Carvana is a car marketplace where you can buy and sell used cars. The best part about this site is that you can pick up the vehicle directly from the company’s vending machine location or get the car delivered. Unfortunately, Carvana only operates in the USA and will not work for you if you are not living in the USA. 

You might not always get the car you are looking for in your budget in one go, and that’s why many people search for alternatives. If you are searching for cars or looking to sell one on Carvana, it is better to search for similar sites for the best deal. This article will list various Carvana alternatives you can visit if you want to buy and sell cars. 

Best Sites Like Carvana 2023

It’s always best to consider alternatives when buying or selling used cars, as you can get better pricing elsewhere. If you are looking for sites like Carvana, then we have listed them below-


The first site we would like to start our list with is This site is based in New York City. You can buy and sell cars on this site if you are living in the USA. 

Not only this, but you can also finance the cars that you want to buy. However, there’s a con to this site you can only purchase luxury cars. can also deliver the vehicle to your place if you want them to.

2. CarMax

Another great site like Carvana is CarMax. You can buy used cars and new cars from this site, and they also have new cars you can buy. Again, this offers reasonable pricing on the cars you buy compared to the competitors. 

They also offer a five-day money-back guarantee, so you can be carefree when buying a car from CarMax. Not only this, you can sell cars in any condition on CarMax. 


If you want to buy cars online, you can go to The best part about this site is its pricing; their pricing is quite competitive. There are more than 2 million listings on the site. 

Apart from that, there are tools to help you compare and decide which car to buy. You can also view photos or videos of the car. In addition, you will find dealer reviews and editorial content on the site to make it easier to decide. 

4. CarsDirect

When it comes to sites like Carvana, you can go for CarsDirect. You can buy cars with affordable loans from this site. In addition, you can connect with lenders on this site when looking for cars. 

It’s easier to look for cars on CarsDirect. You will get buying advice as well as reviews on the site. A con to this site is that there will be high-interest rates for people with poor credit scores. Also, you will find listings from the CarDirect network only, so that’s a con. 

5. Copart

This is one of the oldest sites for buying and selling cars. Copart serves in various countries, including the US, UK, Germany, UAE, Brazil, Spain, Ireland, Oman, Bahrain, Finland, and Canada. They have more than 200 physical locations with more than 300k used vehicles for sale.

Not only this, but you can also rent cars from this platform. They also own various auto services companies, such as National Powersport Auctions,, and CrashedToys.

6. TrueCar

This is another excellent site to buy and sell cars. TrueCar connects car buyers to car dealers and vice versa. This site is a broker between dealers and buyers, helping one make buying and selling decisions. 

The site displays a Flexibility score, indicating how much the dealer can negotiate. You will also get a price report showing the complete invoice. The con to using this site is limited connections; you may get quotes even for vehicles, not in stock. 

7. CarGurus

You can go for CarGurus if you want a site with reliable pricing over the competition. In addition, they provide various tools and insights into the cars, such as market price, review, the total distance driven, and more. This can help you decide whether to go for the car or not. 

Not only this, the ranking of the car on this site depends on the market value and reputation of the dealer. Also, their search is fast, and you can filter the car you are looking for. You will also get details of new inventory and any price drops noticed on the car. 

8. Autotrader

If you are looking for a car marketplace based in the United States and the United Kingdom, you can go for Autotrader. They have a good reputation amongst the users making it one of the most trusted sites for buying and selling used cars. 

Autotrader will show you reviews of the cars and comparisons of the cars in the same segments. They have a wide range of cars on their platform, ensuring every customer finds the best deals for themselves. Buyers can connect with dealers and buy the car, and dealers can list their cars and connect to potential buyers. 

9. Cars24

Buying cars can be complex, but that’s not true when you have Cars24. They serve in various countries, including India, Thailand, Australia, and UAE. You can sell as well as buy cars on this site. 

They have many cars from brands including Toyota, Ford, etc. Buying and selling cars on Cars24 is easy, plus financing options make it much more convenient to buy the car of your dreams. 

10. Cazoo

Are you searching for cars online or trying to sell your used car? On Cazoo, you can list your car for sale or search from the list of cars available. They have a good reputation among the users, so you can be carefree making a deal on Cazoo. 

They have various categories of cars, including sedans, trucks, SUVs, vans, and more. In addition, they have financing options in case users opt to finance the cars. Kazoo also provides maintenance, insurance, and servicing of cars bought from the platform. 

Final Words

Above is the list of best sites like Carvana that you visit if you want to buy used cars or sell your old car. The sites listed above are genuine, well-reputed, and have a wide selection of cars for every budget. These sites always give you an alternative to look up to and compare the prices of cars you want to buy. 


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