Many a time, we come up with different websites where we may find helpful resources. However, when they insist on providing our emails, we deny maintaining our privacy and avoid receiving spammy emails.

In such situations, a disposable email service could be our best call. Yes, we can provide them with an alias rather than revealing our private email ID to untrusted sources.

These services help you create a fake email ID for a temporary period. Being a temporary ID, they will exist for a given period, which changes from service to service.

Although there are many such services, you cannot just throw away your trust in any of them. Even if you are dealing with a fake ID, you would expect a more genuine service. And so we decided to pick up some of the best services that you might love to use.

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List of Best Disposable Email Services for a Temporary Email Address

Below, you can see some of the best disposable email services available online for free. These services are widely used by many, and they help taking care of your privacy and avoid spam.

1. 10 Minute Mail


Well, in case you are looking for a temporary email for signing up for any website. 10-minute mail can be one of the best services for such issues. Now, as the name suggests, it provides you with a temporary email address for just 10 minutes. Then, you can receive, read, and respond to emails from that temporary account within this given time slot.

Once the time limit is over, the generated email address gets expired automatically. So hopefully, 10 minutes must be enough for tasks like signing up and anything similar. Moreover, it is entirely free to use and disposable too.

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2. Mailinator


Mailinator is an all-time favorite disposable mail service provider. It is leading in the industry at the current time. However, a few limitations might bother you, but it offers the most reliable service. Mailinator is set for only text emails and none other.

It allows you to select any unique domain as your email address, which makes it a demanding one. Prevent yourself from receiving spammy emails by using Mailinator. And also, you can use any inbox with this free public mail service.

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3. E4ward


E4ward is another disposable email service that lets you create multiple fake email identities. However, a free user is restricted up to creating a single email alias. But if you go for the premium version, you will be able to generate many identities.

It further provides you with more space on the cloud to store all your emails. All your emails are forwarded to the primary mail address directly from the generated fake ID.

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4. MohMal


MohMal is the Arabic term for Junk Mail. Unlike 10minutemail, MohMal offers you to generate fake email identities that last up to 45 minutes. Moreover, they provide services in multiple languages to choose from. Besides, you can generate emails of your wish just by typing an alias name and hitting the create button.

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5. EmailOnDeck


EmailOnDeck helps you decide whom to give your data and whom not to. They provide a complete service concerning all sorts of disposable email stuff. In addition, it helps you avoid receiving spammy emails by creating an alias.

You can trust their service as it has been in use for long enough by many professionals. They let you create fake emails in just two easy steps. Now that must be a real quick service from EmailOnDeck.

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6. TempMail


In the end, we have TempMail, a disposable Email service. The service is good if you are looking for multiple domain names and further lets you change your domain name later.

However, if we talk about privacy, TempMail does not make a fit at all. Here, if two people come up with exact similar domain names, even coincidently. Both of them happen to receive the same emails.

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From Editor’s Desk

Throwing away your personal data to any unknown sources might end up with the worst consequences. Thus, it is wise to use an alias for access to some untrusted source that might be asking for our email over and over again.

The above-mentioned services do a great job and provide you with a better service. Hence, feel free to share your experience with us.


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