As technology is updating day by day, humans have invented a hell of a lot of things to ease their work. Trello is one of the software that help helps in daily operation. However, we sort out the best Trello alternatives, which will provide more features.

In this current scenario, every company, store, and even a single person needs one software to manage their work. Problems like storage limit and difficulty handling big projects you can face in Trello are why we listed the alternatives.

This software can help you manage your work, like managing customer data and files related to your firm. Let’s see the Trello alternatives, which will provide a more powerful option to get your work done efficiently. You will get all the features which you want in this software. In short, we can give the names of this software for project management. 

List of Best Trello Alternatives in 2022

So let’s dive into the compilation and see which one is better for you as per need. You can check these services one by one and get info on what they can do, how they work etc.

1. Jera Software

Jera Software

If you are looking for software developers, then it is best. It is software that can replace Trello through its powerful features. It helps in developing apps for Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac.

This software’s main aim provides the tools that help the team of the company in software development. It also provides a feature from which you can track your progress in software development.

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2. Meister Task

Meister TaskMeister Tash can attract you with its functions as well as interface. The interface of this app is user-friendly and straight-forward. With the help of this app, you can create any project and add as many members as you want. After adding the members, you can easily assign the work accordingly and efficiently track the project’s progress.

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3. Wekan

WekanAre you looking for free alternatives to Trello? Then wekan is best for you. It is open-source software that quite amazingly can manage the projects of the company. The best feature of this software is you can chat with your assigned team members of the project. For storing data, it provides tables in which you can arrange the data in tabular form.

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4. Bitrix24

Bitrix24Are you looking for an app for managing your small enterprise? Then the Bitrix24 will work best for you. Bitrix24 will provide you with all the tools for social collaboration, communication, and management for your team.

You can also assign the task to the members through email. Along with this, you will get different comparison tools that will help compare the project’s progress.

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5. Asana

AsanaAsana is specialized in work management instead of providing various features. It will help the team stay focused on the company’s goals which will enhance the project. However, you will get all the necessary features like communication with the team, project management here.

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6. Notion

NotionThe notion is the most massive growing day by day and increasing its user base. Now the main aim of the software is to provide everything related to project management in one place. We can say the notion of an “all in one workplace.”

As it allows for project research, task management, and data organization under one roof. The user also can interact with the software easily as the interface of this software is user-friendly.

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7. Apache Hive TM

Apache Hive TMA hive is powerful software that will help the company to increase productivity efficiently. The main aim of this software is to strengthen the planning process of the company. Hive provides various tools in which you can insert, delete, and update the data in SQL. The best thing is the hive is integrated with more than 1000 apps.

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8. Airtable

AirtableAirtable is similar to the spreadsheet, but it has more powerful options to manage the enterprises’ data. It can attract the user with its colorful user interface, which looks unique, and you can find anything easily. It is more advanced than a spreadsheet as a drop-down menu, and file attachment options are also present.

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9. Remember The Milk

Remember The MilkIf you are an individual looking for a management app for personal use, this software will be best for you. The aim focuses on the individual to do their work more quickly and easily in their day-to-day life. The best thing about this software is it can remind you of your works through multiple channels.

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10. Wrike

WrikeWrike will help you to provide everything in one place. You can access anything in one place from anywhere. The best feature of Wrike is it provides advanced communication tools that help to communicate with the team effectively.

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11. WorkZone

WorkZoneWorkZone is a project management system that has already earned a good reputation over the years. This Trello alternative is less complicated than other high-end tools. It offers users with dedicated workspace and personalized to-do lists.

This simple-to-use tool has some powerful features and world-class customer support. You can also save files on the cloud and share them whenever you want to.

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12. Podio


Podio is an impressive project management system. Unlike most of the others, this tool is quite a flexible one. It allows you to attach files to your project and view status or comment on any project. The software is well-organized and allows teamwork. Moreover, it also has integrations with DropBox, Google Drive, and Box.

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13. Xtensio

Xtensio is one of the most popular platforms that let you create, share, and manage everything with ease. Packed with amazing features and impressive templates, it let you share and manage live documents and other business-related things.


It has an amicable and easy-to-use interface, which makes sharing easy and accessible. Whether you want an interactive toolbox or looking for a deliverable platform for your teams, Xtensio is the solution. Plus, it is best suited for SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises, and startups.

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