If you have ever heard the phrase, “Beauty with Brain !!”. Then you can easily understand today’s topic of the article because the title of the article itself explains everything. Today we are going to talk about the World’s Best Female Hackers.

As the term, ‘Hacking‘ is mostly associated with skinny males with glasses talking in the language of other planets. This is because almost all Movies having Hacking as a core concept, Showed this to us. They have created such a bad image of the person who is a hacker. hottest female hackers

But in reality, They are simply guys like us. Walking among us. Enjoying their life as we do. They are nothing different; the level of their thinking is quite different and unique. That is what makes them different from us. Not the Skinny Body and Glasses.

Hacking is not the act of just pressing the keys of your keyboard in the right order. Instead, it is the act of psychology, physiology, sociology, Human nature, computer programming, tools handling, etc., to manipulate all of them together and result in the desired output.

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List of Best & Most Beautiful & Notorious Female Hackers in the World

The numbering of the hacking list doesn’t matter that much. Making a place on the Top list is the thing that matters. You won’t believe that such a beautiful girl can mess up with your bank, personal Data in just a few minutes. So, let’s start with the Beautiful & Notorious Female Hackers. Then, you can have a look at our Resources

1. Xiao Tian

Xiao TianAs you can guess from the name. She is a Cute, Hot Chinese Girl. I mean, look at her. You can get confused by her beauty. She is also a member of some of the big Hacking groups worldwide. Her group becomes very famous after a few of the interactions with the Chinese govt. Websites.

2. Adeanna Cooke

Adeanna Cooke, also known as “The Hacker Fairy,” is on the top of our Female Hacker’s List. She was not Hacker by profession; She used to be a Model. However, Modeling has nothing in common with Hacking. But that girl was a common link here and deserved to list in best female hackers in the world.

Adeanna CookeOnce, She was browsing On the net. And came across her Nude pics. On a site. She just decided to take the account and the site itself down and remove all related Porn data. And now, she’s helping other girls with the same situation. That’s why the name ‘The Hacker Fairy‘ is given.

3. Kristina Svechinskaya

Kristina SvechinskayaAlso Known as “The world’s Sexiest hacker.” She has awesome seductive looks. And She is also from Russia, But completing her studies in New York. She Comes under the category of Black Hat Hacker as with her skills.

She robbed almost $3 million from the local banks. She was also accused of Using Fake Passports. And she mastered the use of Zeus Trojan Horse, which she has used in many of her actions.

4. Anna Chapman

Anna ChapmanShe is a Beautiful hacker from Russia. But the citizen of New York. In 2010, she got arrested for penetrating in the govt. Websites of the US military. and Felt guilty of the crime. So she was sent to Russian jail. Her citizenship in the US is terminated. She was attested in files as the Russian Spy agent.

5. Ying Cracker

Ying CrackerShe is the kind of Hacker that I always wanted to be. Cracker is a teacher from Shanghai. She teaches people the basics of hacking and advanced hacking tricks by charging a simple amount of money. She also helped many teenagers to learn to crack software from scratch by taking only 500-5000 yuan.

6. Kim Vanvaeck (Gigabyte)

Kim Vanvaeck (Gigabyte)No, It’s Not What you think it is. It is another Phrase name of our Next Female hacker, who was not famous because of her legal activities. But Very famous due to her opposite nature. She was born in Belgium and her original name is “Kim Vanvaeck.” So yeah, how can parents name their girl as Gigabyte??

A High-end Creator of Computer Viruses, which she has used to damage many legal systems. A few of them are ‘coconut-A,’ Sahay-A, Sharp-A, etc.

7. Joanna Rutkowska

Joanna RutkowskaJoanna is an ethical White Hat Hacker. She helps the govt. and other legal infrastructure from the attack of other Blackhat and Grey Hat Hackers. She describes herself as an ‘OS protective officer.’ In 2006, She also demonstrated key vulnerabilities in the Windows Vista OS.

8. Raven Adler

Raven AdlerThe First woman who has reached the Hacker Conference of Defcon. She designed many hack detecting systems to detect the entry of any unknown system from the security holes.

She helped DefCon in filling those security holes. Now, She is a senior security officer at DefCon and gives presentations about hacking and penetration. She also works with several federal firms and aids them in protecting their online databases.

9. Jude Milhon

Jude MilhonAn Ideal hacker. She started her career as a Computer programmer. And then becomes a professional hacker. She was not only a Hacker but also a Good Author. She contributed to many books regarding computer programming or Hacking.

She started everything in about 1967. She helped in taking the right face of hacking towards the people. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2003 due to cancer.

10. Natasha Grigori

Natasha GrigoriNatasha started her career in 1980 and Created her own website in 1990. She helped others in cracking software, hacking tools, Hacking tips and tricks for armature programmers and hackers. She was well known for her Own antichildporn.org Organization, where she claimed against many child pornography videos and images.

From Editor’s Desk

Unfortunately, She died in 2005. But her founded Organization is still out there. Running 24×7 for helping others.

If you found any flaw or mistake. Or you want to ask anything about them. You can post your query below in the comment field, and I’ll be there to help you out. Thanks.


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