Most of us don’t like to answer unwanted calls from some advertisement companies, scammers, or anyone. We can block a specific number from which we don’t want to receive any call or a message, as this feature is in-built in some of the high-end Android phones. But, still, many phones do not have this feature of blocking calls. So, those users can use a third-party app that does the same thing.

Many third-party call blocker apps let you block unwanted calls and messages. Once you use any of the apps given below, you can block any number and not receive any message or a call from that number. In this article, we have picked a few of the Android Call Blocker Apps that is helpful.

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List of Best Android Call Blocker Apps in 2022

Many apps offer more features like filter, schedule, and more to make it easier. Few of these apps have those features, and few of them don’t. So, check out the list and use any of the apps as per your choice. All these apps do one thing that is Block a call. Apart from that, if you need more, then check the details of the app.

1. Truecaller


Truecaller is the most popular and trusted app that is used by millions. Most of the users use Truecaller to check the incoming call numbers, but it also blocks calls. As you can identify any incoming call, you will decide you want to answer that call or not.

And this means you can block any number, and you will never get any call again from that number. Operating this app is very easy, and the app is free to use with ads and in-app purchases.

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2. Call Blocker Free – Blacklist and Whitelist

Call Blocker Free Blacklist 2

Call Blocker Free is the most effective apps to block unwanted calls. It allows you to set up notifications of incoming and outgoing numbers. Different methods of blocking like a disconnect, mute the sound without disconnecting or reset, and automatically send a text to the caller. You can create a blacklist and whitelist of your contacts. In the blacklist, you can block the call and a message from a certain number.

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3. Whoscall – The Caller ID and Block App

Whoscall – The Caller ID and Block App

Whoscall is the best phone app with many great functions, including Caller ID and Blocking a call. One of the best things about this app is, you can block international calls, numbers that are not in contact, and hidden calls. You can automatically block the spam callers. The app is free to download but contains ads in between while using.

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4. Call Control

Call Control

Call Control is a useful app that lets you block unwanted people, and you can also create your own blacklist of users you want. Depending on settings and blacklist content, it easily blocks unwanted text messages and phone calls.

This app can block hidden numbers, unknown callers, callers from the blacklist, and this app work in “Do Not Disturb” mode. It is free and includes ads.

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5. Hiya


Hiya app not only blocks the robocalls, but it blocks any unwanted calls or messages. If you like, you can manually blacklist numbers of your choice. If any fraud call is coming, the app will warn you.

Moreover, you can also use this app to find numbers of specific businesses you know by name but do not have a contact number. However, the app needs a subscription to use all the features.

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6. Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker

Another simple and convenient app for blocking calls is Calls Blacklist. You can make a schedule in the app that lets you reset calls in a specific period of time. An advanced notification system saves the lists of blocked contacts in a file, which can be transferred to another app on any other smartphone. The app is free and Ads-supported with in-app purchases.

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7. Mr. Number- Block Calls & Spam

Mr. Number- Block Calls & Spam

Mr. Number is the best spam and block calls app for Android. The app is free to use and does not contain any advertisements. You can block unwanted calls and can identify and stop spam calls and messages. You can enter numbers manually or can select from your contact list. Moreover, you can also block a specific area code or international numbers.

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8. Showcaller


Showcaller is an easy-to-use app that helps you identify unknown incoming calls. This app identifies almost all unknown calls, even with fake caller id. It shows all the detailed information about the calls, including names and photos of the person calling you.

When you download the app, first, it will show you the spam numbers you have called before. The app is free with ads and has in-app purchases.

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