If you look around, you will see that Dave is the go-to paycheck or cash advance cash app. Most people use it for paycheck advances and budgeting assistance. But this is not the only app on the market. Conclusion: Many apps like Dave have the same concept and work pretty much the same. However, they get ignored because most people use Dave. 

But today, you will see a lot of great apps like Dave that can work as your paycheck advance app and help you in times of crisis. Just make sure that you compare all the apps and see which app offers the best value to you. Also, most of these apps work in the US only. Some apps might provide their services in other regions, but the price would be different; make sure you check all of those factors.

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What are Cash Advance Apps?

Starting every month, you receive your paycheck and no matter how well you earn, there is always a scarcity of money at the end of the month. You need a little help and that is where cash advance apps like Dave come into play. 

Using such apps, you can borrow USD 100 to 200 from your coming paycheck in an emergency. You might argue that this is different from taking a loan, but this is different. Here you take money from your next paycheck.

Since it is your own money, these apps do not take any interest in the amount you borrow. However, they have a membership fee of around USD 10-20. 

Cash advance apps can come in handy when you do not have money in your bank account and your paycheck is yet to come. Using these apps, you do not have to rely on your friends or relatives for money in times of need. 

Best Apps like Dave to Get Cash Advance

1. Earnin

EarninEarnin originally started as ActivHours and now it is one of the most popular apps like Dave. The app does not have a membership fee, but it asks you to pay whatever you think is worth the service. The app gives you cash advances of up to USD 100 and it can directly transfer the amount to your bank account. 

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2. Brigit 

Brigit If you want a popular cash advance app like Dave, Brigit is one of the best choices. It can allow you to borrow up to USD 250. However, the only catch is that the app has a hefty membership fee.

It charges USD 9.99, which is too high for this category. But the good thing is that it comes with many other features that help you manage your budget and spending habits. 

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3. MoneyLion

MoneyLionMoneyLion is more than just a paycheck advance app. Instead, it is a fully-fledged mobile banking app. The Instacash feature of the app allows you to borrow up to USD 250 and you do not have to pay any interest on this amount.

Then there is the RoarMoney feature that allows you to get your paycheck two days before the receiving date.  

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4. Even 

Even If you want an app with many partner banks under its umbrella, then Even will be an ideal choice for you. The bank gives you easy and quick access to your earned wages and charges no interest.

However, the membership fees are a bit high at USD 8. But the app has over 18,000 partner banks. So make sure to check it out. 

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5. Branch

BranchNext on the list is Branch and this app is going to be good if you live in the US. The app allows you to borrow a cash advance of USD 150 per day. Again, this app is more than just a simple paycheck advance app; it offers other services like debit cards, free ATM access, no-fee checking, etc. 

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6. Empower

EmpowerEmpower is another best app like Dave and you can borrow up to USD 250 using this app. The app charges USD 8 for membership and it gives you a 14-day free trial period. Then there is also a feature to get your paycheck two days early. There are no late fees or credit checks on this app. 

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7. Chime

ChimeChime is a simple and free-to-use app like Dave. The app is lovely as it allows you to get your paycheck two days early. You can even overdraw your account by USD 200 using this app. One of the best things about this app is its money rounding feature that can help you budget. So make sure to check this app out for sure. 

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