You can do almost everything on your android phone as you can study it, you can transfer money by net banking, use social media sites or applications, and so many more things you can do only in one android phone.

You all are fortunate to have an android phone; you can easily find your way with the help of an android phone’s GPS. GPS detects your current location and guides you the way to your destiny. But today’s topic is something different than that.

Spoof or Change GPS Location on AndroidWe Compile a list of the best fake GPS location apps for android that you can use to spoof locations while using whatsapp, Pokemon Go, and other android apps that use your GPS. below, You can choose any app according to your need. Just go through the list. We only mention those apps that must be available in all countries. Because sometimes, many apps are restricted in some countries.

List of Best Fake GPS Apps to Change GPS Location on Android :

Now, after reading this article, you will never face that type of problem because below, we give you the three best fake GPS applications that help you to change GPS location and allow you to use that application which is not available in your country.

1.) Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS location is one of the best applications for creating change GPS location. This application is free for everyone all over the world. By using this application, you can easily change your GPS location to any place in the world. This application creates fake GPS without mock site no root, so every application of your phone believes you are there. With this application, you can track your phone or other apps.

Fake GPS LocationYou can go anywhere worldwide with this App like you can be in New York, London, Canada, and where you want to go. You can also create a prank with friends by showing the location that you are somewhere else. Beware of using this App; set your real location after installing this fake GPS app.

2.) Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free

Fake GPS location spoofer free is another app for creating fake GPS location. It is effortless to use and 100% workable application for android devices. When you land on the homepage after installing this App, you will see your real location. You will easily choose the location of any place in the world or satellite mode.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer FreeNow click on the search option and enter the place name to set your GPS location. Everyone can also use those apps which are not available in your country. You need to select the GPS location of that country where the application is running and install that App on your android phone.

3.) Fake GPS Location PROFESSIONAL

Fake GPS is also an android app for creating the phony location available in the google play store. This App needs some changes on your phone setting. When you install this App, you have to enable developer settings on your android phone and enable mock locations.

Fake GPS Location PROFESSIONALWhenever you open the App, you will see the red dot that is your current location. You need to move the red dot anywhere you want and click on the play button. You can also do a prank on your friends by showing your fake location that you are somewhere else.


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