Bitmoji is an extremely popular app for create avatars and emojis. Millions of people use it to get their funny faces, avatar, and emoticons – you are not alone. Even Bitmoji is the first app in this genre. Thus, it also has some pros and cons.

Moving forward with technology, there are bunches of apps available on the internet, like Bitmoji nowadays. That’s why we have come up with a list of the best Bitmoji Alternatives for easy use. So, let’s dive into the ocean of avatars and emoticons.

Best Apps Like Bitmoji and Alternatives

Well, you will find various Bitmoji alternatives. But for you, finding the best alternatives can be overwhelming work in the beginning. Therefore, we have listed a curated list of apps like Bitmoji that you can consider for use further.

1. MojiPop


On top of the list, MojiPop is one of the most popular avatar-maker apps in the industry by Eureka Studios. The app is truly excellent at creating your own funny stickers and GIFs using its animated emoticons and filters.

Either you can take a selfie or select any photo from the gallery for further progress of your avatar creation. Moreover, it has thousands of free animated stickers in its library to use. Thus, MojiPop is very simple to use thanks to its user interface.

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2. Avatoon


If you are looking for apps like Bitmoji that offer tools and features like Bitmoji, then here’s Avatoon for you. With Avatoon you can create an expressive and personalized avatar of your face. The feature-rich app comes with unique personalized stickers and emojis.

Moreover, the app has a powerful photo editor so that you can edit photos like a pro. Along with that, the app provides character-maker features. Using this tool, you can customize any avatar as you wish.

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3. Mirror: Avatar & Sticker Maker

Mirror Avatar & Sticker Maker

When it comes to the best Bitmoji alternative, Mirror: Avatar & Sticker Maker is always a top contender. You can create an avatar or emoji easily with the Mirror.

It has more than 1500 stickers in its library to choose from. Even you create animated emojis. The app is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

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4. Bobble Keyboard

bobble keyboard

Bobble Keyboard is such a useful app and a perfect alternative to Bitmoji. The app will allow you to create your avatar. It’s widely known for its unique and fresh stickers and cartoon collections; almost every sticker is available to download.

You can use the app as a primary keyboard so that you send text with cartoons and characters. On top of that, you can customize any effects you wish to do. Moreover, it has a vast collection of stylish texts.

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5. Avatar Creator

avatar creator

The next app that is worth your attention is Avatar Creator. This app allows us to create your avatar; even you can customize your avatar in any condition. All you have to do is to select face shape, skin tone, hair color, and other elements accordingly.

Avatar Creator features thousands of fun stickers to look more hilarious. Hence, all essential elements, such as eyes, noses, mouths, and hairstyles, are customizable. On top of that, you can create unlimited cartoon characters, and so on and so forth.

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6. Zmoji


Zmoji deserves a place on our list to replace Bitmoji. It will let you create a cartoon character based on how you look. But the app also allows us to customize our avatar to look the way we want.

It has an immense collection of stickers and emojis for easy access. Moreover, you can use its fun keyboard to send fun emojis and cartoon characters in a text message.

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7. Emojily


Instead of being the best alternative to Bitmoji. Emojily is more about creating emojis. With the help of the app, you can create funny animated emoji of your own, yes, more like an avatar.

There are hundreds of items to make a perfect and acceptable design. Other than that, it has many random features so that you can maintain the madness of your emoji. Even you can use all emojis on iMessage.

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8. Dollify


Dollify is another considerable avatar-maker app on our list and an excellent alternative to Bitmoji. If you want to look cute in your avatar, then Dollify got you covered. It’s a widely used app for its brilliant and cute cartoon features.

You can find 14 different categories to choose a character in the app. Even you can select color variants from each category. You also have many items to select and customize, such as outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and many more.

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9. SuperMe


It is another powerful app used to create cartoon faces on anyone’s face. It has tons of cartoon faces to choose from.

It has tons of features to customize the cartoon face as you prefer. Like most other apps, it also allows sharing our avatars on social media.

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10. MomentCam


With over 50 million downloads in the play store, we are happy to present MomentCam as a Bitmoji alternative. You can create avatars and emojis of your own or others. It featured thousands of cartoon and sticker templates to use.

The app allows you to design the background according to your choice. Even you can draw doodles there. The fully customizable app helps us to create personalized caricatures. Overall, MomentCam could be an impressive app in the place of Bitmoji.

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Final Words

Sending a sticker in a message is more expressive than raw emoji or text. Bitmoji is good. Since our curated list is also packed with terrific apps. So what is your favorite the best Bitmoji alternative?


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