Ransomware can make you fall into adhesive circumstances. They are specific types of programs that lead you to pay for ransom unwantedly. Encrypting essential files or your lock screen will surely force you to make a purchase. So it’s a good idea to invest in Free Anti-ransomware tools. After all, data is priceless, and no matter what, we cannot afford to lose it.

However, there are ways to escape from such software and prevent your data from getting encrypted. You can make use of the anti-ransomware tools to terminate such programs and prevent your files. If you are stuck between so many options to choose from, we are right here to help you with that.

In the latest trend of cybersecurity, ransomware comes with many extensions and functionalities. So it is getting hard to find out which one is harmful to us. That’s why we recommend you to use one of the anti-ransomware tool from the below list.

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List of Best Free Anti-Ransomware Tools You Can Use in 2022

We arrange these anti-ransomware tools to help you to pick the best suit for you. You can go through the list and pick according to your need. We pick all the top-rated software that is active in cybersecurity right now.

1. Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware is a tool that uses advanced dynamic technology. It detects ransomware activity and prevents any harm to your files. In addition, the software is very lightweight and is highly compatible with all kinds of anti-virus.

It was successful in detecting all sorts of the latest malware and preventing damages. In addition, Malwarebytes is a very stable and reliable anti-ransomware software.

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2. Crypto Prevent

Crypto Prevent

Crypto Prevent is a powerful anti-malware software. It is the actual CryptoLocker tool that offers complete protection against malware. In addition, it monitors all your files and folders and further ensures their safety from any threats, ransomware, etc.

Moreover, it comes with HoneyPot Ransomware Protection that helps prevent unknown malicious programs by encrypting your files.

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3. NeuShield Data Sentinel Free

NeuShield Data Sentinel Free

NeuShield technology allows an additional layer of protection along with your existing anti-virus. This helps in recovering the files instantly if they are attacked by any ransomware.

However, it sometimes fails to recognize the latest ransomware. But still does a great job with regular updates. Apart from that, NeuShield takes care of Disk Wipe Protection and Boot Protection too.

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4. GridinSoft Anti-Ransomware

GridinSoft Anti-Ransomware

GridinSoft Anti-Ransomware is a much-optimized tool. When it comes to new unknown sources of malware, the GridinSoft tool can play a significant role. Once you enable its protection, all kinds of malware bypass your computer. So if you are worried about your system’s protection with this fantastic tool, you won’t have to worry next time.

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5. Trend Micro Ransom Buster

Trend Micro Ransom Buster

Next, we have the Trend Micro Ransom Buster, and this tool can help you detect and remove ransomware efficiently. It provides an extra layer of protection to all your important files and folders and helps safeguard them. It is a robust yet lightweight tool that works fine even if you have any existing security software.

Above all, the software is quite flexible and easy to use. It holds a smart built that intelligently detects all popular apps and lets them access your files securely. As a result, it does not make false alerts to create hindrance while you work.

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6. Acronis Ransomware Protection

Acronis Ransomware Protection

Acronis is a robust anti-malware software that looks after your complete protection from all newly introduced ransomware. Moreover, if the malware tries to encrypt your files, Acronis helps you detect and stop them instantly.

Since it is a complete backup tool, you can recover all your data that might have been encrypted before the halt. Therefore, it is one of the best options for looking for solid control over your security.

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7. Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool

Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool

The Anti-Ransomware Tool from Kaspersky is the ultimate tool for protection against ransomware. It is widely used by many well-established businesses, organizations, and individuals. It is an efficient tool to rely on, which detects the patterns and behavior of the ransomware and adapts accordingly to tackle them.

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8. Heilig Defense RansomOff

Heilig Defense RansomOff

Heilig Defense RansomOff is considered the world’s most advanced anti-ransomware software. It is a complete solution for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. In addition, it is complete signature-less security software that dedicatedly finds out and stops ransomware.

On top of that, it offers 100% System process protection along with auto file backup. Additionally, it comes with System Locker Protection and takes care of the MBR from various attacks.

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9. CyberSight Ransom Stopper

CyberSight Ransom Stopper

The CyberSight RansomStopper identifies all random processes that indicate any suspicious behavior. It helps terminate all such processes from doing any further harm to your system. It runs honeypots and several other traps to hold ransomware before they can poison your system.

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10. Avast Free Ransomware Decryption Tools

Avast Free Ransomware Decryption ToolsSince cybercriminals are constantly shifting to different methods and tools, the behavior of ransomware also keeps changing. Thus, the Avast Free Ransomeware offers you 21 different ways to handle such suspicious behavior and execute them. Moreover, it provides step-by-step guides to make navigation much easier.

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List of Best Ransomware Protection Software with Details (Bonus Video)

From Editor’s Desk

Your essential file and data are your responsibility. Cybercriminals are always looking for new tricks to make you fall into their trap. First, however, it’s on us how we respond to such cyber attacks.

So, if you want to avoid getting played like that, an anti-ransomware tool must do the job. Those mentioned above are some of the reliable ones you could use. However, if you have any other suggestions, let us know your experience.


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