Are you looking for the best apps like Klover for your smartphone? Look no further because here’s an article about alternative apps. Whether you need instant cash or an app to manage your finances, these apps have you covered.

Klover is a very popular financial management app that lets you take control of your finances with ease. Known for its efficiency and also offering cash advances, it helps in times of desperate need for money.

While Klover has offered instant cash for those needing money before payday, it is not the only app that does that, and you’ve got many options. In a similar article, we provided alternatives to Brigit. Well, here is a list of Klover alternatives for Android & iOS.

Best Apps Like Klover for Android & iOS

If you want to maximize your financial resources, the list of apps below is the best you can use. These apps can help you set goals and keep your financial life on track.

1. Earnin


Earnin is a financial app proven to be a better alternative to Klover. It offers a unique approach to managing finances for you. With this app, you can access your earnings before your payday.

With an amount of up to $100/day, Earnin makes things quite easy. Also, the app ensures you don’t have to worry about interests or hidden fees.

Another cool feature of Earnin is the balance shield alert. With this feature, you’ll get an instant notification anytime your account balance goes low. Earnin also has a smooth interface, which makes it easy to use.

Download: Android & iOS

2. B9


Next on the list is B9, another financial app you’ll love to use. Well, this app operates on membership plans, which makes it quite different.

By subscribing to any of its memberships, you can get a cash advance of $100 to $500. The app works quite simply: it requires depositing your paycheck into your B9 account.

In addition to offering cash advances, B9 doesn’t require a credit score and offers users up to 5% cashback, making it one of the best.

Download: Android & iOS

3. Dave


Getting access to money when it’s needed is one of the reasons why Dave has been a top cash advance app. Let’s say you need an instant $200 before your payday; this app handles that.

The simplicity of getting cash without hassles is why most people recommend Dave. Furthermore, Dave helps users get side hustles, bringing in more cash.

When looking for one of the best apps like Klover, you should consider Dave. Moreover, the app offers a friendly interface and a hassle-free registration process.

Download: Android & iOS

4. ONE@Work


Another app on the list is ONE@WORK, formerly known as Even. This app has everything you’ll need from a financial management app.

ONE@WORK makes it easy to get instant cash before payday, track your earnings, or save automatically.

Besides, it is one of the few apps that doesn’t require you to use your credit score to get cash advances. If you’re looking for a smooth experience while applying for a cash advance, you should use ONE@WORK.

Download: Android & iOS

5. MoneyLion


Labeled as a go-to money app, MoneyLion is also a recommended alternative to Klover. One of the reasons why you’ll like it is that it works as a comprehensive financial app.

In addition to that, it combines banking, investing, and credit monitoring all together. MoneyLion offers up to $500 cash advance; it can also go as high as $1000.

There are a few apps with such capabilities, and MoneyLion is one of them. Furthermore, it doesn’t apply interest rates or check credit scores.

Download: Android & iOS

6. Possible


Possible is a go-to app if you hope to get cash advances and pay via installments. For those who want hassle-free quick cash before payday, you should consider downloading Possible.

You might think four times payment is impossible, but as the app name says, there are no worries. Regarding accessing quick cash, Possible offers up to $500 in a single click.

The app also ensures your cash advances are not determined by your credit score. Whether you have a credit score or not, Possible will still offer you cash. Lastly, it is also a recommended app for building credit scores.

Download: Android & iOS

7. FloatMe


Similar to Dave, FloatMe is another app that’ll let you get cash advances and side jobs. Well, most apps on the list don’t offer membership plans, but FloatMe is quite different.

Once you subscribe to its $2/month membership plan, your pathway to cash advance becomes easier. You can also use FloatMe as a bill payment app across different shopping outlets.

It is undoubtedly a recommended alternative to Klover in terms of financial management. The app offers features such as low-balance alerts, financial forecasts, and more.

Download: Android & iOS

8. Empower®


Everyone needs an app that is dedicated to ensuring financial stability. It’s not just about applying for cash advances but more about managing your financials. With Empower, there’s nothing more to look for.

Empower is an app that combines savings tools, budgeting, and expense tracking. If you have an account with Empower, installing their app might be the best decision you’ve made in a while.

With the automated saving tool on Empower, you’ll get an easier way to save better. Besides, there won’t be any room for unwanted spending when you don’t need to. This is one of the best Klover alternatives that helps in financial management.

Download: Android & iOS


There’s no doubt about Klover being an amazing cash advance app or money management tool. Well, the thing is, you’re never limited to just one app, and a few other ones have more to offer. From the list of cash advance apps above, you’ll find the one that will match your preference. Whether you want to save better or get quick cash, one of the apps above offers a solution.


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