If you rely on pre-installed Android and iOS applications, you are missing the awesomeness of third-party text messaging apps. Today, we share the Best Wi-Fi texting applications, which will help you communicate worldwide free of cost. These applications will help you share text, voice notes, MMS, Images, Video calls, Payments, and much more.

Thanks to cross-platform flexibility, configuring these messaging apps is easy. So, if you are thinking of upgrading your messaging, these latest Wi-Fi messaging applications will help you reach all over the world within a few clicks.

Best Wifi Text Messaging Apps for Android & iOS

Let’s Get to the main point; below, you can see the list of the best Wi-Fi texting apps for any device. We have a complete list of these apps that you can pick according to your needs, such as security purposes, emojis, free charges, use without a phone number, etc.

1. Text Me

Text MeText Me is one of the best wifi texting applications in the market. It is available for both Android & iOS platforms. You can do the free calling, Free text, and send voicemails, free of cost. The Interface of this Text is simple and smooth. I’ve personally used this application to check out the features.

After downloading this app, you will get a Real Phone number that lets you communicate in the USA and Canada without any charges. You can also customize text tone, send text sounds, and use other features. You can even change your phone number anytime you want. More than 10,000,000+ people downloaded this app. Text me on all your devices, just like your email.

Download for Android & iOS

2. Text Plus

Text PlusIn the list of Best Wi-Fi Text Messaging Apps, Text Plus is in a strong position. You can send Free SMS and MMS messages to anyone in the US or Canada.

But If you want to call or message domestically & internationally, then Text Plus calling charges start from 2¢/MIN, which is very low compared to other premium messaging applications. Call anyone worldwide for pennies.

There are no signup fees or hidden charges. Text Plus also works great on 3G/4G, which makes it very useful. The free version of Text Plus will contain ads. To remove all the ads, you need to buy premium.

Download for Android & iOS

3. Android Messages

Android MessagesIt’s an official app for texting (SMS, MMS) and chats (RCS) with Google. It gives you the richness of chat. It is one of the most popular Messaging applications available in the market, with more than 1 billion downloads. The best thing about Android messages is that they don’t contain ads, and the UI of this app is very simple.

One of the features I like about Android messages is that you can send and receive payments with Google Pay; if you use Google Pay for your daily transactions, you will love this app.

My favorite feature of this app is when your friends are typing and reading your messages in real time. It allows you to Share Videos and Images without losing their Original Quality.

Download for Android 

4. WhatsApp

WhatsAppIf you are looking for a simple, Personal, Real-time messaging app, then WhatsApp Messenger is the one. It is a free messaging app that works on any Internet connection like (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available). I have personally used WhatsApp for the past 10 years.

It is one of the easiest messaging applications to use without any ads. As we all know, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, which makes it a very authentic application for sharing Images, Videos, etc. Every chat is encrypted.

WhatsApp made document sharing so easy; this is also one of the reasons people love this app. If you love to share content on Facebook and Instagram, then Whatsapp makes your life very easy. With its new features, you can share your stories directly from WhatsApp to FB & Instagram.

Download for Android & iOS

5. Yaata SMS

Yaata SMSThis application is full of customization. You can customize and configure this app as you like. Yaata SMS is popular because of its flexibility and powerful customization. With so many advanced features still, this app consumes only 5 MB. If you are looking for a reliable and fast messaging app, then yaata SMS is the one.

This app fulfills the needs of Beginners and the ultimate geek because of its advanced and flexible features. There is a limitation in the free version, but the premium version will grant you super-advanced features, making it worthy of buying. You can schedule your messages, auto-forward your messages and do the blacklisting, etc., with the premium version.

Download for Android 

6. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private MessengerLooking for a secure and reliable wifi messaging app? Then this application is the one to use. It is just like WhatsApp. With this application, you can send messages even in the most constrained environment possible. This application is completely independent; there is no owner of this application.

Users like you & me handle the development of Signal Private Messenger. This app consumes no trackers & no advertisements, which makes it great to use—millions of people use Signal Private Messenger every day to communicate worldwide with high-fidelity send and receive messages.

Download for Android & iOS

7. Telegram

TelegramIf you are eagerly searching for a fast, powerful, Reliable, Secure, and Cloud-Based messaging app, then your search ends here because Telegram is the one for you. This application provides you the strong encryption, and it is free to use.

I use Telegram for Personal and official purposes. I really like the simplicity of this app. The best feature is that you can access your messages on all of your devices at once.

Telegram has more than 400 Million active users. My second best feature about telegram is to send media and files without any limits on their type and size. Your whole chat is cloud base which means it is not consuming your device’s space. Telegram is the most secure messaging application available on the internet.

Download for Android & iOS

8. WeChat

WeChatWeChat is a Chinese application developed by Tencent. Over one billion users use it. It is much more than a messaging app. If you are not good at explaining your exact location, then you will love this app; you can share your real-time location with just a single click.

With thousands of animated stickers, you can express yourself in chat without saying a single word. You can use unlimited third-party services in-app without installing any other app on your device. As I said, it’s more than a messaging app; You can Play games within an app, read the news, pay someone with WeChat pay, and much more.

Download for Android & iOS

9. Facebook Messanger

Facebook MessangerI don’t think you need any introduction about this application, but I would still love to share this messaging application’s awesomeness. It is one of the most used and favorite messaging apps worldwide.

Facebook Messanger provides High-Quality Voice and Video Calls worldwide. You can even sync your contacts with this messaging app, making it easy to connect with your loved ones.

You don’t need a phone number to message anyone. It also gives you the option to customize colors, chat, etc. Colorful chat, animated stickers, and GIFs make your chat more interesting. Share your whole day with stories and much more. It’s like an all-in-one communication application.

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10. TextFree


As straightforward as its name suggests, TextFree is a great pick when you need to send text over WiFi. The app has been available for more than a decade for Android and iOS and serves 130 million users worldwide, so you can imagine its capability.

Apart from texting and chatting, you can make calls using this app. After downloading the app, you need to select a suitable number with your country code; then you’re good to go for sending text and calling others as a second phone number.

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