Words of the Bible always give us direction, learning, faith, loving thoughts, satisfaction of our soul, and many more. Generally, the Bible is a giant book. You can’t carry it everywhere you want. A few years ago, pocket Bible books were popular for easy carrying.

Since the entire world has become digital, The Holy Bible can also be found digitally in the form of apps so that we can study and learn The Bible on mobile. Hence, we are presenting the best Bible apps for Android and iOS that can help you learn the Bible everywhere you go and anytime you want.

Best Bible Apps for Android and iPhone (iOS)

If you find the best free bible on the app market, you will end up with a series of bible apps. But most of them can’t fulfill your peaceful bible study. Here is why we have assembled the best free bible apps for Android and iOS.

1. Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway

On top of the list, we are presenting Bible Gateway, one of the top-rated Bible-studying apps in the market. Using the app, you can read, study, hear, and understand the Holy Bible effectively.

The app has more than 90 different Bible translations, including NIV, KJV, ESV, NKJV, NLT, NASB, and The Message. You can also listen to its 20+ audio translations. With its intuitive design, taking notes, highlighting text, and bookmarking any verse is just a cup of tea.

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2. NIV Bible 

NIV Bible 

NIV Bible by Medy is probably the best Bible app for iPhones, iPads, and Android. It contains the complete Old and New Testaments. The app can help you study the Bible anywhere, even in a non-network area.

Moreover, 39 books are featured from the Old Testament, and 27 books are consistent with the New Testament. Hence, you can also listen to their audio format inside the app.

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3. Bible App by Olive Tree

Bible App by Olive Tree

Another powerful bible reading app on our list. The Olive Tree Bible App can satisfy your needs if you want to learn the Bible without an internet connection. On the other hand, the app is collectively very popular in the app market.

Using the app, you will get free NIV, ESV, KJV, and many other translations for free. You can also listen to audio bibles. Even you can make a plan for bible reading. What else do you need to start studying the bible with the Olive Tree?

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4. Bible App for Kids

Bible App for Kids

If you are looking for a Bible app for your Kids, the Bible App for Kids is for you. The app is highly popular among all ages, not just kids, because of its outstanding, interactive, adventurous, and beautiful animation Bible content.

Using its vast bible stories, anyone can learn the moral value of the Holy Bible. Thus, it is free, but a premium membership will be worth every penny.

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5. AndBible: Bible Study

And Bible Bible Study

Next on the list is AndBible: Bible study from AndBible Open Source Project. Since the app is open source. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a buck studying and learning the Bible.

Almost all popular versions are available inside the app, such as KJV, NASB, NET, NIV, and many more. Needless to say, the app has integrated with Greek and Hebrew word analysis. All-in-all, it is an excellent free app.

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6. Logos Bible Study

Logos Bible Study

Do you want to read the Bible and commentaries simultaneously? Logos Bible Study can help. Like AndBible, Logos Bible Study is also free.

Using the app, you can listen to sermons on the Bible. Moreover, you can read the NIV, ESV, NASB, NKJV, and many more translations. The app will also recommend other references for better understanding. You can also customize the text inside the app.

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7. Spark Bible

Spark Bible - Read & Learn

Without the Spark Bible app, the best free bible apps list will be incomplete. If you can’t read the Bible alone, then the app has teachers for you there. Select any teacher from the list, and you are ready to learn the Holy Bible.

The app provides Bible videos from top Bible teachers. Many useful tools are also available to study the Bible in depth. Its UI/UX design will keep you going through all the verses easily.

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8. Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible

When it comes to the Holy Bible reading app, Blue Letter Bible must be included on the list.

The feature-rich bible app provides 15 Bible translations and commentaries. Additionally, you can use the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge for in-depth reading. Many other powerful for bible studying are available inside the app.

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9. ESV Bible

ESV Bible

ESV Bible is another notable Bible-studying app for Android and iOS. It is clutter-free, so you can study with focus.

Along with free access to the ESV Bible, you can take benefit of audio Bibles and interactive reading plans. The app also provides old testaments. Hence, you can highlight any content inside the app.

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10. Daily Bible Verse

Daily Bible Verse

At the bottom of the list, Daily Bible Verso is not designed for studying the bible. It is more like a quotes app. The app will send notifications of daily bible words so that you can remain in the Bible’s worship all day. You can customize the reminder time accordingly.

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Final Words

Bible reading impacts our life in many aspects. Hence, studying and learning the Holy Bible on a mobile app is more effective because it offers many other features for in-depth knowledge. Let me know which app you are willing to use from the list of the best bible apps for Android and iOS.


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