Avast Antivirus is a popular antivirus software that is available for Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows. This is free as well as paid software, i.e., features are available for free, but you can unlock more features by paying the subscription fees. 

It is one of the best antiviruses when it comes to file protection, Wi-Fi security, ransomware protection, etc. But with increasing security threats, Avast Antivirus might not be enough to protect your privacy. 

Despite advanced security features, Avast may fall short in protecting your privacy online. Fortunately, there are a lot of Avast alternatives that you can go for and we will be listing them in this article. 

Best Avast Alternatives in 2023

If you are looking for the best Avast Alternatives to protect your device, then you can refer to the list below-

1. Norton Antivirus

This is a popular antivirus software known for its top-of-the-line security.  Norton has good and strong protection and scans all Ransomware, Spyware, viruses, and Trojans, and protects your PC against such attacks. The database is updated frequently to protect your device against all the latest threats. 

It also offers a wide range of security features, including – a firewall, VPN, parental control, cloud backup, password, manager, privacy protection, and more. All the features make it a good Avast alternative for you to try. 

2. SurfShark Antivirus 

 The brand is more famous for VPN, but its antivirus is worth giving a try. SurfShark antivirus provides an all-in-one solution against all cyber threats. It has features like antivirus scan, unlimited VPN, ad and tracker blocker, real-time protection, etc. 

The biggest advantage of using this antivirus is that all of its features are available at a single cost. Its real-time protection ensures you are safely browsing the internet.

3. TotalAV Antivirus

This is another great alternative to the Avast antivirus. With features like real-time malware protection, anti-phishing protection, VPN, password manager, and system clean-up, you can expect all-around protection of your PC with this antivirus. 

There are three versions of the TotalAV antivirus- TotalAV Antivirus Pro, TotalAV Internet Security, and TotalAV Total Security. All of them have almost the same features, but TotalAV Internet Security comes with Safe Browsing VPN, and TotalAV Total Security comes with Safe Browsing VPN and Password Vault. 

4. F-Secure Total

If you are looking for an antivirus to protect your PC from all the latest threats, then you can go for F-Secure. This antivirus comes from a well-reputed brand whose focus is majorly on cybersecurity products and services. This antivirus blocks all the malware and virus that can harm your PC. 

F-Secure comes with an advanced banking protection feature to monitor and safeguard all your online transactions. Not only this, but F-Secure Total also protects you from all suspicious websites by automatically blocking them. 

5. AVG Antivirus 

When it comes to finding the best antivirus then AVG Antivirus is a good choice. AVG Antivirus has won many awards for being one of the best antivirus, which is one of the factors as to why you should trust this antivirus. 

AVG Antivirus protects from Malware, Spyware, Trojans, Ransomware, etc. This antivirus can scan your PC for performance-related problems. This antivirus also protects you from online threats by blocking suspicious links and downloads. 

6. Kaspersky Antivirus 

If you are looking for an Antivirus that protects you from viruses, malware, as well as ransomware, then Kaspersky will be a great fit. It comes with features like safe web browsing, existing virus removal, anti-phishing, a two-way firewall, performance optimization, etc. 

The antivirus is easy to use with everything you need right on the dashboard. This antivirus comes with anti-hacking tools, including anti-phishing and firewalls to prevent your computer from being hijacked. 

7. Avira Antivirus Pro

Another great antivirus on this list is Avira Antivirus Pro. Avira has two antivirus solutions to offer- Free and Pro. The free version has a basic scan and repair feature, but the Pro version gives you extra features like blocking phishing attacks, secure shopping, etc. 

It protects against ransomware, viruses, adware, spyware, trojans, and other malware. It is lightweight and does not take up too much space and does not affect the device’s performance.

8. Quick Heal

This antivirus has gained itself a good name in the industry; this is one of the most preferred choices for antivirus among all. Quick Heal has security software for Windows, Mac OS, and Android, as well as servers. 

There are three plans for Quick Heal, i.e., Quick Heal Total Security, Quick Heal Internet Security, and Quick Heal Antivirus Pro. Features like anti-theft protection, vulnerability scan, browsing protection, virus protection, etc, are common to all three plans but if you want additional features, then you can go for Quick Heal Total Security.

9. Bitdefender

This antivirus is known for effective malware and virus protection. Bitdefender protects you against viruses, trojans, ransomware, rootkits, worms, and other types of malware. There are both free and paid versions of this antivirus, and both have the same antivirus engine. 

This antivirus is lightweight on the system. Not only this, but you get features like VPN, Password manager, and more. 

10. McAfee

If your quest is for an antivirus that is not only lightweight but also provides complete protection, then McAfee is also a good antivirus. This antivirus has advanced features like file virus and malware scan, web protection, firewall, etc.

Apart from this, you get additional features like a file shredder, password manager, identity monitoring, and protection score. With support for multiple platforms, this is one of the best Avast alternatives we have on our list.


What other software can I use instead of Avast Antivirus?

There are several other antivirus software options you might consider, such as Bitdefender, Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, and ESET. Each of these offers a unique set of features and varying levels of protection.

Why might I consider using an Avast alternative?

While Avast is a well-known antivirus software, some users might prefer alternatives due to individual preferences, specific feature needs, budget constraints, or data privacy concerns.

Do Avast alternatives come free of charge?

Many antivirus software providers offer both free and premium versions. While the free versions can provide basic protection, the premium versions usually offer a more comprehensive set of security features.

How do I select the most suitable Avast alternative?

When choosing an Avast alternative, consider your budget, the level of protection you require, the user-friendliness of the software, and the quality of customer support. It can also be beneficial to read user reviews and professional comparisons.


Antiviruses have become very essential in today’s online world and one must prioritize cybersecurity. Avast is a good antivirus in every aspect, but if you want to switch to a different antivirus, then you should go for the antivirus in this list. We have listed some of the best Avast alternatives that you can go for.