Best Sites Like BestGore in 2024

Since BestGore has been taken down from the internet, many users are searching for alternatives. Below is the list of best sites like BestGore that you can visit.

1. Kaotic

KaoticStarting our list with Kaotic, it is one of the biggest streaming sites where you can find a lot of unique content. You will discover many gory videos on the site, which you can stream for free. You can search for the videos through the search bar. 

Videos are updated quite frequently on this site. If you were a regular visitor of BestGore, you would find this site interesting. You can also share the video you watch on Kaotic with your friends. 

2. YNC

YNCAnother popular site like BestGore is YNC. This is a public site which means you can watch videos and upload your own. You will find almost all the weird types of videos on the YNC. 

Videos are uploaded on YNC with the thumbnail and the name. You can also like and dislike the videos you watch on YNC. The videos on the YNC can also be shared with friends on third-party platforms. 

3. Deep Gore Tube

Deep Gore TubeYou can also visit Deep Gore Tube if you are looking for alternatives to BestGore. This is an 18+ site where you will find videos and news. The videos on the sites are explicit and uncensored so you will find the most bizarre videos on this site. 

The site has videos from registered users, and you can watch them for free. In addition, you can search for the video by its name. Also, the videos are categorized, making it easier for users to search for videos.

4. Scary For Kids

Scary For KidsIf you are looking for a spooky site with scary stuff, you can visit Scary for Kids. This site will find scary stories, games, pictures, movies, videos, and mazes. This site is updated regularly so that you will discover new content daily. 

You can select content based on the categories from the menu. If you want to see something scary or frighten someone, then you can visit this site. 

5. Veoh

VeohThis is another alternative to BestGore that you can visit. You will find every type of video on this site. Not only this but the videos are categorized on this site, so you can search for the videos you are looking for. 

You can create an account on Veoh and upload videos as well. In addition, the site is available for free, so users can stream content without paying anything. 

6. Goregrish

GoregrishThe following site on this list is Goregrish, which is quite similar to BestGore in terms of usage. However, you will find different types of content on this site, which includes photos and videos of accidents, deaths, murders, necrophilia, and more. Videos uploaded on this site have titles and descriptions to tell you about the video. 

The users themselves upload content on this site. You can also like, dislike, and comment on the video. In addition, you can search for videos based on the categories and look for the trending videos on the site. 

7. Documenting Reality

Documenting RealityEver wondered how much the content can get weird on the internet? If not, then you should probably visit Documenting Reality. This site includes the weirdest of videos that one can ever think of. Their content includes videos of torture, self-harm, suicide, killing, etc. 

The website is easy to navigate, and you can easily search for videos. Videos on the site have thumbnails, titles, and descriptions telling you about the video. 

8. Damaged Corpse

Damaged CorpseIf you want to see videos and images of suicide, accidents, deaths, abnormalities, etc., you can visit Damaged Corpse. The videos and photos on this site are uncensored and uncut, so you will see the content as it is on this site. 

Content on this site can get spooky and weird. However, it is easy to search for the content on the site by name. The content of this site makes it one of the best alternatives to BestGore. 

9. AliveGore

AliveGoreIf you are searching for a site to stream videos related to accidents, beating, beheading, cops, crime, suicide, execution, war, etc., then you can visit this site. You will find the most extreme videos on this site that are uncensored. You can navigate this site, stream videos, save them, and share them with friends. 

Users looking for uncut and uncensored videos and images may find this site appealing. You can search for videos by the categories from the menu or by the video’s title. 

10. Deadhouse

DeadhouseThis is also one of the best sites, like BestGore, where you can see videos of various categories, including road accidents, catastrophes, tortures, terrorism, assassination, suicide, war, fights, etc. Not only videos, but you will find images, news, and other forms of content on this site. 

You can browse through all the available categories on this site and stream the video you are attracted by. This site offers an easy-to-use interface, and you can stream high-quality videos on full screen. The content on this site is for the users by the users and is made available for free.

11. Hoodsite


Hoodsite is considerably one of the best sites like Bestgore. The website is full of homicide, torture, and self-harm video content. Even if you’re looking for less violent videos, you got you covered here.

Do you know how scary Hoodsite is? Well, you will experience the head being separated from the body, a bullet inside the body, a knife on the neck, violence in prison, and many more. However, visit and check out these videos if you dare to watch.

12. Seagore


Our next inclusion is Seagore, which has been available online for over five years. The website has featured violence, accidental, suicidal, and related content in large numbers. So if you’re interested in real-time accidental videos, Seagore is the best website for you.

However, make sure you’re above 18 years old. Other than that, the website is pretty similar to other streaming websites. You can watch such videos anytime you want from anywhere. Furthermore, the website allows to download its content.

Final Words

It takes a brave heart to stream extremely uncensored videos unavailable on regular video streaming platforms. BestGore used to be a one-stop site to find all the uncensored videos, but now after its ban, people keep looking for its alternatives. We have listed the best sites like BestGore to watch extreme uncut videos. 


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