Many of you may be interested in exploring the dark. Every adventurous person dreams of walking in the dark streets with a night vision tool. But having an infrared camera or binocular is not so convenient or pocket-friendly. Thermal camera applications are helpful in such cases.

These free-to-download applications will give you a real-life experience of a professional night vision gadget. The thermal camera app uses your smartphone’s camera to provide realistic thermal images.

However, the apps might not be as precise as an external camera. However, the imitation ability of the thermal camera apps is quite commendable. We have created a list of the eight best thermal camera apps for Android and iOS, which can simulate an actual infrared camera.

Best Thermal Imaging Camera Apps for Android and iOS in 2024

1. Night Vision Thermal Camera

Night Vision Thermal CameraWith its powerful flashlight, this application will help you get clear images in the dark. The picture quality also increases while using the Night Vision Thermal Camera. There are also conventional and infrared filters to stimulate heat detection images.

The Night Vision Thermal Camera application also has videography features that many such applications lack. The app has a million downloads for its best-in-class features.

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2. Seek Thermal

Seek ThermalIf you want a thermal camera in your smartphone, a strong flashlight, and night vision, Seek Thermal is a perfect option. It comes with several filters that give your images a different shade. You can also adjust different filters’ components, such as brightness, color setting, contrast, etc.

Seek Thermal’s image processing speed is very fast, which is unique in this segment. Moreover, the application is available for both Android and iOS.

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FLIR ONEIt combines night vision and thermal vision camera senses to give you the ultimate photographic experience. FLIR ONE’s picture quality is one of the best and seems genuine. FLIR ONE uses a smartphone’s built-in camera and adds different digital filters.

In addition to night vision and infrared imaging, the application can capture Honey Bee and UV effect shots. FLIR ONE’s realistic images will amaze you.

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4. Thermal Camera FX: HD Effects Simulation

Thermal Camera FX: HD Effects SimulationThermal Camera FX is one of the most popular infrared camera apps that you can use. It was also mentioned in the list of 500 unique products and has won various recognition. The application allows its users to take photos and videos in real-time and look at their temperature.

It also has a feature of converting normal pictures to infrared with digital filters. Moreover, the application has a potent flashlight that helps capture dark images.

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5. Thermal Camera Illusion And Flashlight

Thermal Camera Illusion And FlashlightIt is another excellent application for thermal and infrared capture with your phone’s camera. Thermal Camera Illusion And Flashlight use shade effects for infrared thermal vision imitations. As a result, it includes various filters to give your pictures a unique look.

The app provides camera shortcuts in your smartphone, like volume keys that can adjust the zoom. In addition, pictures clicked with this app can also be shared directly on your Social accounts.

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6. VR Thermal & Night Vision FX

VR Thermal & Night Vision FXIf you want to stream infrared videos using your smartphone, VR Thermal & Night Vision FX will help you out. It has a real-time image processing feature that directly captures exciting videos. You can also use it to convert normal images into infrared or night vision.

Besides capturing infrared and night vision, VR Thermal & Night Vision FX can also change picture components like contrast, color, saturation, etc. These features make it one of the best thermal camera apps for Android users.

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7. Night Vision Flashlight Thermo

Night Vision Flashlight ThermoThis is a popular Thermal Camera Application with more than 1 million downloads. Night Vision Flashlight Thermooffers a real-time thermal camera effect using its unique filters. You can use Night Vision Flashlight Thermo to cheat your friends by showing them regular pics with thermal sensing.

Apart from thermal sensing, the app also supports infrared night vision mode to capture pictures in the dark. However, remember that it is only a simulation, not real.

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8. True Night Vision

True Night VisionTrue Night Vision is an effective thermal detector specially designed for iOS users. It triggers the IR sensor inside the camera to capture all heat bodies in the dark. As a result, you will get a detailed view of all objects around you through your iPhone’s camera.

The app is free to use for all iPhone users. However, True Night Vision is still not available for Android smartphones. 

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9. Infrared Thermal Imaging Cam


Infrared Thermal Imaging Cam

With over 100k downloads on Play Store, Infrared Thermal Imaging Cam has many possibilities that the default camera app won’t achieve. Color and black & white modes functioning are just child’s play with the light amplifier algorithm.

The app lets you capture thermal images to realize the unseen world of heat radiation and spectrum. Moreover, all captured images provide additional information such as bubble levels, GMT and local times, visibility, and course.

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10. Thermal Camera Real Simulator

Thermal Camera Real Simulator

Whether you want to take a normal or a thermal image, the Thermal Camera Real Simulator covers you. It comes up with a thermal vision simulation radar camera effect that can reveal the radar of heat objects.

With the help of infrared radiant effects, you can see dark and take a picture of it. The app’s standout feature is the heat map feature. Overall, Thermal Camera Real Simulator is one of the comprehensive thermal imaging camera apps available on Android.

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