In this guide, I have explained how to allow pop-ups on an iPhone. This means while you are browsing the web using the Safari browser app you may come across pop-ups. Browser pop-ups are windows that appear on top of the active browser window. These pop-ups are primarily used to display advertisements or notifications.

Some pop-ups are legitimate and serve a useful purpose. We can think of login prompts or requests for permission by some apps to access your device’s location or other apps to work properly.

Other pop-ups can be annoying and disrupt a smooth browsing experience. If you are accessing any website with a questionable reputation, you may even come across pop-ups containing malware. So, it is equally important to know how to allow pop-ups on iPhone and also how to block them on the Safari app.

How to Allow Pop-ups on iPhone?

When you talk of allowing pop-ups on the Safari browser, you are disabling the pop-up blocker. You can manage these settings under the primary iOS settings, Let us check out the steps in detail.

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Safari and tap on it to access its settings.
  3. Under the General tab, navigate to the option Block Pop-ups.
  4. Tap the switch beside Block Pop-ups to grey it out and disable it.
    allow pop-ups on iPhone

This will now make way for all kinds of pop-ups when you are browsing on the Safari app. Ensure that you are browsing on legitimate websites which are generally safe and have no spammy pop-ups appearing now and then.

Also, your browsing session will become more useful and productive even though pop-ups have been allowed.

It is usually on adult sites or torrent sites you will tend to find such malicious pop-ups. One accidental tap on these pop-ups and you will be redirected to some other websites.

Avoid tapping on any stray links in case a pop-up shows up now that they have been allowed on the browsing app.

How to Block Pop-ups on iPhone?

To block all the pop-ups on your iPhone when using the Safari app, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Safari and tap on it to access its settings.
  3. Scroll to the General tab.
  4. Under that navigate to the option Block Pop-ups.
  5. Tap the switch beside Block Pop-ups to enable it. [The switch will turn green]
    block pop-ups on iPhone Safari browser

Keep in mind that just because you have settings enabled to block pop-ups on your iPhone, doesn’t guarantee foolproof security to browse any website you want.

Certain websites with malicious intent can bypass the general pop-up blocking and can harm your device. The chances are less but your iPhone is always vulnerable to such pop-ups.

Wrapping Up

I hope this guide was useful in letting you know the usefulness of blocking pop-ups. Also, now you know how to allow pop-ups on your iPhone and block them whenever required on the browser.


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