Are you looking to get a second number for texting and calling but not buying a new SIM card? Because sometimes, it is more than necessary to have a secondary number from which you can contact different people. Many people like to keep their personal and professional lives separate and that is why they use two numbers.

To get a second number without buying a new SIM or a new mobile plan, TextNow is the go-to app for all users. However, it is essential to note that TextNow is not the only app providing a secondary number with VoIP. There are some great TextNow alternatives available for both Android and iOS.

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List of Best TextNow Alternatives

In this guide, you will find the list of the best TextNow alternatives, and using these apps, you can get a second number without buying a new SIM card or a new plan and use it for texting and calling.

1. Google Voice

For users looking to get a VoIP phone number, Google Voice is easily one of the best TextNow alternatives available right now. VoIP uses the internet to make calls and texts. The great thing about Google Voice is that it is completely free to use and the Google Voice number is linked to your Gmail account. 

The best thing about this app is that it also has a website, so you can also call using your computer. The domestic calls are free on Google Voice, but the international calls require you to top up your account balance. Also, there are no annoying ads on Google Voice, so it is definitely worth checking out. 

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2. textPlus(Text+)

textPlus is another brilliant alternative to TextNow and the best thing about this app is that you can simply create a new account with just a username. You also do not require any email address to signup. 

With textPlus, you can also make free domestic calls and low-cost international calls. However, just like TextNow, this app also has annoying ads which you can easily get rid of by paying USD 0.05 for a day. To maintain your phone number, you need to pay USD 0.10. Overall, the app is quite affordable and easy to use. 

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3. Hushed

For users who prioritize privacy over anything, Hushed is the right app for you. However, the concept of this app is a bit different. We all find ourselves in a situation where we need a temporary number to give on dating sites or advertisements sites to burn the number later. 

Well, you can easily do that with Hushed. With this app, users can select from over 300 area codes in the USA, Canada, and the UK. Their plans are for 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, and 365 days. On top of that, you also get Dropbox and Slock integration with Hushed to save your message history and save voicemails. 

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4. AbTalk Call

Next up, we have AbTalk Call, which is also one of the best TextNow alternatives. The only problem is that this app is for Android only. You do not need a SIM card to get a number from AbTalk. 

Also, this app comes with a built-in VPN which keeps your identity on the internet safe. There are also point rewards for using VPN, inviting more people to the platform. Users can redeem these points to make international calls. 

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5. GoDaddy SmartLine  

Many of you might know GoDaddy from domain names and the hosting sector. Interestingly, GoDaddy also offers a TextNow alternative called GoDaddy SmartLine and it is mainly aimed at website and business owners. 

Many eCommerce store owners and blogs want to provide their readers with a phone number, but they do not want to give their number and that is where GoDaddy SmartLine comes to the rescue. With SmartLine, you can also allow call forwarding to your actual number. 

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6. TextFree

TextFree is a great app with which you can get a number just by using your email address. The great thing about this app is that the numbers you get are free of cost. All you have to do is use them at least once in 30 days to keep them. 

If you want to keep a number permanently, you will have to get a premium subscription. With this app, you get 60 minutes of free calling when you sign up and there are also some other great features like call forwarding to voicemail, altering ringtone, etc. 

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7. 2nd Line

If you want to have a secondary number specific to a particular area code, then 2nd Line is an excellent app. In addition, it offers a free trial for users, which is great. 

This app allows you to set up a voicemail inbox, call forwarding, and call recording, which are some great features to have. 

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8. Numero eSIM

Numero eSIM is an excellent app for people who want a secondary number. Using this app, you can get a phone number from over 70 countries. On top of that, there are over 3,000 area codes. 

This app also has a free credits reward system that can unlock many great features for you. With Numero eSIM, you can get unlimited phone numbers on the same phone.

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