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LockBit Ransomware

LockBit 3.0 Code Leak Gave Rise to Hundreds of Ransomware Variants

Kaspersky researchers noted hundreds of new ransomware variants rising from LockBit 3.0 code leak that let threat actors of all kinds make their ransomware...
Conti Ransomware

Conti Ransomware Source Code and Internal Messages Leaked Online

A security researcher aggrieved by the Conti ransomware's support to the Russian government has been leaking its data regularly. The trove data contained Conti ransomware's...
Conti Ransomware

Conti Ransomware Payment Server Breached, IP Address Leaked

One of the prominent cybercrime groups - Conti ransomware had its server details exposed by a security firm. They soon published a report on...
Ransomware Attack

Hackers Behind the HSE Cyberattack Demand $20 Million Ransom

The cyberattack on Ireland's Health Service Executive (HSE) has a new update, where it's found the threat actor behind it is now asking for...
Ransomware Groups Are Calling Victims to Remind Them For Paying Ransom

Ransomware Groups Are Calling Victims to Remind Them For Paying Ransom

After the double extortion strategy of threatening victims by leaking stolen data, ransomware groups have now evolved with yet another step. It's reported that...
Conti Ransomware

Conti Ransomware Abuses Windows Restart Manager For File Encryption

Carbon Black researchers have found a new ransomware strain called Conti, which is boasted about using 32 simultaneous threads for encrypting the files very...