If you are reading this article, you are most likely having trouble being productive or finding your phone to be too much of a distraction. With the pandemic and working from home, most people’s routines are messed up, and they need to get their lives together. This is possible through applications for productivity and focus.

Now, what purpose do productivity apps have? Productivity is a pretty pretentious term, but it is the concept that defines pretty much all worthwhile task completion that makes the world go round.

When we are productive, we produce output in a much better form. Being productive doesn’t conclude that you are doing a lot of work, although doing work in an organized manner. Without organization, you can’t make your dreams and goals come true. Apps for focus and productivity help you achieve your goals both at home and office.

Collaborating and communicating through a team when working on a project can be tedious. For one thing, you have to attend countless meetings so that your team can plan, manage, and track the project.

List of Best Productive Apps for Android in 2023

You also have to manage hundreds of emails that are part of long email threads to keep track of all your project conversations.  As a result, collaborating and communicating with your team on a project is more time-consuming.

We are providing you with some of the Best management apps for Android, which will help you maintain a balance between your work and personal life with an Android productivity setup.

1. Google Drive

Google DriveIn terms of productivity, Google Drive provides you with a lot of options, and it is the only file manager you need in case you have a permanent internet connection. Google Drive is free until 15 GB. Like any other file manager, it allows you to create folders and organize them according to name and color, so you can basically create a full-fledged file managing system online.

The best feature is It backs up your documents to the Cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. It also comes with sharing capabilities that help you share stored data of google drive with your friends & family by sharing links.


2. Microsoft Apps

Microsoft AppsThe total number of apps Microsoft has for Android is 86. If you want to take a break from Google for a while, you should definitely try them. The list includes some well-known apps and useful apps like Microsoft Translator, Teams, and Microsoft Authenticator.

Online classes and meetings are held through Microsoft Teams, making it a powerful tool for students and employees. Apps like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word come in handy with Android through which you can make Excel sheets and use MS Word’s features without using your laptop or computer, making Microsoft Apps more productive.



IFTTTI-F-T-T-T stands for if, then, this, that. IFTTT is a top-rated app, so you must have heard of it already. If not, it’s important to know if you are interested in making your home and life smarter and more automated. It acts as a third-party go-between; software that lets other software devices talk to each other means it tells various apps to perform various tasks.

For example, if you want to wake up when the sun rises, then IFTTT will command the alarm clock to wake you up at that particular time. Though productivity is visible, the application can lag if many people are issuing commands in IFTTT at the same time.


4. EverNote

Ever NoteThis one is a powerful notetaking application. Evernote’s strength is in its search function; you don’t have to worry about meticulously organizing your notes to find what you are looking for. You can throw all your notes, ideas, and projects at Evernote, and it will help you manage them all with minimal effort.

Using Evernote is simple with its organized series of notes and notebooks. If you are a college student, then this feature of notebooks becomes a great utility for you. Students can also avail of a discount on the premium version to access advanced features like additional storage, search within the documents, and annotate making Evernote a great productive app.


5. LastPass and LastPass Authenticator

LastPass and LastPass AuthenticatorNow that you can work through your mobile from anywhere, then accessing and keeping safe the most important things like your password should be easy too. LastPass is not just about security; it’s about more access and more control over the way you and your employees work.

In the LastPass app for Android, you can view, edit and manage everything you save for lap amounts and add new items while you’re on the go. You have to enable app-fill in LastPass’s app so it can fill in passwords for you. No matter what apps or browsers you are using, all your passwords are at your fingertips with LastPass.

It offers various customizable policies for Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA), which adds another security layer to keep your passwords more secure. If you forget your passwords easily, this is the best app.


6. PushBullet

PushbulletIn terms of productivity, PushBullet fulfills the purpose really well. Push Bullet, see your phone’s notification on your computer and never miss a call. Instantly push links between devices and friends from your mobile browser, and easily push files between devices and friends from the desktop.

Now, what can you ‘push’ through PushBullet? You can send notes, addresses, pictures, and links to your phone, computer, and to your friends. Push Bullet also works great for sharing from other apps. If you want to avail all the advanced features, you have to update Pushbullet’s premium version.


7. Trello

TrelloIntroducing Trello, a project management software created for small businesses and big organizations. Trials, lists, boards, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, rewarding & flexible way. With Trello, you can plan, organize and track your projects by creating project boards that contain tasks, progress, workflow lists, and much more.

Trello cards allow you to organize your conversations and dive into the details by adding comments, attachments, and due dates, making Trello a congruent productivity app.

The best thing of all is that you can boost productivity by unleashing the power of automation across your entire team with Trello’s built-in workflow automation. Overall, Trello increases your productivity and lets you work more collaboratively with a Bird-eye View.


8. TickTick

TickTickIt’s a task management app to keep everything structured and productive. TickTick has android specific features like habit tracking and plenty of themes to keep you and your friends updated if you’re sharing a list.

Some unique features include a built-in ‘calendar view,’ which allows you to look at your tasks weekly or every month, and a ‘plan my day’ option to plan out what you want to get done on a given day.

It has much Todoist functionality, making it the favorite application for millions of people. It charges $27.99 annually, but you can also use it for free with basic features.


9. Google Calendar

google calender

Don’t think Google Calender is just a mere calendar app, it’s more powerful than you think. It can be used to manage schools, work, and many other works. Just give yourself a day to create your monthly schedule, Google Calendar will do the rest throughout the month.

Since it’s a part of Google Workspace, you can create a meeting and invite others to join. It can help you stay aware of all important events. Moreover, its different types of view also help to stay focused.


10. Airtable


If you’re related to handling projects, Airtable should be on your list. It’s a database and workflow management app that is trusted by millions of professionals worldwide. Using its cards, you can create and manage tasks very efficiently.

It’s more like a spreadsheet, but it has a robust data model under it. Asset and inventory management become super easy with Airtable. Also, it has sales lead tracking and CRM for personal and small businesses. Overall, an excellent productive app for those who manage a lot of data.



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