When a Brazilian developer Matheus Valadares, developed a game named Agar.io, it quickly became trendy. People started liking this game of well-designed mechanics and themes. From 2015 till now, Agar.io has almost become the favorite way of entertainment for casual gamers. In this list, we will discuss the top Agar.io alternatives.

Agar.io is a multiplayer game in which the player controls one or multiple cells on a map. You have to eat cells called agar smaller than other players to gain mass. Due to its simplicity and mechanics, it is praised a lot across the globe. Many developers tried their hand at this type of game by following its popularity, which later became a new genre.

Best Alternatives To Agar.io You Can Play in 2024

As it became a new genre, there are thousands of games developed. So, we have researched the same eat-and-grow-themed games with additional power-ups and features. Here are some excellent Agar.io alternatives which you will surely enjoy.

1. Slither.io


Slither.io is one of the best alternatives to Agar.io. In this game, you play with snakes rather than cells. You will get food in the way. As you will eat them, your size will increase. But remember to defend yourself from other rival snakes. Once you start playing, it will become an addiction.

2. Gota.io


Gota.io has the same gameplay as Agar.io.It has several other features and fast movements. Other features involve dividing your mass to have better navigation. You can also eject cells that help in dispelling other cells. With a beautiful interface and gameplay, it is an excellent alternative to Agar.io.

3. Pie.ai


This game is also about eating and gaining a larger mass to survive. Along with other players, Pie.ai has opponents called AI drones, which drop cherry bombs to eliminate the players. You will also get to eat pies on the way to gain energy to fight your opponent. So, eat, fly, and even compete in this game, but you better survive.

4. Spinz.io


This game is very similar to Agar.io but is based on fidget spinners. It has identical features and gameplay like Slither and Agar.io. This game is better than others in terms of faster movements. And to gain other masses, collide with smaller spinners. So, if you searching for a new Agar.io alternative, go and play Spinz.io.

5. Zorb.io


If you like to play in 3D space rather than a 2D plane, this game is the best alternative. Due to this unique feature, Zorb.io made it to the list of our best options for Agar.io. You will eat and grow in the 3D space. With the same gameplay, you will get a much fantastic interface. Just float in space with Zorb.io. Eat and grow with this game.

6. Lordz2.io


Lordz2.io is another name in the list of top Agar.io alternatives as it is a very addicting and thrilling game with lords, wizards, and kings. If you want to win, create the most influential artists to conquer the new regions on the map.

With high-quality graphics, it is relatively more challenging. With massive gameplay, you have to expand your kingdom. So, to enjoy a much more modified game than Agar.io, it is the best option.

7. Curvefever.io


Curvefever.io is a game that only focuses on survival mode. It is a very challenging and competitive game. With world-class mechanics, it has very high-quality graphics. Just move precisely to avoid crashes from the opponents.

8. Agma.io


Agma.io and Agar.io are quite similar games, but both games have some different features to enjoy accordingly. Although, you will get a round and colorful ball each time, and you’ve to grow bigger to stand against all obstacles. Moreover, it offers excellent skins and nicknames.

9. Diep.io


If you are looking for a kind of strategy game, then Diep.io possibly meets your taste. In the game, you will get a ball that has a trigger point to target other available elements to vanish using the mouse. Also, you have to save your ball from unexpected attacks from other balls. I have played more than one hour while testing the game.

10. Paper.io


When it comes to the best games like Agar.io, then Paper.io surely deserves your attention. The game starts on paper, and you will get a circle, which is your territory; the more you draw a line on the paper, the more territory you obtain. However, Paper.io is a perfect game for time-killing that you can play in place of Agar.io.

From Editor’s Desk

If you are bored with the old games and want to try this new genre, try this list of the best Agar.io alternatives. With the fantastic mechanics and gameplay, Eat, grow, challenge, evade, fly, and enjoy one of the most addictive game genres.


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