Choosing a beautiful and meaningful name for your little angel is hard. Many beautiful name suggestions are flowing around you from relatives. Even many cute names are also buzzing in your head too. But what is the exact name that can suitably represent your little baby?

Well, apps can help you find a meaningful and lovely name that can stand out from 7 billion people. That’s why we have assembled the best baby name apps for Android and iOS, which can help you find the best name for your little one.

Remember, a name is an integral part of anyone’s identity. So, little sense and responsibility can make your baby’s name meaningful.

Best Baby Name Apps for Android and iOS

Plenty of baby name apps are available on the internet. But most of them don’t work as promised, and users like you end up in a mess. But we have done the tedious work for you. And comes up with the best free baby name apps for android and iOS for your little one.

1. Baby Name

Baby Name

In the beginning, we have Baby Name by Aizeta, which is one of the popular android baby name apps with over 100K+ downloads. Its enormous name library can blow your mind. And that can help you find the perfect name.

The easy-to-use app has more than 3500+ names to look after. You can define a name by origin and meaning. Featuring popular and rare names inside the app. Hence, you can shortlist all your favorite names to review further.

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2. English Baby Names

English Baby Names

Are you struggling to find an ideal name for your child? Then English Baby Names can help you find the exact name from its 45,000+ vast English name collections.

Along with names, you can also find the meaning of the name. Its name library has arranged alphabetically, which is easy to find if you have any alphabet-centric selection. Moreover, the app works perfectly in offline mode.

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3. Nametrix


Nametrix by Verdant Labs is one of the best baby name apps for Android and iOS users. It has magnificent collections of names segregated by origins, meaning, and popularity.

The powerful baby name app comes with audio pronunciations. The app is very handy for recommending some names according to your favorites. Moreover, it can show variants of popular names to stand out alone.

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4. Baby Names

Baby Names

Next on the list, Baby Names has been downloaded 1.5 million times in the Play Store alone. That’s why it is the best baby name app for couples.

Like other baby name apps, it has 30,000+ names in its vast name collections. The map view of a popular name makes the app unique. Otherwise, meaning, origin, and gender are also included inside the app.

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5. Kinder


Kinder is another powerful baby name app for parents on our list. You can swipe all names from its 18000 broad name collections. Pick the perfect one; otherwise, dismiss them.

The app allows you to justify a name from 80 different regions and cultures. You can also see names based on your locations. Its premium version also has an extensive collection of rare name sets for your little one.

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6. Baby Name Together

Baby Name Together

Yet another super simple baby name app is Baby Name Together by Linkinet. This App will help you find the exact name you are looking for in a fun way.

Like Tinder, start swiping in this app. Left-swipe to select the name, and the right one will let go if you don’t like the name. Besides, it has a collection of 30,000 names to select from.

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7. Babyname


With over 500K+ downloads on the Play Store, Babyname deserves a spot on our baby name apps list for Android and iOS users.

Baby name features more than 30000 unique card names for your newly arrived or yet-to-arrive baby. You can match the best name with your partner. Besides that, the easy-to-use app is free, which is another plus point.

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8. The Bump

The Bump

We are considering a multi-function app that can also help you select a meaningful name for your little angel.

The Bump is a pregnancy tracker and planner app that is flooded with articles and advice to make the pregnancy journey comfortable. The Bump also has baby name lists. You can filter all names by popularity, origin, and more.

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9. Lillydoo


If you are trying to find a suitable name for your baby boy or girl, then Lillydo is surely for you. Using the app, you can easily find your sweetheart’s most beautiful name.

Your possible baby name is lying down in its 12000 names library. You can find a specific name by gender, origin, and meaning. The app lets us connect with your partner to pick the best for you and your baby.

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10. Baby Names by Baby Center

Baby Names by Baby Center

Another pretty useful baby name app for iPhone and iPad users. Just start swiping with its name lists and variants. Depending on your preference, you can select popular or rare names.

Using the app, you can easily narrow down your favorite list picks. The super simple app is fun for its clean user interface. It could be a good pick for iOS users.

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Final Words

The choice of a baby name is as important as pregnancy. We can get overwhelmed by picking a suitable name for our sweet one. But any of the best free baby name apps can help you efficiently.


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