With more intuitive features coming to the messaging apps, most people now prefer texting over calls. Apple already has iMessages which is their stock messaging app with many privacy features. But you do not get that kind of privacy on Android smartphones. So to counter those privacy concerns, you can use some great apps to hide text messages on Android smartphones.

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List of Best Apps to Hide Text Messages in 2022

This guide will find the list of the best apps to hide text messages on Android smartphones. You can use these apps to hide your text messages and your WhatsApp-like messages by hiding the whole app. We ensure that all the apps listed below are fully working, so don’t worry. Pick any app you like.

1. Go SMS Pro

Go SMS ProThe first on the list is Go SMS Pro and it is easily one of the most popular apps to hide text messages on Android smartphones. With this app, you get tons of customization options that give you a new and refreshing feel about messaging altogether. The interface is also redesigned to make it more intuitive. 

Even if we talk about the core working of the app, which is hiding messages, the app excels in that domain. For example, you can easily set up a PIN lock to protect your inbox from any possible people trying to snoop around. Also, when you add a contact in this app, their new messages appear, separated from the previous messages. This is an app that you will love for sure, so make sure to try it out. 

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2. Calculator Lock

Calculator LockThe calculator is an OG app when it comes to hiding anything and it is one of the perfect covers to hide messages on your smartphone. When you open the app, it has an interface just like a calculator, but it is an app hiding app. Many users who always have their parents monitoring their smartphones use this app to hide their apps and other data.

When a user wants to access the hidden side of the app, they have to type “123+=” on the calculator. When you enter the safe code, you get prompted to the next main screen of the app to hide your contacts and make them private. When you do that, all the related info to the contact gets hidden and then everything appears on the app itself. The app’s UI is not intuitive, which works perfectly for a cover to hide something as people never suspect something suspicious.   

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3. Privacy Messenger 

Privacy Messenger Privacy Messenger is a great privacy app if you are not impressed by your Android smartphone’s stock messaging app, which is mostly the case. All you have to do is set this app as your default messaging app and then you are all set. 

Once you take this step, the messages that are sent and received are automatically stored on this app and the app is quite good when it comes to messaging features. For sure, it is better than the stock messaging app. Users also have the option to get a private inbox for the contacts they want to keep private. Moreover, the privacy box can be used for locking down SMS from a particular contact. On top of that, you also get SMS blocking and backup options with this app. 

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4. Message Lock 

Message Lock Next up, we have Message Lock and this is also one of the best apps to hide messages on Android smartphones. The great thing about this app is the versatility it offers. Using Message Lock, you can easily hide messages from Messenger, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messaging Apps, etc. Furthermore, the app’s interface makes it easy to unlock and lock the apps you want to hide messages from.

Another great thing about this app is that it is not only for messaging apps, but it is an excellent app lock in general, making it a complete solution for your smartphone’s privacy. Moreover, the app has strong protection options like app lock suspension, intruders selfie on or off, change security questions, Strong PIN / Pattern Lock option. So you get the best security on your phone. 

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5. Vault- Hide Pics, App Lock

Vault- Hide Pics, App LockVault is another popular app lock to hide your messages. It has many cool features that can keep your data safe. With this app, you can lock all your social media, photos, call, messaging, and telephone apps to keep them safe from snoopers. 

It uses strong password protection to keep your apps safe and has other cool features like a private browser, cloud backup support, data transfer, password recovery, etc. The great thing about this app is that it offers you multiple vaults and fake vaults for deception and then there is also a stealth mode that makes the app icon disappear from the home screen. 

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6. TextU- Private SMS Messenger

TextU- Private SMS MessengerIf you are looking to replace your stock messaging app, TextU is a great choice. This is a highly secure and free SMS and text messenger that you can get right now. In addition, some unique privacy features make this app so special. 

First of all, all your messages are encrypted and screenshots of the messages are not allowed. It also has custom emojis and dual SIM support, which is great for using multiple SIMs. This app also comes with a Privacy box to keep your messages safe from other people. 

TextU – one of the best all-in-one messenger apps to replace stock messages! It is a secured SMS & free text messenger keeping your messages from snooping.

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