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A Fake Copyright Warning Campaign is in Wild For Stealing Credentials and Spreading Malware

Apple macOS Malware Distributed Through Xcode Projects

Researchers at Trend Micro have discovered a new Mac malware called XCSSET, which is distributed to users through a clever technique. The XCSSET malware...

Microsoft Patched Two Zero-Day Bugs in Windows 10 in Latest Update

Microsoft has patched two zero-day bugs in Windows 10 with its Tuesday update this month, which could've let an attacker achieve elevated privileges in...
Google Claims That Half of Zero-Day Bugs Are Due to Poor Patches

Dropbox Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploiting Victims by Accessing System Files

The popular file storing platform Dropbox has new vulnerability discovered on its zero-day. The service's updating application has a security flaw that could potentially...
Zero-Day Bug in Chromium Leads to RCE Attacks in Chrome & Edge Browsers

Google’s Chrome is Infected with Critical Zero-Day Vulnerability. Update Immediately

Google, the tech giant, had discovered a significant bug issue with one of its products on dank Halloween night. On October 31st, the team...