Blonde, brunette, red, black, and rainbow, what hair color suits your hair according to your skin? Well, hair represents our appearance, and taking good care of them is a responsibility. But who doesn’t want to follow trends? In modern-day changing hair color is one of the coolest things ever.

If you wish to change your hair color using mobile apps or at least want to see how you look. Then the post is for you, where you will find the best change hair color apps for android and iOS. Even you can find out suitable hair colors without pay or hair damage. Later you can give it a reality.

Best Change Hair Color Apps for Android and iOS

When it comes to changing hair color apps, the app markets have fully packed with editing apps. That’s why picking up the right one can be a hectic job for you.

To reduce your pain of searching for the best, we have shared the best free change hair color apps for android and iOS.

1. Hair Color Changer: Change Yo

hair color changer change yo

On top of the list, we are presenting to you the Hair Color Changer, one of the highly popular and most downloaded apps in the app market. Finding a perfect hair color is now very easy with change yo.

In the app, you can use more than 40+ pre-define hair colors. All you have to do is select and set the color of your hair. Moreover, you can adjust color intensity and smoothness.

Download for Android

2. Fabby Look

Fabby Look

Hands down, the Fabby Look is one of the best free apps to change hair color. It offers many useful features to help you find the best hair color.

The app has 10+ trendy styles, such as blue, purple, pink, magenta, and platinum. Moreover, you can test various experiments before the final output. Even you can share your new hair look with Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps.

Download for Android | iOS

3. Hair and Eye Color Changer

Hair and Eye Color Changer

If you want to change your hair and eye color, you can download the Hair and Eye Color Changer app from the app stores.

Take a clear selfie and you are ready to rock. Now brush your hair and start applying colors to it. You can adjust colors and modify them according to your preferences. Additionally, you can create your own color from the color picker features.

Download for Android

4. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is one of the best and most download beauty apps for Android and iOS. The app is not a mere hair color-changing app. But you can change the color of your hair easily using the app.

It has many inbuilt hair colors and effects. Try them individually to see what looks best for you before dying. Different hairstyles are available, such as curly, long, and straight. Using the app, you can also try eyebrow colors.

Download for Android | iOS

5. Hair Color Editor

hair color editor changer

Next on the list, the Hair Color Editor is a simple solution for those who want to change their hair color. You can draw any color you want. Even you can justify color intensity, smoothness, and brightness.

If you cannot make proper color matching for your hair and skin, then bunches of readymade hair colors and effects are available on the app.

Download for Android

6. FaceTune 


Trusted by 50 million on the play store alone, FaceTune is an impressive hair color-changing app for android and iOS. The app can allow us to makeup, paint, retouch, and many other things.

Using FaceTune for hair color change is just child’s play. Pick any favorite color and apply it to your hair. Now you can adjust the color accordingly. The more you show creativity, the more it will glow.

Download for Android | iOS

7. i Hairstyle

i Hairstyle

i Hairstyle is another considerable change hair color app for iPhone and iPad users. The app can help you take paint brush on your hair virtually. If you are willing to color your hair, then you should try the apps which look suit you according to your skin.

Its AI feature automatically selects hair color and style through smart face recognition. Nothing is more simple than this. You might need a few changes before the final product.

Download for iOS

8. Hair Color Changer Real

Hair Color Changer Real

With over 50 million downloads in the play store alone, the Hair Color Changer Real surely deserves a spot on our list. You can simply change your hair color using the app.

Moreover, you can modify your hair color. Hence, 40+ pre-define hair colors are available inside the app.

Download for Android

9. Hair Color Changerhair color changer

If you want to know how you will look after changing your hair color very quickly, then Hair Color Changer is surely for you. Within a click, you can change your hair color. It has a magnificent collection of hairstyles and colors.

Download for Android

10. Hair Color Changer by Luckystars Studio

hair color changer hair dye

On the bottom of the list, Hair Color Changer is another specific hair color change app for Android. In the app, 50+ pre-define hair colors are available for men, women, young, and old.

If their collection does not satisfy you, then you also try your custom colors by using the draw-and-erase tool. Keep changing and adjusting the color until you get satisfied.

Download for Android

Final Words

Following the trends, many people truly want to change their hair color. Even though they won’t apply in real life. But testing hair color on an app is always exciting. I hope the best change hair colors app for android and iOS list helps you to arrange the best color for you.


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