Audio recording software are important tools for a musician or a sound engineer. The ability to derive the required results from recording software is a major step toward good-quality audio production. Not only good audio is important for music and podcasts, but also videos.

For beginners, purchasing a high-priced subscription to great-quality audio software might be daunting. Thankfully, you do not need to do so. Several excellent quality free audio recording tools are available for your Mac that you can use and start creating masterpieces.

If you cannot find suitable audio recording software, we are here to help you. In this article, we will discuss the best free audio recording software for Mac. 

Best Free Audio Recording Software on Mac

Given below is the list of some of the free best audio recording software that you can use on your Mac-

Adobe Audition

Adobe is the number one brand for every professional, no matter which area they operate in. If you want to record and edit audio professionally, you should go for Adobe Audition. The software allows users to rearrange songs and remix them easily. 

It has a sound panel that provides the user with tools to edit, mix and restore audio tracks. You can integrate different music clips and multi-task to give special effects to any audio track.  Adobe Audition also allows you to even repair and restore the audio.

FL Studio 

This software is known for providing the widest range of tools you will ever see on free software. From integrated to editing and mixing audio, you can also work on the audio output by deciding its frequency, pitch, and sound pattern. 

FL Studio is one of the best software for creating complex audio tracks. It supports musical instruments’ digital interface. FL Studio comes with over 80 plugins. You can create live recordings on this software without needing to import them. 


This software has one of the easiest-to-use user interfaces. It retains a retro look and lets the sound patterns take up almost the entire screen. With Audacity, you can focus on selected frequencies and mix audio by dragging and dropping audio files.

You can record audio, edit them and even add effects to them. Audacity supports 24, 16, and 32 bits of audio. Audacity is more than a basic audio record with advanced features like noise reduction, increasing/decreasing pitch, and more. 

Audio Hijack

This software also comes with an amazingly simple user interface. You can record and process audio tracks in real-time. This tool also provides statistical analysis for any channel. 

Through Audio Hijack, you can record audio from the microphone, system audio, or application audio. This application can come in handy when recording audio from your Skype call, video, or any other application on your Mac. 

NCH Wavepad Audio 

Does your task involve audio restoration and spectral analysis? You can multitask on both of them with the NCH Wavepad Audio software. While the user interface can be difficult to understand at first, this software will soon become one of the smooth tools you have ever used.

This software allows you to work with VST and also incorporate DirectXplugin. NCH Wavepad is great for those who perform better when they can visualize sound at the greatest possible accuracy.


This one is also a great audio recording software for Mac. This software supports almost all the common audio file types, so you won’t have any problem editing audio files with this software. Spek has an easy-to-use interface; anyone can get used to it in one go.

The best part about using Spek for audio recording is having multiple tracks on the screen and working with them. Spek offers features like an adjustable color palette, DFT window size and function, and support for a high DPI display. You can also switch between audio streams and channels with this tool. 


This one is Apple’s own audio recording software decided for Mac. GarageBand is one of the most popular studio recording tools for musicians and music creators. You can record audio on the software itself and then mix, edit, and loop audio to create a track that operates on multiple levels.

GarageBand comes with every tool you will need to engineer a musical track. You can create music with or without an instrument. You can connect your musical instrument to record audio or choose between tracks to give rhythm to your music.

Avid Pro Tools Intro

This tool will be your best friend as you stream music across the globe. Avid Pro provides direct assistance for cloud collaboration and can work seamlessly with both Google Drive and iCloud. The software includes various dynamics and EQ.

Avid Pro Tools is the best tool for those musicians who want to work on their tracks from an analytical perspective. There are various audio editing tools on this one, including Dither, Normalizer, Invert, ReWire, Time Adjuster, and more. Apart from it, you also get various effects and filters on this tool. 


This is another audio recording software that makes editing look cool and attractive. It has an easy-to-use interface that beginners can adapt to. It allows you to edit multiple tracks at once and integrate them. 

The MuLab comes with many great effects. MuLab has its built-in editor known as MUX Modular, which offers editing tools of extraordinary accuracy and precision. Hands down one of the best audio engineering software out there.


This is another free audio recording software designed especially for sound technicians and students by world-class programmers and audio engineers from all over the planet. Ardour gives you the software and a community to learn from.

The Ardour interface can be quite difficult to understand initially, but it virtually includes every tool you will ever need for audio engineering! You can record audio on the software and use the editing tools to add effects and edit your videos. 


A good audio recording and editing software can save you on equipment like high-priced mics or studio setups. If you are looking for the best audio recording software for Mac, then you can refer to the ones mentioned above. 


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