Summer is here, which means you have to need your body fit. In summer you are wearing shorts and loose clothes, and if you are Fatty, then it’s a big problem for you. Mostly Fatty people start dieting in summer, But they do not know what to do or what to do not on dieting. They start running in the morning and evening, but they do not eat food because they are dieting and after one month they have to manage their weight.

But you really think that this is the right way to dieting, No not at all. If you scarify your food for just losing weight and say I am in dieting, you get into hot water. Because it just loses your weight with lots of harm, it’s not a real meaning of dieting. So here we test some dieting app that helps you lose weight with a lot of benefits.

You can easily manage your weight by using these best diet android apps, which we suggest below. Every App teaches you about what to eat or what not. In addition, these apps provide you best dieting tips that keep you healthy.

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List of Best Android Diet Apps and Android Nutrition Apps

1. My Diet Coach – Weight Loss

My Diet Coach - Weight LossMy Diet Coach is the best diet android apps. It gives you four features showing Photos, Tips, the reward for motivation, Diet Diary in a free version. The pro version gives you three more features: a food craving panic button, a weight chart, and a points system.

It Performs like a real Diet coach who suggests you low fat and highly energy gainer food. This app has some basic features also like tracking your progress. A reminded you to eat food or drink water, calorie counting.

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2. Diet Point Weight Loss

Diet Point Weight LossDiet Point weight loss has more than 130 weight loss diet tips, innovative meals, and complete grocery lists. It also gives you a faithful shopping list for every diet plan, so you do not have to worry about shopping.

It also has 500 more tips to keep us healthy and fit. In addition, it has more features like a body mass index calculator, weight tracker, weight monitors. It’s like a personal pocket-sized weight loss coach.

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3. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Calorie Counter by FatSecretCalorie Counter by Fat Secret is also a weight loss best diet android apps like other applications. This app easily finds nutritional information for which food you eat and easily tracks all your meals, exercises, and weight. It gives you a food diary. In this diary, have so many weight loss plans and track what you are eating.

It has some great features like a weight tracker, diet calendar, bar code scanner, and finds nutritional food and restaurant which is nearest for you. It also gives you recipes for every food which the app suggests to you. And it has Facebook or Gmail log-in features as well.

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4. Calorie Counter – My Fitness pal

Calorie Counter - My Fitness palCalorie Counter is an awesome application and free of cost from the Play Store. It helps you to lose weight and fit your Body with great Dieting tips and nutritional food. This app creates a personal Diet Chart with some exercise and healthy food, which quickly loses weight.

It has the largest food database of over 6,000,000 foods, with 350 exercise tips, training, and daily updating. You can easily import recipes on an only recipe site and import and track them with just one tab. It is like a miracle. 88% of people lose their weight within 7 days.

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5. Fooducate Weight Loss Coach

Fooducate weight loss coach is specially designed for Diet food with calories and nutrition. Its suggestion about food means which food loss your weight, keeps you healthy, and achieves fitness goal to eat real food suggested by this application.

Fooducate Weight Loss CoachThis application shows you how to eat right. It will change your diet. It motivates you to show photos. There are 250,000 Unique products with unique exercises for you.

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6. The Complete 5:2 Diet

The Complete 5:2 DietThe Complete 5:2 Diet application is also a paid application available on the Google play store for 3.5 USD Dollars. It has great features like a calories counter, body mass index, BMR, Target calorie calculator, but it will not allow you to add your own exercise routine. However, you can choose 2-3 workout plans for your first day.

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7. Calorie Counter by Lose It!

Lose it! It is another best diet android apps that something-something the same as much you need. It also comes with a food database, bad code scanner, calories counter, and more if you buy the premium version.

Calorie Counter by Lose It!It specially customizes for weight loss plans which keeps you fit and healthy. This app gives you a suggestion about food means which food loss your weight, keeps you healthy, and achieves fitness goal to eat real food suggested by this application.

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