It is hard to pay for things in one shot in this economic climate, especially in recent years. Therefore, companies have been using “buy now, pay later” schemes for customers to pay more significant amounts over a specific period, like a few months. 

Many websites have come forward, created, and successfully provided this opportunity to the community. But, unfortunately, this means that ‘Make large purchases and pay later’ is real now. One such uprising website is Fingerhut.

The website aims to let the buyers make purchases of Electronics, Appliances, jewelry, food, kitchen products, beauty, shoes, clothes, and other necessities without worrying about the shortage of money in the bank account.

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Best Sites Like Fingerhut to Buy Now Pay Later in 2023

If this seems like an option you would be interested in, this post will list a few other options below to make good choices about your finances. 

1. FlexShopper

FlexShopperFlexShopper provides another variation to the “buy now, pay later” deal. Again, the steps are very simple; you only need to apply on their website and wait for approval. After which, you will have a spending limit on your purchase.

There are nearly 85k products. You can browse and choose products according to your need. But, FlexShopper gives you absolute flexibility in making the payment weekly instead of monthly payments. Therefore, these payments will be made over a year. 

The products offered by FlexShoppers are commonly in Electronics or are in other appliances match regard with its range. But, thankfully, it gives you the chance to even invest in various furniture pieces or other items.

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2. Stoneberry

StoneberryUnder this list, the second website option is Stoneberry. It seemingly is a similar option as Fingerhut. But, it has its merit. The purchase from this website is a little different, as it demands the person apply for special credit. Also, the monthly payment you demand regarding your purchases is comparatively less than Fingerhut.

On the flip side, you do not have to worry about paying annual membership fees, over-limit fees, or bills you will have to pay. 

The range of things you can purchase from the store is limitless. From outdoor furniture to electronics to bedding, you have just about anything you would need for your home in the store that you can purchase at reasonable rates.

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3. Gettington

GettingtonAnother great site to consider shopping from is Gettington. They also have an excellent “buy now, pay later” program, which will not put a dent in your bank account. 

The specialty of Gettington is visible in its transparency as it lets the buyer know the exact amount they might need to pay when making a purchase. For instance, spending around $350 will show you that you only need to spend around $20 a month or less. 

While other websites show the lowest payment for the time purchase is made. Gettington is one of the largest stores where you can get a “buy now, pay later” option as they have more than 350,000 items to choose from. 

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4. MDG

MDGThis website’s most favorable feature is its process of applying to shop at this store as it is pretty simple and quick—the steps to apply involve filling out a simple form available on their website. Then, wait till the team approves your application. Once it is fully approved, they will provide you with a specific spending limit. Then, within this provided limit, you can happily make your purchases. 

These limits can vary at times. As surprising, you can even expect to receive up to $3,000. On this site, you officially own the item when you buy it, unlike FlexShopper. An excellent advantage you can receive by choosing this website is that it won’t require a credit history compared to other websites. MDG also offers a wide range of mattresses, appliances, air conditioners, and furniture.

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5. Ginny’s

Ginny’sGinny’s works differently from other sites. Once you finish filling the cart with the items you want, you will be redirected to open a credit account, and then you will be able to purchase your items when you are checking out. The monthly payments are not as low as Fingerhut, but it is cheaper than making the item’s complete purchase in one go. 

Ginny’s provides its buyers with an excitingly wide range of products. They don’t stick to one category of appliances or products but rather have an extensive range of products. Surprise your dear friends or family with special goodies from various furniture types for every requirement. It also takes care of your home decor environment with other necessary supplies. It gives all that one can search for.

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6. Seventh Avenue

Seventh AvenueThis website seems to work just like other relatable websites like Ginny’s or Country Door, as the approval process is pretty much the same, making it all easier. It is a little more expensive than Fingerhut as the minimum price is $20 in monthly payments. However, it is a beautiful site and offers a good range of products. 

Like any other website, it also comes with a long-listed product, listed according to various categories. This list involves various electronics, various house-related products, and other different categories of products.

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7. Country Door

Country DoorCountry Door follows a similar concept to Ginny’s in that you must set up a credit account before making a purchase. However, unlike Ginny’s, the monthly payments are a little more expensive, leaning more towards $20. 

One can find wide different varieties of products on this Country Door website. To give your house a new look, making your decor more elegant in style gives a better range of homely appliances like kitchen appliances and furniture. It even goes beyond the box of categories to provide outdoor products.

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8. QVC

QVCQVC has a different approach to other stores on the list as it gives you a physical credit card that you can use in several places and ways. You cannot only use the card on the website but also in any store that supports this type of card and on other popular websites. 

QVC Website is as unique as its name sounds because of its good-ranging products. This list of products covers multiple categories, such as footwear and cosmetic products. In addition, their product list also includes various electronic products.

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9. SkyMall

SkyMallUnlike the other websites on this list, SkyMall offers a unique buy-now, pay-later model. Among the greatest sites like Fingerhut, it has an excellent user interface. In place of subcategories, catalogs are used to list products instead.

It is safe to make purchases on this website, so don’t let any doubts you may have about its legitimacy keep you from doing so. The website has been around for a long time and is a wonderful option if you want to buy something now and pay for it later.

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10. Venue

VenueImagine a premium marketplace with loyalty points, rebates, and flexible payment arrangements. is a premium marketplace containing Apple, Samsung, Nike, PlayStation, Dyson, and more products.

These firms’ recent releases are available on a ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ plan, making financing straightforward. The Marketplace welcomes shoppers with and without credit. Shop, pay and enjoy. is excellent for holiday shopping, birthday/anniversary gifts, and home items. is the best site online to get the new iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nike shoes and apparel, and PlayStation 5. Amazon handles shipping and delivery, making speedy orders easy.

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Therefore, these types of sites that offer “buy now pay later” options are good and economically sensible options for people who do not wish to break their bank accounts. Hopefully, this post has outlined a few good options to make the shopping process a little easier and cheaper. 


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