Creating scripts for videos can always take a lot of time. Luckily, there are AI video script generators that’ll simplify the whole process. If you’ve been looking for the right one to use, here’s an article for you.

Let’s say you’re planning to create and host a video, but there’ll be a script needed. From planning the idea to writing a nice script. It takes a lot of time and due to the many steps involved, there could be a lack of motivation.

Nowadays, we’ve seen the power of AI and how it tends to simplify workflows across various industries. Even if you’re an individual, you’re not limited to generating video scripts using AI. In this guide, we’ve handpicked the best AI video generators that are worth using.

Best AI Video Script Generators to Use

With these tools, you can save time and quickly generate engaging video scripts with few prompts. To know which one that’ll work best for you, kindly read from the list of options below.

1. Toolbaz

Toolbaz logo

With a generator tool like Toolbaz, creating video scripts has been made easier than ever. Whether it’s YouTube content, ads or any other short-form formats, here’s an AI tool that’ll simplify the process.

Toolbaz makes a lot of sense due to how it works and generates content. It uses advanced natural language processing algorithms. This makes it create high-quality video scripts based on input prompts.

Aside from generating scripts for videos, Toolbaz is an ideal choice for keyword suggestions in the SEO aspect. You’ll also find a lot of pre-made templates that can help streamline workflow.

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2. Writesonic


Undoubtedly one of the best AI writing tools at the moment, Writesonic handles video scripts perfectly. One of the reasons why it’s very popular is due to how it generates scripts for almost all videos.

You can use it for short videos, explanatory educational videos, and even landing page introductions. Furthermore, the AI tool allows tone definition, which allows you to set the perfect tone for your script.

There’s a lot you can use Writesonic for as a content creator. It caters to different video styles that look professional. In addition, the AI generator has a friendly interface, which makes it easy to use.

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3. logo has grown into becoming one of the most powerful AI-powered writing assistants. From being able to generate digital ads, sales copy, and e-commerce product descriptions, etc.

There’s no doubt it is a great recommendation for getting the perfect video script you deserve. Besides, it boasts a user-friendly interface and a lot of script templates to make things easy.

Whether you’re generating scripts for video ads, a tutorial or even short movies, handles all. Additionally, offers collaborative features, which makes it ideal for team members working on a script.

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4. Writecream


Facing difficulties when trying to create a video script? Worry no more because Writecream will help you overcome the stress. If you’re creating YouTube scripts, that’s one of the key specializations of Writecream.

Moreover, it emphasizes more on efficiency and adaptability, adding a more straightforward workflow. Whether you’re new to script creation or not, you’ll find the AI tool very easy to use.

Creating the perfect script with Writecream solely depends on your prompts. But there’s one uniqueness the AI tool has, it can understand commands without you going into detail.

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5. Scripted


Scripted is more of an AI-driven content creation platform where freelancers and businesses connect. It’s a place to generate high-quality scripts for different purposes.

Using an advanced algorithm, Scripted helps creators in fabricating polished and impactful scripts. While it’s easier to hire someone on the platform, it does offer a free set of tools.

From these available tools, you can create and generate your video scripts. The AI tool offered by Scripted is one of the best you’ll come across. Lastly, it helps in writing blog posts, articles and a lot more.

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6. Jasper

Jasper logo

Another AI video script generator that is widely used by a lot of individuals is Jasper. It is a full-fledged writing tool with an impressive scriptwriting capabilities. With this tool, you can generate all forms of scripts.

Jasper streamlines workflow toward short-form social media videos, YouTube video scripts, sales scripts, and a lot more. There’s just one downside to using it, and that’s the steep learning curve.

Unlike other beginner-friendly AI-generating tools, Jasper is designed for experienced content creators. Also, it’s not as cheap as other alternatives on the list. However, it gets the job done and that’s why it is highly recommended.

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7. Plot Generator

Plot Generator

Next up is Plot Generator and it stands out as a choice for creating long video scripts. If you’re creating more than just instructional videos but something like a movie. Plot Generator is a handy tool that’ll make work very easy for you.

Plot Generator offers a variety of story templates designed for different genres and themes. All you just need to do is type in the commands you want the AI to execute and it’ll handle the rest.

In addition, Plot Generator is very friendly to use, it is unique compared to others. For creating the perfect scripts for your videos, this is one of the top-rated AI tools you can always use.

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8. Syllaby

Syllaby logo

If you’ve ever considered creating viral videos but can’t find the perfect script to use. Worry less because Syllaby is known for using advanced algorithms to create viral video scripts in a few minutes.

With a focus on user-friendly features and customizations. You’ll be able to generate scripts that align with your creative visions. Just like every other tool on the list, it automatically generates all types of scripts.

Syllaby is best used for tutorials, explainers, or instructional videos where clarity and logic are key. Everything about it makes perfect sense and that’s why it’s a tool beginner and experts can trust.

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In conclusion, AI video script generators offer nothing other than streamlining workflow. They help every individual brainstorm their ideas without the need for too much thinking or spending days on planning. From the list of AI tools, you’ll surely find the right one that’ll work best for you.


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