We all know that it takes a lot to earn money but nothing to spend it. You can run out of your wealth without a proper budget, no matter how rich you are. After the introduction of online payment modes, spending has become much more manageable. A Money Management app can be of great help in such a situation.

Money management apps are like your virtual accountant who keeps track of your daily, monthly, and yearly expenditures. Not only that, but these handy apps can also manage your investments. All the functions in these apps are automatic and easy to operate, making them usable by any level of users.

We have bought you a buffet of Money Management apps for Android. These apps can be used for personal finance management and for small business firm’s accounts. So, if you are also a heavy spender and want to bring your personal finance on track, today’s list will be of great help.

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List of Best Money Management Apps For Android

  • Goodbudget
  • Expense Manager
  • Financial Calculators
  • Money Manager Expenses And Budget
  • Money Lover
  • Moneycontrol
  • MoneyWise
  • Walnut

1. Goodbudget

GoodbudgetThis app uses the traditional method of maintaining daily income and expenditure accounts. The application is created for managing and tracking your money and planning an effective household budget. Goodbudget has an easy-to-use interface and is capable of real-time tracking of expenses.

The best part of Goodbudget is that you can sink your budget plan across several devices like Android, iPhone, and iPad. This helps you to share your accounts with other family members. You don’t even have to worry about losing your data as they are constantly sent over the internet.


2. Expense Manager

Expense ManagerIt is a simple yet powerful way to regularly keep track of your budget. Expense Manager has gained quite a lot of popularity for its intuitive interface and useful features. Its features can be broadly classified into expense tracking, budgeting, organizing,  etc.

Your budget plan and tracking are synced on cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive. This helps you to access the information from multiple devices. The app is free to use but features ads in its interface.


3. Financial Calculators

Financial CalculatorsFinancial Calculators is one of the best money management apps for Android users. It has a cross-platform support facility used to access it on web and iOS devices. The design of the Financial Calculator helps all kinds of users to use it conveniently.

The app has convenience features like multiple account support for account balances and transfers. You can also backup your budgets in excel sheets. If you can tolerate the frequent ads on the app, then it is entirely free to use.


4. Money Manager Expenses and Budget

Money Manager Expenses And BudgetOur next inclusion is a top-notch money management app named Money Manager Expenses And Budget. The app brings personal budgeting, business transactions, general spending reports, and Asset Management under one roof. There is also a credit card and debit card management system in Money Manager Expenses And Budget.

Moreover, the app has paid special attention to securing its interface by introducing a passcode. So each time user wants to open Money Manager Expenses And Budget, he has to enter a unique password. On successful entering every detail, you can look at the statistics generated by it.


5. Money Lover

Money LoverThis is a fantastic money management app that will manage your wealth and, at the same time, manage your income and expenditure. You will get almost all the financial features in Money Lover that one may need in their day-to-day life. Moreover, the user interface is well built to let you easily manage your money.

You can add multiple bank accounts on Money Lover and manage each of them at the same time. The automatic calculation feature makes your job convenient, eliminating all the accounting complexities. You can also visualize your income and expenses in a graphical format.


6. Moneycontrol

MoneycontrolIf you are into Stock Market Trading, Moneycontrol will help because the app efficiently manages all your investments and keeps you updated with the latest equities prices. You can create a Portfolio with just a click and get all the facilities.

The app keeps track of your investment and suggests the best funds to invest in. Moreover, you can join their community where experts discuss prospects of new equities. For all these fantastic features, Moneycontrol will be a valuable option on the list.


7. MoneyWise

MoneyWiseIt is a comparatively new option in the list of Money Management apps for Android. But the app is doing good in this short time and has managed to attract users. The MoneyWise app is well designed with easy to understanding functions.

Like many other money management apps, MoneyWise supports multiple bank accounts, which means you can track your overall wealth. In addition, the income and expenditure account can be extracted in CSV format. You can also sync your data to cloud storage platforms.


8. Walnut

WalnutWalnut is another fantastic Money Management that has all automatic functions. The app is so powerful that it can extract information from your SMS and update your income and expenditure statement. In addition, you can export all your accounts in CSV and PDF format.

All the online payment apps are supported in Walnut. Users get regular reminders for payments of expenses like credit card bills, electricity bills, etc. In addition, you can use the split the bill option to share expenses with your friends.



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