Nowadays, gaming is spreading so much in technology because of numerous advantages. Steam is the name that comes to everyone’s mind while talking about gaming. However, we looked into the best alternatives for steam. 80% of gamers probably use steam because of various features offered by them, but luckily we got some alternatives. Looking into these alternatives can benefit you in many ways, as steam games are costly.

However, the alternatives to steam have different models and have more features than steam. Steam also took a quite high commission on its gaming. So shifting to its alternatives can be a good idea which will help to overcome all these issues.

These all steam alternatives will give you games at a discounted price, which will be easy for you to afford. If you don’t want to shift from steam, you can also look at these alternatives to help you whenever steam will down.

These alternatives indirectly help you to save your money. You will get excellent customer service, better policy, and advanced features in these alternatives, which will take your gaming to the next level. So let’s check out what we have got for you.

List of Best Steam Alternatives for PC Gamers in 2022

Most PC gamers prefer to buy games from these online stores because they offer discounts and membership and sometimes provide free games occasionally. Unfortunately, steam is overrated now, so you need to check out these alternatives from a gaming background.

1. Origin


Origin is the best alternatives to steam games because of a lot of features offered by them. Origin is both available on personal computers and mobile platforms for a better game experience.

The best part of Origin is once you downloaded any game, you can avail yourself of that game lifetime. The additional feature is that you can connect with your friends and play games with them. Not just playing games, but you can also chat with them in Origin.

Visit Origin

2. Good Old Games (GOG)

Good Old Games (GOG)

Good Old Games is a platform for both video games and films. The best part of this site is it is available for Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux users. You can find the best games here with the price tag. GOG provides probably all the best games at low prices and also lower than steam. You will also get much popular fiction and series here which you will enjoy watching.

Visit Good Old Games

3. G2A


Maybe you also heard the name of G2A, as it is on trending recently. It is the only site that replaces steam in every aspect. Now on this platform, you can buy, sell, and trade your games. You will also get various payment options here to make payments quickly and safely.

Visit G2A

4. GreenMan Gaming

GreenMan Gaming

The new site gives competition to steam because of its unique feature, a console-steaming program. However, the site is at its beginning stage, but the company assured its customers that they would introduce more features than steam soon.

Visit GreenMan Gaming

5. Gamers Gate

Gamers Gate

Gamers Gate is a Sweden-based company; it provides games and electronic strategy guides for gamers. You will also get the direct download option here for Windows, Linux, and OS X users, which will save your time. Furthermore, Gamers Gate will provide you probably all famous gates because it is integrated with every big game development company.

Visit Gamers Gate

6. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle offers games at a low and discounted price as it believes in letting the purchaser decide the cost. It integrated with more than one charity where they donate money from their profits. Humble Bundle sends a portion from its profit to the charity, which is great. It also sends additional discounts to random users through email.

Visit Humble Bundle

7. Discord Store


Discord is growing, and it becomes a popular chat platform across the world. All YouTubers who are gamers and do live streams prefer discord for communication with the team. You will get the best-handpicked collection of games here. It is specialized in text, video, audio, images for interaction among gamers.

Visit Discord Store

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8. Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store

As the name suggests, Microsoft Store is owned by Microsoft. Probably you all know about Microsoft, so no need to discuss it. Previously it just for Xbox users, but now it’s also available on Windows 10. If you want to check out the games, you can click on the game section in the Microsoft store.

Visit Microsoft Store

9. Epic Games Store

Epic Games StoreOne of the most famous names in the gaming industry is Epic Games that operates Epic Game store. It has its business module, where they have an 88% revenue scheme for their developers. They motivate their developers through this scheme. Maximum of you will know about Fortnite, which is released by epic games.

Visit Epic Games Store

10. allows its users to host, sell, and download video games. It has its strategy, which is “pay what you want.” Here developers can easily upload their games free, and users can pay the developers if they want or if they like the games.


11. Direct2Drive


Direct2Drive is another great platform that comes with a pretty-looking interface. It is basically considered as an ancestor of the IGN game store. However, it is now an independent business with the same old concept of buying games in exchange for money.

They really hold an amazing collection of high-rated games. Plus, if you are lucky enough, you might even come up with some great offers as well.

Visit Dirct2Drive


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