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Are you the one who is too much attached to a smartphone? I am sure you are not the only one, as these days, smartphone addiction is increased too much. Even small kids are addicted to smartphones. However, if you want to stop your smartphone addiction, an app will help you out.

All of them have different reasons for using the phone, like staying connected to people with social media apps, or for business, doing an email, and much more. So, to get rid of the addiction, you can use these smart apps and track smartphones’ usage. With the help of these apps, you can see what things you are unnecessarily using so that you can stop doing that.

List of Best Apps to Stop Your Smartphone Addiction

Curb your addiction to smartphones and teach yourself to use your phones less. Apart from these apps, the best thing you can control is using a phone on your own. As your mind is the best medicine, you can use it.

1. AppDetox

App Detox

AppDetox helps you to reduce the usage of smartphones. With this app, you can set your own rules for using the phone. For example, you can lock your apps with the app locker. Once you set rules on the app and violate the rules, it will remind you to stop using it. It is one of the best apps for parents who can keep control of their kids using phones.

Download AppDetox on Android 

2. OffTime


OffTime is one of the best app to stop your smartphone addiction. You can easily balance your usage of the phone with the great features available. Using this app, you can get out of the virtual world and focus on other things.

It has great features like a set limit on phone usage, track apps, auto-replies, reminders, and more. And it also offers a list of missed phone activity, unblocks VIP or other important contacts, and more.

Download OffTime on Android or iOS

3. Quality Time

Quality Time

Quality Time app is free to download for all Android users. It lets you check out your smartphone activity by tracking the total usage and screen unlocks; the apps report by hourly, daily, weekly summary. You can set time restrictions like “alerts,” “take a break,” and “scheduled breaks.” It also has options of blocking notifications, rejecting phone calls with auto text messages.

Download Quality Time on Android

4. Social Fever

Social Fever

Social media apps have become so popular that our real life is ignored. So, it is better to set a limit before it’s too late. Track your phone usage with this app, and get a solution to control your smartphone addiction. This app makes sure that you use your phone for a time limit, which you have set.

It has a simple user interface that is very easy to use. Moreover, this app offers amazing and useful features like set goals, interests, track app usage, get a history of the last seven days, keep a check on the ear and eye health, and more.

Download Social Fever on Android

5. Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Stay Focused app is a self-control app that limits the usage of apps, websites, and keywords. You can easily block apps, keywords, and websites according to your condition. It offers features like blocking apps and websites at specified time intervals. In addition, you can set daily usage limits, control time using phones, check history, Lock mode for parents, and more.

Download Stay Focused on Android

6. Your Hour

Your Hour

YourHour app is a popular app with over 2 million users. This app is available in 15 different languages, including English, German, Spanish,  and more. Using this app is fun, and it has great features that help you to control phone usage. In addition, the user interface is amicable to use.

You can track the usage time of your phone. It shows a graph-like view of today and the past seven days. In addition, you will see a floating “Clock Timer,” where you can see the time you have used the app on all your apps.

Download YourHour App on Android

7. Flipd


If you really want to spend time well, then you must use the Flipd app. You can manage everything with this app, like using the phone, preparing for exams, giving yourself time, and more. So challenge yourself to stay away from your phone and track your activity.

The app will remind you to stay on task, motivate yourself. You can lock the app and games, which are distracting you.

Download Flipd on Android or iOS

8. Space


Use the Space app and manage your phone addiction with the daily routine of life. The users of this app spend less time on the phone. Use this app and unplug yourself from your phone. The app is free to use without any in-app purchases. However, there is a Pro version where you need to make a one-time payment and get all the features.

Download Space on Android

9. Keep Me Out

Keep Me Out

As the name suggests, Keep Me Out, which means this app indeed keeps you away from the overuse of your phone. So use this app and stay away from unwanted apps. The app sets a tab on apps’ usage and lets you do other tasks like making or receiving calls, accessing widgets, and other things.

Download Keep Me Out on Android

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