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HolyGhost: A North Korean Ransomware Group With Aim of Financial Gains

HolyGhost: A North Korean Ransomware Group With Aim of Financial Gains

Researchers at Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center noted a new ransomware actor that's targeting small businesses around the world, named as HolyGhost. While they linked this...
APTs Are Targeting Journalists With Impersonation Attacks

FBI: North Korean APT Maui is Attacking Healthcare Orgs

In a joint advisory released by the FBI, CISA, and the Treasury Department, the agencies warned that state-sponsored North Korean hackers have been targeting...
North Korean APT is Targeting European Countries With Konni RAT

North Korean Hackers Infecting Security Researchers With a Backdoor Malware

Google Threat Analysis Group has detailed a new campaign where the North Korean state-backed hackers are targeting security researchers through social media. While asking...
US Imposed Sanctions on North Korean Hacking Groups

Kaspersky Claims North Korean Hackers as the Creators of VHD Ransomware

The antivirus software maker, Kaspersky has reported that it believes that the Lazarus group is behind the attacks of VHD malware. VHD ransomware has...
North Korean Hacker Group Lazarus

Telegram is Used to Steal Cryptocurrencies By North Korean Hacker Group Lazarus

Lazarus, a popular hacker group believed to be backed by North Korea, is continuously upgrading itself to find new ways of stealing cryptocurrencies. As...