Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm since its release, and it is now regarded as one of the biggest AR games in the world. The main objective is to collect legendary and rare Pokemon.

It’s never been easy to find Pokemon as your choice. However, if you are coming across to find them quickly, then you have reached the right place. Here we’ve rounded up the best Pokemon Go Coordinates to collect Pokemon that suit you.

However, being a player, you will be busy uncovering the world of Pokemon and exploring Pokemon around you. So keep continuing the journey of catching Pokemon to complete Pokedesk. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start.

Best Pokemon Go Coordinates for Rare Pokemon

As I mentioned, finding rare Pokemon is way more complicated than you imagine. Therefore, we have all the best coordinates for Pokemon Go that you should know and use.

1. Pier 39, San Francisco, California, USA

Coordinates: 37.808600, -122.409800

It’s no wonder that Pier 39 is full of rare Pokemon. Not only are Pokestops there, but you can also find rare spawns like Gyrados, Metagross, Dragonite, and Snorlax. Additionally, there are gyms available at the most preferred coordinates.Pier 39, San Francisco, California, USA

2. New York, USA

Coordinates: 40.755205, -73.982997

Another most popular coordinate for rare Pokemon Go. Moreover, it has most poke stops than any other coordinates. The hottest place also has Lure Modules active. Big monuments and towers surround this place. Exploring places like Times Square is a more rewarding experience.New York, USA

3. Porto Alegre, Brazil

Coordinates: -23.551200, -46.658400

If you are looking for rare aquatic Pokemon, you can find them in Porte Alegre, which has beautiful beaches and islands. In Porte Alegre, you will have coasts as well. So it can be the perfect place for shining water Pokemon.Porto Alegre, Brazil

4. Japan

Coordinates: 36.574366, 139.238393

These coordinates in Japan have always been known for spawning. So even if you want to evolve and capture Pokemon along with good CP, this is the place you should consider. You will quickly get fifteen to twenty Pokemon for each of your spawns. And importantly, getting Shinys is more common than any other Pokemon.

The only drawback of this coordinate is that you can’t find a gym there. Anything else in Japan is excellent.Japan

5. Chancay, Peru

Coordinates: -11.562800, -77.270000

How about going to capture pocket monster? Then Chancay is the place you should go. It’s known as one of the top spots for cluster and spawning, making it an excellent destination for trainers. Also, there are high chances of encountering high CP Pokemon in Peru.

The magnificent tourist place is perfect for collecting a variety of rare Pokemon go, such as Poliwag and Snover. In addition, Bulbasaur and Charmander are common nests for Pokemon Go in Peru.Chancay, Peru

6. Brazil, Sao Paulo, Consolacao

Coordinates: -23.581200, -46.648400

Sao Paulo and Consolaco are very familiar for regional Pokemon. Even you can find high-CP Pokemon here. Moreover, here you also get rare Pokemon in Pokemon spawn.Brazil, Sao Paulo, Consolacao

Best Pokemon Go Coordinates for Raids

Here are the best Pokemon Go coordinates for raids.

1. Zaragoza, Spain

Coordinates: 41.6616, -0.8946

Zaragoza has always been known for its culture and beautiful places in Spain. In the game, the situation is very similar and a perfect place to find Pokemon for raids. The more you win raids there, the more you will get a chance to catch legendary raid Pokemon.

Along with that, Zaragoza is filled with several poke stops, which is made the place one of the favorite places for gamers.Zaragoza, Spain

2. Tokyo, Japan

Coordinates: 35.669590, 139.699690

If you want to raid Pokemon Go or face off against legendary Pokemon, Tokyo is the ideal place you should know. Senso-Ji Temple, Shibuya, Ueno Park, capture Swinub, Mudkip, and Snover are full of raid Pokemon. The coordinates work well for Asian gamers.Tokyo, Japan

3. Indaial, Brazil

Coordinates: -26.89319, -49.22981

Indaial is one of the best places in Brazil that featured in Pokemon Go and is regarded as the best Pokemon Go raid coordinates. Moreover, here you can find many gyms as well. Besides this, every ten minutes here, you can find Pokemon spawn to find legendary Pokemon Go.

Best Coordinates for Pokemon Go Tricking

1. Greece, Larissa

Coordinate: 39.645204,22.414975

When finding the most tricking Pokemon Go, Larissa, the historical place of Grecc, comes first in my mind. However, in 2023 you can find the most number of Pokemon here.

2. Tokyo, Disneyland

Coordinates: 35.7312, 139.9809

Tokyo Disneyland is another beautiful place in Japan. So if you are looking for Pokeparadas, this coordinate could be ideal.

3. Pretoria, South Africa

Coordinates 25.7744, 28.2526

Do you want to obtain gold white while in the gym? Then look no further than Pretoria, situated in South Africa.

4. Central Park, New York

Coordinate 40.7703, 73.8630

Central Park is one of the biggest urban parks in the world. However, the place has many Pokemon plants and bugs.

Final Words

So these are the best Pokemon Go coordinates that you should know. You will get more Pokemon to turn this enjoyable game into a masterpiece in these places. However, if you have any questions, let me know in the comment box.


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