In this higher technology, it is essential to maintain the security of data. 10 Minute mail works the same as the name defines, it gives temporary mail id for 10 mins. We listed the best 10 Minute mail alternatives as in some cases we need mail for more than 10 mins.

It is one reason there can be many more reasons like receiving a large file, which is hard in 10 Minute mail. Along with it, 10 Minute mail assign severe mail id which is hard to remember. These alternatives will solve all the above problems.

Best Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail
Best Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

Below listed best alternatives to 10 Minute mail will help you to maintain your security. Giving original mail id for temporary work can be harmful as your mail can be hacked if the sender is not trustful. However, if we provide the temporary mail id, it will be more comfortable for us to make sure that our original mail id is safe.

List of Top 10 Alternatives of 10 Minute Mail:-

These alternatives will give your mail id which is easy to remember, and hence you can give it to anyone. It will save you from spam mail. Let’s check out these alternatives and select the best one for you. 

1) Guerrilla Mail

It is the oldest website to provide temporary mail id with the best features. They use shark lasers as a domain, which means you can get any random mail which will end with The best part is the email id will not expire till you didn’t close the browser. Suppose you need mail id for 30 mins so keep your tab open for 30 mins and enjoy. Once you tab will close, you will lose your mail-id. 

Visit Guerrilla Mail

2) Mailinator

It is the top alternative of 10 Minute mail because of the features offered. The impressive part of the website is its interface, which is user-friendly. You can access the website easily and quickly because of its interface. They provide mail id with the various domain so you can select any mail according to you. You can set up the mail id in less than one minute.

Visit Mailinator

3)  MailDrop

It is quite similar to Mailinator, but the difference is they have only one domain which is You have no choice to select any other. The advantage of this website is you can generate mail id faster compared to any other website. You can receive any mail here without facing any issue. 

Visit MailDrop

4) Getairmail

If you are looking for a simple site to get the temporary mail, then it can be best for you. You will get the great domain here, which is The domain is easy to remember, and hence you can use it hassle-free. You cant select the random email as they have the predefined emails. However, you can change it by selecting next. 

Visit Getairmail

5) Fake Mail Generator

They provide the fastest and easiest way to generate the mail id. Along with it, there are various fantastic domains to select. You can choose any random mail with multiple domains. There is no restriction in creating the mail id. They also have a feature to assign automatically any mail id if you don’t want to select. 

Visit Fake Mail Generator

6) Temp Mail

It is the best alternative to replace 10 Minute mail in every aspect because of its features. They provide functions similar to Gmail such as copy mail id, refresh inbox. They will remember your IP and change the mail once you request to change. Hence you can depend on their mail id for a long time as it will not change till you not give the instructions. 

Visit Temp Mail

7) Dispostable

It is the decent website to generate the mail id as they don’t have many features. They have a limited domain, which is You can select any mail address with their domain, or they will assign the mail id automatically. The best part is their mail id exist for three days which is a pretty good time. 

Visit Dispostable

8) Bouncr

It is different from all the other alternatives listed here. It is necessary here to sign up with your original email id in order to get the temporary mail id. Once you sign up, they will assign you mail id which will exist for a lifetime as you can access it with your real email id. 

Visit Bouncr

9) Spamgourmet

The function of the website is the same, which is providing the temporary mail id. But the difference is the mail id will expire automatically after specified mails. 

Visit Spamgourmet

10) Yopmail

You can get the mail id instantly with yopmail without any signup or login. The best part is your mail id will valid for lifetime. They provide real anonymous service and help you to protect your real mail id. 

Visit Yopmail


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