The Photos app on iPhone is easily one of the best media viewing apps. However, when it comes to hiding photos on iPhone, it falls a little short. But we all have some photos and videos we do not want anyone to see. In that case, you need the best apps to hide photos on your iPhone. 

If you have been searching for such apps for a while, then you have just landed on the right page. We have prepared an intuitive list of the best apps to hide photos on iPhone. By using these apps, you can make your iPhone more secure and private for yourself. We picked one of the Best Apps to Hide Photos on iPhone.

Best Apps to Hide Photos on iPhone in 2023

1. Hidden Vault Secret Photo Album 

Hidden Vault Secret Photo Album is one of the best apps for people looking for an ultimate app to hide their stuff, including photos, videos, and other files. This app can store unlimited images, videos, passwords, and apps.

This app supports PIN, Face ID, and Touch ID for authentication. So you are still going to get the complete iOS experience. Interestingly, this app also comes with a built-in web browser & can auto-fill passwords. Regarding safety, the app doesn’t store, access, or share your data with third parties. So you can use this app to keep your files safe and hidden. 

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2. Secret Photo Vault- Keep Safe

This has to be one of the safest apps to hide photos on an iPhone and there are many reasons for it. First of all, the app comes with military-grade encryption. Then it supports PIN and Touch ID for authentication. It is a go-to app for many users to secure photos and other files. 

Using this app, you can store copies of your driver’s license, ID cards, and credit cards. One of the interesting features of this app is that it allows you to do photo backups and create custom albums with it. Overall, it is a great app. 

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3. Keep Photos Secret

Keep Photos Secret is one of the best apps to hide photos on an iPhone. If you are on iOS 8 or above, you can seamlessly use this app to hide photos on your iPhone. One of the best features of this app is that it allows you to have a separate lock for each album.

On top of that, the app also comes with a built-in browser and a photo downloader which can come in handy. You can click photos and videos within the app and then hide them instantly. The app supports both facial and PIN authentication. 

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4. Private Photo Vault- Pic Safe

Like Secret Photo Vault- Keep Safe, Private Photo Vault- Pic Safe is another popular app to hide photos on iPhone. This app focuses mainly on hiding photos, among other stuff.

For security, it supports PIN, password, and pattern authentication. One of the app’s coolest features is that it allows you to transfer photos wirelessly from the app itself.

Another great feature of this app is that it supports iTunes syncing. Using that, you can easily safeguard and back up your photos now and then. The slideshow of the app is one of the best on the list. 

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5. Best Secret Folder

Next on the list, we have Best Secret Folder and this app hides your photos by creating a secret album that is hard to find. It comes with an alarm so that you get notified whenever someone tries to sneak into your phone.

There are multiple viewing modes and options to change, rename or delete the folders. Overall, it is a fun app with good functionality. 

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6. Gallery Vault- Hide Photo Video

If you are looking for a modern app with many cool features to hide photos on iPhone then Gallery Vault- Hide Photo Video is one of the best apps. It has an intuitive dashboard that looks modern. 

There is no cap on how many photos or videos you can hide using this app. The media browsing experience is one of the best on this app. You can give it a try this time. 

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7. Secret Photo Album Vault 

Looking to safeguard your photos with a high level of security? Well, Secret Photo Album Vault will be your best companion for it. It supports face and PIN authentication. You can click the photos from the Camera app and then they will be saved to this app safely.

The app also provides a seamless transfer experience from the Photos app to this app. There is no cap on how many photos you can store in this app. It also offers a slideshow so that you can view the photos that you have saved. So make sure that you try this app. 

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8. Picture Vault Lock Photos Safe 

Next up, we have Picture Vault Lock Photos Safe on the list. This app allows you to hide photos on your iPhone by creating a private gallery. There is a secret camera that comes with the app and it allows you to take photos silently. So if you are on a mission, you can use this app.

The interface of the app is great and it is easy to use. This app supports passwords and TouchID for authentication. The app also has a downloader to help you save stuff from social media platforms. Overall, it is a pretty decent app. 

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9. Locker: Photo Vault

As its name suggests, Locker is one of the highly regarded photo-hiding apps for iPhone. Also, you can hide any type of file such as PDFs, notes, videos, and many others. It lets you change the app icon.

Furthermore, the app is fully compatible with FaceID, and TouchID. Even if you want to protect the app using a password or PIN, the app has it too. One of the best things about the app is that you can link other apps to hide from the home screen.

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10. Safe Lock

Feature-rich Safe Lock is one of the best apps for hiding photos and videos on the iPhone. With this, you don’t need to tap on the phone screen to hide photos; a simple flip or shake can send a photo into the app to keep it hidden.

Other than that, the app support variety of password protection including FaceID and TouchID. Moreover, it has a secret photo camera with zoom in-out feature. Overall, a handy app to hide any kind of file.

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