There are instances where you’d want to reach out to a long-time friend or someone you used to know. But all of a sudden, you find it hard to locate them on any social media or instant messaging platform.

While that can be disheartening at times, there are ways to go around it. Nowadays, you can find someone on social media via images, first name, or any kind of name you use to remember them. A lot of these apps are present on Android but not all of them work.

In this guide, we’ve curated the best Android apps to find people’s social media. The way these apps work is unique because they offer real-time accuracy. However, some of them might not give you correct results, but they’re worth trying.

Best Android Apps to Find People’s Social Media

Whether you’re looking for their Facebook profile, WhatsApp number or any type of social media info. From the list of apps below, you’ll find the perfect one to use.

1. Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search

With Reverse Image Search, you don’t have to face difficulties finding someone online. This app allows users to upload an image and conduct a search across different platforms.

Using it offers a quick way to access potential matches and connected profiles. Reverse Image Search is very easy to use and it does give accurate results. You’ll also love the app thanks to its deep image search algorithm.

In addition to uploading images, Reverse Image Search allows image upload directly through URLs. When looking for someone’s profile online, this is one of the recommended apps to use.

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2. Poirot


If you find someone’s profile a bit hard to locate, worry no more because Poirot got you covered. This app specializes in allowing users to search for someone’s user name across different sites and social networks.

Even if you’re unable to locate that profile on LinkedIn, there are chances it’s available on X (Twitter). One of the reasons you’ll like this app is due to its free nature. There are no ads or need for premium usage.

Poirot also stands out due to its precision in searching for people based on their usernames. All you need to do is enter a username and wait for the app to explore a list of potential matches.

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3. Photo Sherlock Search

Photo Sherlock Search

Undoubtedly one of the highly-rated apps when it comes to accurate reverse image search. Photo Sherlock Search uses AI technology, which makes it even more advanced compared to other alternatives.

However, the way Photo Sherlock Search works is a bit different, it helps detect the authenticity of an image. Furthermore, it uses different search engines to ensure you find accurate information about an image.

Photo Sherlock Search offers a unique approach to social media discovery. The app uses typical use cases to find images to confirm their information.

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4. Google Lens

Google Lens Can Now Search Images and Text at Same Time

Google Lens is a free app that lets you find what you see around you. Also, it stands as a great social media finder. It can find people’s profiles by uploading their images from your gallery or directly from the camera roll.

Using this app offers nothing but simplicity because there are no clusters around it. It can serve as a reliable tool for finding people’s social media profiles while using their images.

Google Lens integration with other Google services also adds more to its appeal. Whether it’s a relative or a close acquaintance you’re looking for, you should try using Google Lens.

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5. Truecaller


Another app that is perfect for finding someone’s profile is the Truecaller app. While it’s known for identifying calls and blocking spam, it also serves as a finder tool.

With Truecaller, you can find someone’s profile by just typing their name. The app uses a unique method that doesn’t just fetch social media profiles, but also an individual’s phone number.

While it does sound fun, such features are limited to free users. Truecaller is unique in the way it works; you’ll get complete accuracy when you use it. Be rest assured you’ll find that profile you’re looking for.

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6. Eyecon


Similar to Truecaller, Eyecon also stands as a caller identification app. However, you can use it to explore social media profiles to find someone by just entering their name. With a single click, you’ll get the information of the person you’re looking for.

Eyecon doesn’t just allow connections through calls but also via different social media platforms. The app’s friendly interface makes it very easy to use.

Moreover, you don’t even need any images to get started. Eyecon can serve as an all-in-one app for call identification, blocking and finding a user’s profile.

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7. BeenVerified


BeenVerified is a comprehensive app with a primary focus on providing background information. It’s not just about finding someone’s social media profile, this app does more than that.

While using BeenVerified, you can access public information and do reverse phone lookups on anyone. All you just need is a name or house address and the app will give you real-time information.

Another unique feature of BeenVerified is that it offers many ways to search. Even with someone’s property name, you can find their social media profile in no time.

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8. Social Network Finder

Social Network Finder

Popularly known as SNF, Social Network Finder also streamlines the process of finding people’s social media profiles. It allows you to gather the most accurate information about who you’re looking for.

With inputs like names, email addresses or phone numbers, Social Network Finder ensures you don’t need to go through long steps. When it comes to accuracy, it finds profiles across different social media platforms.

Furthermore, Social Network Finder comes with a straightforward design. This allows users to get a clear overview of an individual online presence. In terms of accuracy and simplicity, it’s one of the best.

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Finding people’s social media profiles has been made easy with the above-mentioned apps. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about not being able to reach someone you know. Whether you prefer image-based search or name lookup. These best Android apps to explore someone’s social media works fine.


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