Even in the era of technology and AI, finding suitable sports streaming websites is a hectic task. Although, VIPBox was an excellent choice when it comes to watching sports online all over the world.

Since VIPBox is blocked in several regions at the ISP level due to content infringement. No doubt, watching sports become difficult, but not impossible. Several proxy sites emerge to fulfill the needs. Thus, we’ve compiled the best VIPBox proxy list that perfectly working fine.

VIPBox has featured almost every popular sports event in the USA as well as from other continents and countries. From football/soccer, basketball, and volleyball, to tennis, table tennis, and even racing sports.

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VIPBox Proxy List

We have given some quality time to research these proxy sites from various sources. Regardless of your country and region blockage issue, it will work for you, as it’s working fine for me.

If VIPBox is banned in your country, you can still use these proxies to make the most of it. However, all proxy sites are quite fast and responsive. Here we go!

  • http://vipboxs.com/
  • https://www.vipbox.lc/
  • http://vipbox1.com/
  • https://www.vipboxtv.se/
  • http://vipbox1.eu/
  • https://vipbox.to/

We have tested these sites recently, and working superbly. You can start with the first one, then continue until to get access. However, from time to time proxy sites also vanish due to copyright content.

How Does VIPBox Proxy Site Work

Proxy network make corresponds between the user and server through its own server. You can say, a proxy works as a peon of the internet to send and receive connection here and there.

Without a proxy network, our request goes through the allocated IP address by the ISP. Thus, accessing ISP-blocked websites becomes harder.

And when we use the proxy network, our request goes through its own server, where ISP can’t justify the user. Therefore, it proxy network bypass ISP block very easily.

VIPBox proxy works in a similar way, as it goes through a proxy server, and you can enjoy VIPBox without any blockage and hassle.

Why You Should Use a VPN Network to Access VIPBox Proxy

Using VPN is a perfect practice when we have to visit sites like VIPBox. Because we never know whether the website is safe or not. While VIPBox did not have a good security service.

A VPN also encrypts and hides your original IP address. Therefore, you can share information all over the internet safely without having the headache of data leaks and hacks.

Moreover, ISP and other sources can’t trace your original IP address and your activities. Since its primary objective is to provide safety on using the internet, you must use a reliable and best VPN to access VIPBox proxy sites.

Best VIPBox Proxy Alternatives

Undoubtedly, VIPBox is one of the best choices to watch sports online. But there are many other websites that you should know to use in the place of VIPBox. Here are some best VIPBox alternatives to watch sports for free.

1. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is one of the best alternatives to VIPBox. It has been on the internet for a while that provides live sports all over the world. Unfortunately, Stream2Watch is also banned, but Stream2Watch proxy sites are available to use.

2. Sports Lemon

A neat and clean website that can be used in the place of VIPBox. If VIPBox is not accessible in your country then you should use Sports Lemon. With it, you can watch all popular sports events worldwide.

3. FirstRowSports

Yet another superb website as its name suggests. FirstRowSports offers high-quality sports streaming. It covers almost every established sports league all around the globe.

Final Words

So, these are the VIPBox proxy list that offers free sports broadcasting. To use these sites, you should use an appropriate VPN, and don’t forget to add a reliable antivirus. However, if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section to get them solved.


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